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Cowhide Rugs

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

(Thunderbird Hotel)

I love me some cowhides.

I know this is not always fashionable to say and that some folks have real issues with dead cow skin on the floor. There is a certain ick factor, but if there wasn’t creepy weird crap in my house I just couldn’t decorate. Cowhide rugs are durable, easy to clean, super flat, protect the floors, and my dog is way to scared of them to piss on it – so awesome all around!

They can also be super affordable and cover a large area with a nice organic shape. Rugs can be quite pricey – especially for something over six feet. Most cowhides are about 6×7 feet and can be bought for under $200. Ebay always has a great selection with free shipping, and if you live in a metropolitan area your local garment district or craigslist is a great resource for cowhides that can usually be bought for under $100. I mean jeez even Ikea is carrying them. I saw one Kolby cowhide at Ikea a few weeks ago that was so beautiful, all black and HUGE with thicker hair. It was actually pretty fantastic, but I’m not sure worth the $249 price tag.

(Thunderbird Hotel)

The Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa Texas is really inspiring me right now. I love the clean lines, simple materials and real comfy minimalism that is happening in all of their designs. Simple, elegant, and chic with lots of cowhide!


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Have I exclaimed my love for the Jorun Bedspread at Ikea?




Its the only thing I like about my bed – except for the needlepoint 69 pillow.