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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Step one of updating the crap out of the den was painting I guess? Oops. I got a cowhide instead.

I don’t control what my lady love Craigslist offers up on any given day, so this big ‘ol light cowhide popped up and BAM, forget painting. Painting sucks anyways.

Mr. cow needs to relax and flatten out after being folded up and stored away. RELAX DAMMIT.

Otherwise, I’ve been slammed with getting stuff ready for the big sale and the house looks like a hoarding bomb went off and I dare not show the madness overtaking our homestead. It is abysmal living in what feels like a storage shed. Updates and previews soon? I hope? Yes?


Saturday, May 1st, 2010


I bought some more cowhides. There was a snafu, not the best deal ever, but a bit of one. Better than ebay but not as good as craigslist. Let’s just leave it at that, agreed?

Iggy can be a disgusting jerk and has systematically ruined every rug in the house except for the cowhides. Sometimes I think just to spite me. He won’t mark cowhides or throw up on them or gingerly carry chunks of poo nuggets to leave scattered about on them. The hides remain unsoiled, pristine and lovely without that damn little dog raging war on them. The rest of the house is weirdly safe, it’s just that any cushy rug I bring into the house is immediately marked for destruction. And I have had ENOUGH. I snapped. I bought cowhides.

So cowhide. I’m a fan.

House Visit

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

While in San Diego for Mod Swap the fabulous folks from Le Boeuf invited us to come over and check out their modern remodel.


This place has had a full blown transformation in a few short months with a number of projects still in the works. It is incredibly well edited, thoughtful and uses thrifty tricks and finishes to pull together a pad that screams high end while making use of a lot of DIY. They make the most of this 850 sq. ft cube of modern, highlighting amazing views and a great exterior entertaining space – which in beach side SD it must be a city ordinance that you are just required to take advantage of and enjoy.

Of course I love their Lindsey Adelman You Make It chandelier and that gorgeous dining table? Just another project they tackled themselves. Love it. Oh, and those floors? They are the exact same vintage white oak hardwood floors that we have here at TBH, but the whitewashed matte finish was stunning and makes me Hulk angry at my yellow bastard of a floor.

They were incredibly gracious, showed us around and answered all my questions about those nitty gritty construction details I’m always curious about while letting me snap snap snap away with the camera. Justin is like the sourcing king of dent and ding, ebay, ikea, craigslist, remnants and returns – if someones got what he needs he will find it for a deal.

Plastolux did a great post about the project (with lots of before and after pictures) in which Justin addresses the issues faced during the remodel process.

Check out the blog for all the details and to see whats to come. I bet it’s going to be motherfucking radpants.