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Ceramic Addict

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Ceramic collection? Getting out of control.

Almost every surface in the house is starting to get covered in vintage pottery. It could be worse, I mean it could be covered in dolls or Precious Moments figurines.

*I predict vintage popularity of Precious Moments in 2020. Stock up now.

**For real though, do you guys ever wonder what the next big vintage collectible thing will be? I do all the time. Love to hear your predictions…


Monday, May 24th, 2010

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I have gone a whole month without thrifting – which must be some sort of crazy miracle. We’ve been so consumed with prepping and painting the exterior that all that fun weekend free time evaporated into sunburns, sore backs and clumps of paint stuck in various body hair.

This Sunday there was a freak thunderstorm that rolled into Hemet that destroyed our plans to finish up painting the front of the house. I took the opportunity to break my thrifting dry spell and hit up a 50% off estate sale and a couple of thrift stores including the brand new Goodwill (Hemet’s one and only).

The estate sale was pretty much a depressing bust but I went enticed by and ended up buying this vintage spider leg table. I’m kind of clueless about where to put it in the house but was sold on the low price and elegant curves. When I pulled up to the house with my loot the Boy sarcastically stated, “Oh, another table? Yeah, we totally need some more of those.”

The new Goodwill doesn’t have a huge furniture or home wear section but I did spy this credenza for $50. It was in pretty rough shape and wasn’t super design exciting, so I passed on it even though I’ve been on the hunt for a credenza for the master bedroom.

I did pick up some ceramic pieces…of course…

I loved the graphic black etched pattern on this little pitcher. I wish it was larger – I’d totally use it too water my thirsty house plants.

I also grabbed this vintage Heath serving bowl and platter set. It’s pretty large and in fairly decent shape. Great for chips…or stew…or soup? Good for something…


Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Well, first of all, thanks for all your ever so charming advice about our T.O.P situation. We did actually look at a stove this weekend, but at 36″ it was too small (which sealed the deal that we really need a 40″ – which in turn – is so much more a pain in the ass and costly).

So the whole convection oven thing is seeming like a really good idea…

Which means we are still undecided. Now I’m thinking using it for hardscaping the front yard might be a better solution. Awww, fickle fickle renovation.

But anywho. Ceramics!

I’ve found these little babies and the group of three larger pieces over the past few weeks. All I can find recently is ceramics…maybe it’s all I’m looking for.

Oh, and check it out, I got a log to stick in the fireplace. OOOOOOOOOOO, spooky – it looks like it’s floating.