April 12th, 2013


A sampling of some recent landscape-ish images from my pinterest and my other blog (that tumblr one) which actually gets updated and is somehow GOOP approved. Why landscape-ish? I’ve been feeling guilty about the general lack of landscaping progress at the house as well as my general lack of blogging on this blog. Also been filled with shame by the knee high weeds which have taken over most of our property. Today two separate garden entrepreneurs stopped by with their lawn mowers and offered to mow down the weeds for $5.

Things have gotten pretty bad.

Landscaping? Next year? Here be some fire to light under some ass.









Hotel Endemico






*Click images for source link.


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  1. Suzy8track on 04/12/2013:

    Mowing lawns, weeding, getting poison ivy…I don’t miss it! I now live in a high rise condo, so the only landscaping I do is on my small balcony filled with houseplants.

  2. Lisa on 04/12/2013:

    i gotta say it. you are one of the best bloggers of all time (except for the not blogging part). I selfishly (and ignorantly of whatever else you do) hope you get your groove back. love from the universe. L

  3. mary @ B&G JOURNALS on 04/12/2013:

    hittin up that tumblr of yours now, thank god you’re throwing us a bone to see your awesomeness elsewhere. also, start a tumblr of just pics of your chi-herd? i’d be following….just saying.

  4. Janie on 04/13/2013:

    Damn! That’s landscape porn!

  5. Romy / Hippy at Heart on 04/13/2013:

    really love your blog, was such an inspiration during re-furnishing my apartment! love l.a.,, too, have been there on vacation last year. your taste is incredible.

  6. Summer on 04/13/2013:

    That last photo is a house I almost rented in Todos Santos. So….we can stay there?

  7. stephenny on 04/14/2013:

    The green tree on the left side of the second photo is rad. Our neighbor has one she said she bought at Johnny’s Nursery in San Timoteo Canyon/Redlands. She said she got it small for $80 and it grew quickly and to not waste the $200 for the larger ones. {If you’re actually thinking of getting one!}

  8. Ana on 04/15/2013:

    In http://www.lolascorner.com/ you will find rocking chairs with an original design and exclusive furniture, designed for a landscape like this…!!!

  9. manny on 04/23/2013:

    Love the site.
    About the weeds. I have an acre up in the hills in highland.
    I get them BAD every year right before spring.
    I seem to win with a back pack sprayer, ( $40 harbor freight tools, usually $100 + everywhere else )
    and concentrated weed killer,
    ( $100 walmart- not the pre-mixed stuff )
    works like a charm.
    Kills em all year till nex year.
    But you gotta get em before they grow too big and flower.
    Once they flower. Well, you’ll get babies coming soon after.
    You may have to spray a few more times.
    I quite enjoy winning that battle.

  10. Phillip Taylor-Parker on 04/23/2013:

    The way the natural light accents the room in the last photo is unreal – so warm and soothing. Also love the shot of the off-kilter rows of yellowish cacti…tried to click through to learn about the artist but Instagram requires a web login (don’t have it) to explore. It’s a beautiful shot – who takes credit on that one?

  11. Mac on 05/15/2013:

    Fighting back jealousy. I’d be happy with somewhere to put just one hammock. Ahh well, one day

  12. Kylae J on 06/28/2013:

    You’re amazing! I like this post and I’m in love with your tumblr page. Wicked!

  13. John Hardy@Yarrabee on 04/01/2015:

    I saw your some landscape design images in pinterest and tumbler blog as well. All design are fantastic. and i love your way to arrange all images in collections. It’s easy to see a particular design images from any one of category.

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