June 17th, 2013

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I recently got to team back up with The Animal Print Shop to design a bright and cozy nursery for photographers Max and Margaux Wanger and their adorably spunky new baby boy Dash. This marks the second addition to The Animal Print Nursery Project (previous nursery is right over here) and was inspired by this equally spunky and newly released Baby Elephant print as well as the Wanger’s modern style and charming vintage Los Angeles home.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I bet a pretty cool baby kicks it here.

Design-wise, this wee little room had a bit of a quirky layout that was super tight on space but packed full of great vintage architectural details. I wanted the nurseries layout to be functional for the family and baby Dash’s day to day baby needs, but also adaptable enough to eventually smoothly transition as Dash gets older and his needs change. Big basics like the changing table / floating dresser, beautiful rocker and wall shelving are minimally modern enough to remain looking stylishly age appropriate for years to come but are currently a perfect and functional backdrop for the rest of the rooms cheeky and unexpectedly colorful accessories that any baby, that enjoys style and bright unique handmade things, thoroughly adores.

Speaking of.

Perhaps you’d like to know what’s what and where to get some of the pieces seen here in this nursery for your own stylish baby? Well, lucky duck, look below for sources on the pieces I picked up to design out Dash’s stylish digs:



1. Crib and Changing Tray: Ouef
2.Chartreuse Tassel Garland: The Minimalist
3. Baby Elephant Art (available in 5 sizes–here in 30″x40″): The Animal Print Shop
4. Neon Edge Blanket: The Minimalist 
5. Circle Pillow: The Minimalist
6. Brass Swing Arm Lamp: OneFortyThree
7. Whale Pillow: Ferm Living
8. Rocking Chair: OneFortyThree
9. Floating Storage: See Fauxdenza DIY here (we used 24″ depth)
10. Sheets: Little Auggie
11. Curtains (hand stamped with black triangle pattern): Ikea 
12. Eames hang-it-all with a yellow paint update.

*Other accessories include a custom made wood facet mobile by OneFortyThree, leather and brass cabinet pulls from CAMP, Ikea picture ledges, white MODIKIN eames elephant and faux sheepskin rug via ebay.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


Extra thanks abound to Max and Margaux for trusting me with the design of someplace special for such an important little guy, The MinimalistOeufOneFortyThree for their incredible product contributions and endless support, but especially to Sharon Montrose and The Animal Print Shop for always making magic happen.

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  1. rachael on 06/17/2013:

    This is just so gorgeous! Thanks for linking to everything – I am obsessed with that little neon edge blanket!

  2. Open^house blog on 06/17/2013:

    I love it
    both practical and cute

    best wishes

  3. Jamie on 06/17/2013:

    Hi Morgan! What a beautiful room! Do you have a source for the white box that the changing pad is in on the fauxdenza?

    Thank you!


  4. Samara@ Layer Jewelry on 06/17/2013:

    love the tassels

  5. Christina on 06/17/2013:

    I absolutely adore this! I was just dying over OneFortyThree’s light fixtures last week. Love it!

  6. Abby on 06/17/2013:

    Amazing! It looks so serene and peaceful, lucky baby.

  7. Honor on 06/17/2013:

    quite beautiful. I have a question about your floating storage, did you scribe the top piece of wood so that its flush with the wall?

  8. I huvudet på Elvaelva on 06/18/2013:

    Ååh… the animal prints!!! Just lovely.

  9. Baker Martin on 06/18/2013:

    Snazzy. My first thought is– love those tassels with that spicy color. My second thought is — Are they safe? As soon as Dash rolls over and grabs, those tassels are going to be in his mouth. And as on old mother I’d worry about choking. Just a thought.

  10. Summer on 06/18/2013:

    Love it, man. Those curtains are just simple and brilliant.

  11. Cristina on 06/18/2013:

    Where are the curtain rods from? Love the room!

  12. Jennifer Blew on 06/18/2013:

    Beautiful nursery – but definitely agreed – those tassels are not safe. I totally get it from a design perspective but IMO it’s not even appropriate to publish the picture considering it may give someone else the idea to replicate it. But honestly, BRAVO – this is so fresh and clean and serene. It’s kinda like your wedding pics – you look back and think, why did I choose that. My kids are only 6 and 5 but I see this nursery and think, yeesh, theirs both looked awful.

  13. Petaluma Carpet on 06/19/2013:

    How do you feel about having hardwood floors and a baby? Do you think it is better to have carpet so the baby has something soft to crawl on?

  14. caitlin on 06/19/2013:

    Those curtains have me rethinking my previously snobbish opinion of pole pocket drapes.

  15. Lea on 06/21/2013:

    Should have sourced that awesome dress mama is wearing. But design of the room is pretty spectacular too.

  16. KellyGomez on 06/21/2013:

    Looks like dust paradise.

  17. kyaphe on 06/23/2013:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love the entire feel of this room.

  18. Sarah on 06/24/2013:

    Oh my gosh this room is GORGEOUS. This makes me want a baby.

  19. retention wall gold coast on 06/26/2013:

    What a beautiful room. Loving this one! Just amazing!

  20. This is honestly my favorite nursery ever. I didn’t do much with my son’s room because I didn’t want it to look all baby. You really walked the fine line between style and infant. I have not seen it pulled off so well. Lucky kiddo. The photographs are awesome too, by the way.

  21. erin@designcrisis on 06/27/2013:

    Great nursery, fantastic pictures, inspired details. Love the curtains!

  22. Kylae J on 06/28/2013:

    What a great project. Baby Dash is so lucky. 🙂 So love the presence of the elephant and the whale.

  23. Jason C on 06/28/2013:

    Looks really good! What type of plywood and finish did you use on top of the fauxdenza? It looks much lighter than the Afrormosia and danish oil from the DIY tutorial. Thanks.

  24. Amy on 06/29/2013:

    Beautiful space. What are the chances you could source her dress/robe? Because whatever it is, I must have it.

  25. My Love Wedding Ring on 06/30/2013:

    This is so beautiful! I especially love the mobile – it would be lovely in a room for older kids too!

  26. Lisa on 07/02/2013:

    looks great but i fear that the changingboard might be too low which is a pity for the parents back…

  27. Susan B. on 07/03/2013:

    Unfortunately, it’s all quite predictable – you’re a talented person in a rut

  28. Liz Rose Bowman on 07/05/2013:

    Super rad! I am always left confused when people think that grey is too cold to use in decorating. This is a great example of how soft and warm grey can be. Totally enchanted.

  29. Lisa on 07/06/2013:

    Love it ! Bravo and thanks for sharing !

  30. lisa on 07/10/2013:

    The rope the tassels are hanging on is definitely not safe for babies. Ropes get wrapped around necks, do not underestimate the ability of a baby. They lie there looking at something, intrigued by it, and as soon as their abilities allow, they explore it. You will not know they have reached that stage in their ability until you find them in the crib playing with the fun rope they have managed to untie. I think you should remove this photo of the tassels.

  31. Frances T. Eller on 07/12/2013:

    Very nice and charming. It must feel great rolling over that fur carpet. 🙂

  32. Flora on 07/14/2013:

    I just came across this post from a link on The Stork and The Beanstalk , and I’m very glad that I clicked on through! This is really so so good and I would love to have the vision and talent to imagine something like this and execute is as well as you have done! It’s brilliant. I especially love the floating storage unit and the light fitting, lovely!

    Flora x

  33. Iris on 07/14/2013:

    I love wht you did!!!! Is what ! Pretty authentic !!! Beautifully job! As usual

  34. Iris on 07/14/2013:

    I love what you did!!!! Pretty authentic !!! Beautiful job! As usual
    So sorry about last one something was wrong with my keyboard 🙂

  35. Molly on 07/16/2013:

    I just came across this post and I love it! I had seen a few of the pictures on instagram but these are great! I love the colors and the palette and the elephant! Great job, it looks perfect!

    Molly from Mint Atelier

  36. angy on 07/18/2013:

    I wish I had a nursery like this! Just lovely. The fauxdenza is brilliant. Planning one for my house already. I am afraid the tassels would be considered a massive health and safety issue here in the UK. No ties or strings allowed on anything around babies here. Easily removed I’m sure.

  37. Kelly Cartwright on 07/19/2013:

    What a beautiful nursery! The baby is actually the most beautiful part of the nursery. I love everything about it.

  38. Farah Lewis on 07/20/2013:

    Your nursery room is so gorgeous! It is well designed and not over decorated. Your baby will surely love its ambiance, smells clean, looks neat. Simple but perfect. Congrats!

  39. What a cool twist for a nursery. The rug looks so comfy and ties in great with the room. I love it, very chic.

  40. MichelleM on 07/30/2013:

    Have to ask same Q as CRISTINA – Where o where are those curtain rods from?? I am having the most impossible time finding good inexpensive curtain rods and it driving me nuts.

  41. Kim on 07/31/2013:

    Amazing style and an amazing room! Simply gorgeous….I love everything about it. gorgeous!

  42. Flamingo Awnings on 08/02/2013:

    I always loved to use white while decorating.. no matter what 🙂
    It gives you the feeling that everything that surrounds you is pure, clean, simply heaven !

  43. Krista on 08/07/2013:

    Dreamy curtains!

  44. Elmer Pools on 08/14/2013:

    What a great combination of sorts! That elephant picture adds a uniqueness to the room that I can’t quite explain.

  45. Jacqueline on 08/20/2013:

    Accidentally found your blogs whilst doing a little research. Really enjoyed popping by.

  46. Mark on 08/20/2013:

    Plain, simple and very beautiful. Pretty sure this is a relaxing place to sleep.

  47. Juliane at Modern Mural on 08/26/2013:

    Love the baby elephant! This space is so open and playful, not overly decorated like so many baby rooms. So lovely. All the details are perfect: the rug, the wall art, the wood…

  48. Jessica Christian on 08/29/2013:

    The white furry mat is soooo chic and cute! I absolutely love it. But I have one question: Do you think putting up some other color with the mat, will be a good idea? I came across a peach mat a few days back. Will be a good idea? What say?

    Jessica x

  49. Amy on 09/06/2013:

    This is stunning, and the first six months the room is really about the mama (and the dad) to have a space they enjoy. I don’t see a need to remove the photo of the tassels since common sense dictates nothing cord like ever near a babe, and in the meantime they are beautiful there! Ditto with the floating shelf, we put corner protectors on ours after the first pull up and head cut. Your baby will be born and you will literally become another person who sees the world from baby hazard view. My mid century planters full of cactus will return when my daughter turns 3:)

  50. Monica Wilfong on 09/09/2013:

    Love this. Most Gorgeous nursery ever. But I agree with the comments on the tassels hanging from the crib. Cool to look at but they are really dangerous:(

  51. Hello on 09/09/2013:

    I would like to third or second the question about the curtain rods. Would love more info on them. This room is beautiful!
    I LOVE your rut.

  52. dj on 09/14/2013:

    I agree this is a charming room, but I would rethink the tassels. Like others have mentioned, they are a potential choking hazard. Safety first.

  53. Catherine (Set That) on 09/18/2013:

    Room looks great love the subtle greys with hints of colours looks very modern!

  54. Betinah Luna on 09/22/2013:

    A nursery room is always made with love and care. This is such a lovely project! Good Job! archer on north apartments

  55. anna on 09/26/2013:

    Where did you get your dress?? I know this post is all about the room… but you look amazing as well!

  56. Anita on 10/26/2013:

    What a clean and fresh looking nursery. I love that you stepped outside the box with this baby room!

  57. Amber on 11/07/2013:

    Curtain rod DIY please! Love

  58. Rachel Bell on 12/17/2013:

    Those curtains are amazing! Add a unique touch to the room.
    Curtain Shop

  59. Sarah on 12/19/2013:

    Hi, I ADORE The fauxdenza, and would love to put one up on my house, but had a question. When you say you used a 24 inch depth this time do you mean you just mounted base cabinets on the rail system? Is there an issue with weight there?

  60. Jacob at Minimal Nest on 01/02/2014:

    I love the idea of the Ikea picture ledge as an accessible bookshelf & the whale cushion is amazing, I want one for myself!

  61. Elizabeth K on 02/06/2014:

    I also have a question about the fauxdenza. It is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful idea and its affordable. I was searching for the right cabinets on IKEA.COM that you used and I was confused. There are many different shapes and sizes. Did you use the 30×18″ size with a special depth of 24″ I couldn’t find that option. I found 30×24 and 30x15x24 and 30x24x24.If you could clarify this would be greatly appreciated! Also wondering what type of thickness of wood you used for the topper! I love this room!

  62. Amazing room transformation! The retro and vintage look furniture fits so well with the modern look. Lots of timeless classics and great style.

  63. Mastybug on 02/15/2014:

    Simply Cool and brilliant works made. Gifted baby. I like all the things kept on it. Especially tuft hangings on baby cradle. Superb…! Thanks for the post and picture for my future plan.

  64. Lisa on 04/08/2014:

    WARNING!!! Please don’t buy anything from the web shop ‘CAMP’. I paid $200.00 for the nursery pendant light back in December. Have received nothing and am unable to get a refund.

  65. Rachel on 04/30/2014:

    What an amazing room! I love the curtains and the airy colors.

  66. Brooke on 05/06/2014:

    I utterly ADOREE this nursery! is there any way of finding out where the rug was from?? or the dimensions of it? it is EXACTLY what I am after
    thank you so very much in advance. it is all just visually spectacular! very talented team!

  67. Monnaie Ernakulam on 07/03/2014:

    Stylish interior decoration and interior furnishing!

  68. Tudor Davies on 07/18/2014:

    Looks like an amazing nursery. I especially like the baby elephant print, it’s so cute. Is the room still the same or has it been redecorated since last year?

  69. Louise Pearson on 12/27/2014:

    This is simply gorgeous to see. Most simple and stylish interior decoration and furnishing. Congrats.

  70. Jennifer A Shepherd on 03/16/2015:

    Love this idea generally. Clean, sheek & simple, but would need to lower the wall cabinets or put a long kick board under them to prevent serious head injury with a crawling baby. Also agree with others about the corded tassles.

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