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Friday, May 22nd, 2009

(YES and YES)

I am currently WINNING the Rejuvenation Make Your Home Your Own contest.

With 395 votes and counting The Brick House has officially taken over the competition. It is really all thanks to you guys. Thank you again for your amazing support and help to destroy the other entries and fight against bland design.

There is still voting time left until May 31st and who knows – tub guy might just take off in a blaze of support and blow us all out of the water.

Please VOTE and please follow all the fun voting rules.

***BTW – did you know that Rejuvenation has vintage lights too? I sure didn’t. There are some really cute ones (pictured above) that are aching to go in my bathroom.

Rejuvenation, Making it Home

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

OMG guys.

270 votes. I’m in second place!

Retro Renovation just featured three of us who entered the Rejuvenation Make Your Home Your Own contest. I have smashed the Housewives of Orange County kitchen and the Home Depot bathroom. Even the guy in the tub.

This is now the bathroom to beat:

Timothy K, Portland, OR
298 Votes

I know we can do it. That cute baby will not sway your votes – remember, its covered in poop germs.

Please, VOTE VOTE VOTE. I love you.


Monday, May 4th, 2009

This is just a shameless plea but…

I totally entered the RejuvenationMake Your Home Your Own” contest to win $1000 of their fancy products. I would use that cash to buy an exterior door hardware set, because this mess is my front door after more than a year…

YES. That is the Realtor lock box still on my f*ing door.

Its not laziness (well maybe a little) its just that exterior door hardware that looks good and covers all the holes at the Brick House is VERY pricey! This is what I would get in a brushed nickel.

Please please please vote for me. Voting opens May 5 – 31. I am a whore for free products. I love you.

****UPDATE – Polls are now open! I’m losing!