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Sunday, August 16th, 2009

I’m selling this wall unit to fund the upcoming “copy the Ace Hotel” living room shelving project. I hope to break ground on C.A.H.L.R.S.P in the next few weeks…but hope and reality don’t always converge.

I styled it up for the craigslist. Looks like a million bucks, but can be yours for much much less. Special awesome discount to sexy Brick House readers if your interested.

AND…as a person who surfs the “list” quite a lot…

Anyone tired of the TERRIBLE photography in the “for sale” section of craigslist? Good god folks. Pick up a little and don’t use a cell phone camera at night. Your trying to sell this stuff, not make it look like a crime scene.

**Update: It is sold. Sweet!


Thursday, August 13th, 2009

My thrifting schedule has really taken a nosedive over the summer and I’ve been supplementing my vintage fix with ebay. Ahhhhhh ebay – you naughty filthy little temptress.

I got a Ralli quilt! Why? Who knows…its 100 f*cking degrees out.

I picked up one shock mount for one of the newly restored dining chairs. Functional, not that exciting.

I got a Panton Flower Pot lamp for under $30. I have no idea where I’ll put it, but I’ve always loved these lamps. Thats a nice sales picture right? Are you surprised it was mislabeled in the listing…hehe.

My new Dansk cutting board with knife. I haven’t had an actual cutting board in over two years. Ridiculous. So I’ve been on the hunt for vintage cutting boards for a few weeks and I think this one would be great for cutting up limes or lemons for cocktails. Now I need a big one…

Hmmm. I bought this lamp but lets see if I end up getting it.

I’ve been attempting to contact the shipper about this shipping invoice they sent for like $30 – which is INSANE. I ship stuff dude and this shouldn’t cost more than $15 to send. I’ve sent 3 emails and I’ve gotten…oh…none back.

This does not bode well for my $9.99 yellow lamp.

Color Quiz

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


Thanks to Alek at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast I took the COLOR QUIZ.

Now I’ll never be the same.
And YES, you should try it out.

I’m posting it here for posterity…so I can screen all my future dates, friends and family. We put the psycho in psychology!