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Friday, June 26th, 2009

(via le blog)

I think I can totally get on board with this gold Eames chair. Maybe it would need a different base – like just a simple black h-base instead of the fussy dowel legs. A set of six would be awesome around a dining table. Just the idea of a set of gold Eames chairs is kind of hilarious…but runs the risk of being a little too post-modern cheeky.

Screw it, its fabulous. Lets make a funky fantasy dining room with expensive crap on 1st dibs.

Holler, its a mood board! I’m calling it,

(PO-MO = Post Modern)

Here’s all I need to make it happen.

Orange Lacquered Dining Table
1960’S Glass & chrome pendant modern chandlier
Frank Stella Rug
Rosewood buffet by Alain Richard
C. Jere Architectural Brass Table Lamp With Brass Shade
Set of 8 Bavarian White Ceramic Studio Vases
Sporting Horse Oil Painting

Oh man, money makes everything more fun…

Black is back

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I love spray paint. Especially glossy spray paint.

I have this black Bertoia side chair that I use as a desk chair. I bought it years ago from a cracked out lady at a “prop” warehouse in Los Angeles. I followed a mysterious Craigslist ad to a downtown warehouse FILLED with crap. For $30 I walked away with the chair and left the scabby, twitchy “prop” crew to sort through their stacks of junk.

Needless to say…the chair has seen better days. I decided to touch up its peeling matte black paint job with something a little sexy and glossy. And since my thrifted butterfly chair frame had also seen better days, I threw it in to get a touch up.

Here they are ready to get painted.
*Don’t make fun of my weedy dirty backyard. I know its HORRIBLE. Give me some money and I’ll fix it.

– I ran some sandpaper over the frames to knock off any bits of flaking paint or rust.
– Hosed them down to get all the dust and crap off.
– Let them air dry a bit.
– Then wiped them down with a clean towel.

You can imagine that right? I forgot to take pictures.

-Then I sprayed them with Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel in a glossy black finish.

All in all its a super duper simple DIY.

Here is the rusty bit BEFORE and the glossy bit AFTER.
I know. Super exciting.

All done. Painting something black more black isn’t really a huge AFTER reveal…they look much nicer in person than they did before.

The best option would be to have them powder coated – which is mucho $$$. Spray painting is a quick and easy DIY solution to touch up something vintage that has seen better days. Maybe if you fall in a big bag of money you could have them stripped and powder coated later.

I’ve been using a small sheepskin as a chair pad for the Bertoia chair. I need something a little more cushy as my bottom feels a bit like swiss cheese sitting on it for long hours in front of the computer. I also soaked the butterfly chair cover in bleach to try and get some of the stains out and lighten it up a bit. It worked OK, but it is still pretty torn and stained. I still dream of a brown leather sling

For about $6 it turned out awesome.

Ace Shelving

Monday, June 8th, 2009

We stopped by the Ace Hotel to grab a beer and some fish tacos after sneaking around Palm Springs taking images of landscaping. Overall it turned into a very sneaky camera day. I also had to sneak some shots of how the shelving unit in the Ace lobby was constructed so that I might copy it for my living room.

Here you can see the horizontal brackets. All of the supports are made of thin galvanized plumbing pipe painted black. The main vertical supports pass through each shelf with the horizontal pieces connected by a little three way elbow piece. The back support elbow is glued onto the shelf – I think – it wasn’t quite clear except for a bit of glue leaking out of one of the back horizontal support pieces.

Also these tables? YES PLEASE.
I LOVE the brassy inserts.

I think they could be DIY’d…and maybe I might have to do it.