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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

This weekend I was trolling trusty old Craigslist looking for things for some designy projects…and well, for the master bedroom too…and spotted two well priced items needing a good home. Like I need another chair or coffee table, but sometimes when that bargain siren calls I just can’t resist shooting off a quick email.

Monday evening I took a Craigslist themed road trip out to San Diego (which is only about an hour from the house) to pick up a vintage Danish coffee table and a gray Eames side shell chair. Both need a little bit of oily love, but are otherwise in really beautiful shape. On the way out, I hit up my thrifty route and found a little piece of pottery and a vintage gold lumpy horseshoe ring. Not the most exciting things but still pleasant additions.

After I visited the sweet Craigslist sellers and starting heading back home, I stopped by Ikea to check out some of the new sofas and other recent additions and ended up grabbing a blanket. It’s the Vilmie Rund and at $12.99 a total steal. I love it.

My life is oh so very glamorous. Maybe I can regal you of the tales of eating a hot dog and putting gas in the car. Not that those things happened at the same place or at the same time…

In other news, come visit me on Thursday over at Life of an Architect, where I continue to blather about things I buy. Well, more accurately, things I bought.

More Burl

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Maybe I picked up another burl wood table off of Craigslist. Maybe its a small one that is a perfect match of the other small burl table chilling in the bedroom. Maybe they are going to be nightstands, who knows! What of it?

Maybe I spent my only day off this week picking up said table from a lady on houseboat. Maybe because “Gary” sucks.

Yeah Gary. I’m giving it to you. HARD.

I’m not even sure how to start explaining this whole mess. Let us just say it is in progress and leave it at that.


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I picked up a vintage Danish dresser off a lady out in the desert. It was weird. Craigslist is weird sometimes.

I drove a good two hours after work in about 120 degree heat to get to her place in Indio. When I got out to her dismal place the piece was WAY MORE damaged than her posting or pictures alluded to. Chips, missing veneer, scratches, water damaged – pretty much the gamut of shit that can go wrong with furniture. Originally I had talked her down to $100 via email when it was clear that the listing had been languishing on CL for some time, but when I arrived and saw what kind of shape the dresser was in I was like I will give you forty bucks and you should thank me.

We argued. She gave me a sob story about her divorce after 30 years and her ten kids. I sweated in the UNBEARABLE heat. She talked me up, I talked her down and finally we arrived at  a price under a $100 but over $40. Pretty much I didn’t want to have wasted my time driving all the way out there.

I’m going to fix it up as much as I can and have it live in the master bedroom. Since we got rid of almost everything in there at the big sale this is one of the first steps for the big redecoration of the master bedroom – yet again.

Hopefully by the end of summer we can pull it together. I’ve got some projects brewing…