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Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Oh NO.
I’ve been thrifting and shopping around for deals.

This blue lamp was found in Palm Springs at Angel View Thrift. I had to fix the socket/wiring and it needs a new shade…but otherwise it is lovely.

This is a reproduction of a vintage Vornado fan that I found in a small vintage shop in Beaumont. Works great and is surprisingly heavy and completely made of metal. Good deal for $20.

These are not vintage – but are part of the Dwell Studio for Target bedding line. I found the pair on clearance for $6.24 a pop. Love that green.

My first globe – now I know where I am! Found it at the Salvation Army and I think it looks fabulous in the office.

I got this little jewelery stand at the Hemet Hospice Thrift.
I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile now and have been dreaming about the one at Urban Outfitters.

I added it to the bedroom dresser since that is where I tend to stash a lot of the jewelery I wear everyday.

*In a related note – I’m trying to learn how to do the whole “vignette” thing (in the style of Eddie Ross) but I suck. Obviously this “vignette” needs more books and a plant…or good god a flower arrangement. That style of curating stuff just feels so CLUTTERED to me sometimes. I don’t necessarily want every surface in my house covered with CRAP even though I’m such a collector of it. I like that styling in pictures but I don’t know if I can realistically keep up with all the dusting and arranging. Like who stacks 20 magazines facing backwards for style and scale? What if I want to read one…I have to pull apart my artfully curated stack and wedge it out? That just does not seem functional. My modernist tendencies might win this vignette battle.

Anywho, thinking about blank surfaces, here’s a nice little marble and brass table from the Cathedral City vintage shop Modern Spaces. Its heavy!

Well, this is either a tablecloth or a blanket. I’m not sure which…but I love the groovy plaid. Hemet Hospice Thrift for $2. Awesome.