Termite Report

February 29th, 2008

Termite report came in and big surprise – the cinder block is not infested with termites.
The garage has some “soft wood” which I thought was typically a problem seen in the bedroom…
wah wah.

The REO bank (seller) is having the strip of soft wood replaced by the termite company, and I guess we do nothing. There was money allocated in the contract for potential termite damage – so hooray again for REO properties and foreclosure. I feel like we’ve done almost nothing but wait. No crazy faxing, no tax returns from 5 years ago, no blood sacrifices to the sub-prime gods.

Now just give me the keys.


February 28th, 2008

We need a driveway.

Oh, and landscaping.

The muddy pit is just not
trés magnific. Most the people I approach (or annoy) with never-ending house questions point to gravel (its cheap, its easy, its fantastic), I’m leaning towards something like this:

(via: desire to inspire)

I love the slabs of floating concrete with the grass running through them (as well as the lovely cement walkway). While the above house is much nicer and more mid century than ours, I think something along these lines might be workable for the extrodinarily long driveway.

Something about an all gravel driveway seems so rural to me…like super hill-billy style. Texas tea, gingham, and chickens running around kind of vibe. There will most likely be a lot of gravel around in the planters and along paths, but used as an accent as opposed to a feature. Like this:

(via: desire to inspire)

We will be attempting to put in a gate somewhere along the driveway for privacy and the illusion of security. Something with nice horizontal slats of wood like the deck pictured above. Simple, minimal, clean lines without any hill-billyness. The house looks pitiful enough with its cinder block walls and foreclosure landscape, theres no need to add to the problem.

Dwell vs. Amy Butler

February 26th, 2008

Escrow is moving along smoothly. I’m patiently waiting and fantasizing about the madness
that will ensue once they fork over the keys. Big plans are a brewing.

This is my bedroom fantasy…

I know there are less naked hookers than one might have imagined, but that color palette turns me on!
This whole bed set is courtesy of Dwell – those saucy little teases.

The main issue is cost. Theres just no f*ing way I’m forking over a $1000 for bedding. That kind of cash
should go to needy hookers and my bookie.

So for the past year I’ve been scouring the internet and beyond for that perfect yellow coverlet (since the
QUILTED SAFFRON BED COVERLET of my dreams is $348).

I saw this lovely quilt via Design Sponge from ETSY seller Loft Creations. It was already sold (only $175)
…so thats looking a little more affordable.

I’m a fan of Amy Butlers fabrics in small doses. Maybe a nice coverlet made of the Lotus Wall Flower Grey or
just the Lotus Full Moon Polka Dot Yellow could add that splash of yellow. At only $8.98 per yard, this might
be a nice little DIY quilted coverlet project. Heres a link with info for beginning quilters.