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Friday, September 11th, 2009

I am addicted to finding the right linens for the master bedroom, but I fail time and time again. The process of how to dress a bed that looks inviting and casual is a huge mystery to me. I can’t seem to get that right look and have gone through numerous sets of duvets in search of it.

Ikea sucked me in yet again promising that the BLÅSIPPA dark gray duvet would solve all my bedroom issues.

The BLÅSIPPA turned out to be a dog drool magnet. Iggy DROOLS like crazy for a little tiny dog and was super offended that I woke him up to make the bed for a couple of shots.

I tried to grab a shot of his drool puddle before it dried but failed. This pic doesn’t really do justice to the size and quantity he left.

The gray of the BLÅSIPPA is nice but has a bit of a sheen and purple undertone that isn’t working out the way I hoped. So the hunt will continue for something more along these lines…



Friday, May 29th, 2009

I think I want this.

MASKROS – please come to the USA soon. I’m tired of waiting to see you in person.


Super Design

I’m not sure if when I see it in person I will think it looks too “whimsical” and turn me off completely or if I will love the complicated delicate globe.

Everyone around the blog-o-sphere (I hate that term)* has been hyping this IKEA PS line for soooo long. I just want to see it! I’m worried that this light might just scream IKEA and be everywhere…

On that note, a little story.

I had a cop come into my house (don’t ask) and Officer Snodgrass (seriously) said, “Someone sure likes Ikea” the minute she walked in the front door. The thing is – there was only 1 item from Ikea in the whole house and it was the Stockholm Rand Rug which does scream Ikea. Like all that time I spent vintage hunting and scouring California for reasonably priced MCM furniture boiled down to it ALL being “from Ikea”. Just because of that one giant rug.

Thats why I want to replace it.

* to clarify: I also hate random parenthesis – but I still do it. I know I’m a stupid hypocrite.

Ikea Mouse

Monday, May 11th, 2009

I got a mouse pad.

From Ikea – of course – I just hate to love Ikea. I think its lovely with my new pencil holder…slowly, I’m going to get this desk organized.

I had been using a copy of the book Retro Modern as a mouse pad for the last few months. So definitely this is an upgrade.

At $0.99 I think it was a pretty good deal. Plus the black is hot. This might be the lamest post ever. Its been a long week.