Oh Yeah

March 17th, 2008

(a notary*, but not my notary)

I signed the loan and escrow papers!!

The house is so close to being mine, I can taste the wood rot and peeling lead paint. Keys on Monday – demo on Tuesday. Get your sledgehammers and dust masks, its house destroying time.


March 12th, 2008

Escrow is delayed.

Why you ask. Well, not because of missing forms, or non-payment, or that the loan hasn’t been approved. They are f*ing moving offices.

The stupid escrow company scheduled close of escrow on moving day – their moving day. So who knows when we will close now…

No one informed us till today – not that they had three weeks or anything to inform me. Good job escrow company, it makes me confident that you will pull together everything else without a hitch.


Refinishing the Hardwood

March 12th, 2008

(The living room and dining room – I think they call that cupping)

I’ve been getting quotes for refinishing the hardwood floors and the consensus is :
Having a professional refinish floors is really expensive.

(Master bedroom and guest room. Wow. NICE paint job…)

The two bedroom floors are mysteriously painted off-white. The wood seems to be in good shape – so I think it was done for style. The awesome kind of style that also requires one bedroom to be painted red, blue, yellow, green, AND pink!

So stupidly I’m planing on refinishing the floors myself. Yes – with no experience and as my first home rehab project – I’m taking on the 1000 sq. ft. of hardwood that Lowes considers to be an “advanced” skill level DIY. I’m prepping as much as I can, reading numerous tutorials and went to the Home Depot to price out the rental tools and discuss the project with some of the team members (which was a total mistake – I think that guy was stoned – he was all slack jaw and blank stares)

It seems scary, and I will probably screw this up.
Plus – who knew that sandpaper was so freaking expensive.

(No stain – just sealed with urethane – via: Renovation Rants)

I found this great post at Renovation Rants outlining the process of refinishing hardwood floors and doing it yourself. I’m thinking more and more about not staining and just urethaning the floors to bring out the natural color…decisions decisions…

Below are hardwood inspiration pics via The Mid-Century Modernist. Yummers.