September 23rd, 2010

This weekend I was trolling trusty old Craigslist looking for things for some designy projects…and well, for the master bedroom too…and spotted two well priced items needing a good home. Like I need another chair or coffee table, but sometimes when that bargain siren calls I just can’t resist shooting off a quick email.

Monday evening I took a Craigslist themed road trip out to San Diego (which is only about an hour from the house) to pick up a vintage Danish coffee table and a gray Eames side shell chair. Both need a little bit of oily love, but are otherwise in really beautiful shape. On the way out, I hit up my thrifty route and found a little piece of pottery and a vintage gold lumpy horseshoe ring. Not the most exciting things but still pleasant additions.

After I visited the sweet Craigslist sellers and starting heading back home, I stopped by Ikea to check out some of the new sofas and other recent additions and ended up grabbing a blanket. It’s the Vilmie Rund and at $12.99 a total steal. I love it.

My life is oh so very glamorous. Maybe I can regal you of the tales of eating a hot dog and putting gas in the car. Not that those things happened at the same place or at the same time…

In other news, come visit me on Thursday over at Life of an Architect, where I continue to blather about things I buy. Well, more accurately, things I bought.

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  1. monika@lifemadesimple on 09/23/2010:

    Fab finds! I wish we had ‘a real’ craiglist here in Belgium.

  2. charlotte on 09/23/2010:

    love your post at life of an architect… i hadn’t read the story of your eames before and i still can’t pick my jaw up off the floor 🙂

  3. HousePet on 09/23/2010:

    Score!! Love that coffee table! And yes, Ikea does have some great throw blankets and bedspreads right now. I went last Saturday to get some for myself.

  4. KeLLy Ann on 09/23/2010:

    Katrina completely obliterated the Vintage scene here at home.
    But I’m keeping my fingers crossed, as we head over to New Orleans next weekend. We are going to spend the day {after seeing The Cult! {bOO YaH!} rummaging around the shops in the Quarter. Keeping my fingers crossed, rabbits foot around my neck, and lots of determination!

  5. Martin on 09/23/2010:

    Thats throw is $24.99 on the Ikea Canada website..

  6. Inez on 09/23/2010:

    oh man oh man! you always find awesome stuff and for super cheap! its tough in TX!

  7. Shannon on 09/23/2010:

    You are my hero! (no seriously, if I went to school, and if they asked us to introduce ourselves, and tell the class who is our hero, I would definitely tell them about you….except I don’t go to any classes)….

    anyways! I am having a giveaway (my first) on my blog today, from csn stores…stop by if you have a chance!

  8. Eric @ flavorspaces on 09/23/2010:

    Congratulation on another great find. The thrifty gods are never on my side. I look over craigslist a few times a week, but never find anything like this, although I’m determined to find an Eames chair in south Louisiana!

  9. Lindsay on 09/23/2010:

    Coffee tables and chairs are my weaknesses, too – if you let me go I would probably fill my whole house with just those types of furniture.

  10. JJ on 09/23/2010:

    I’d love to hear about the hot dog and the fill up. (That was gd funny.)

  11. kim on 09/23/2010:

    wow! vintage Eames, fab coffee table, hot dogs! oh my! sounds pretty glam to me 🙂

  12. Fat Cat on 09/23/2010:

    Always enjoy hearing you blather about your purchases… Love that Ikea blanket and bought it a few month ago as well – although now I am jealous about the price you paid. Jeez even Ikea is way cheaper on your side of the planet.

  13. Lisa on 09/23/2010:

    Have you ever checked out this site: ? Just seems like it might be up your alley given you both are up mine. How’s that for potty mouth?

  14. Halenc on 09/25/2010:

    Old is gold. the office table seems unique & simple

  15. Donna on 10/09/2010:

    LOVE that coffee table – WAY!! 😉

  16. Jen on 10/27/2010:

    I wondered if you can put lemon oil on teak wood? I recently purchased a danish teak credenza. I saw that you mentioned putting oil on the table and is it lemon oil or some other kind?

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