November 1st, 2012

Ages ago I tried to deal with the great headboard shortage of the guest bedroom by getting a cushy queen sized Ace style pillow  headboard fabricated from vintage fire tarp, shredded foam and starry-eyed dreams. As discussed previously, the end product wasn’t exactly what was hoped for and rather than the perfectly formed comfy headboard I’d hoped for, there was instead a sadly saggy and overly deep lump of crap.

Sometimes things don’t work out.

Learning curved.

Anyways, the main issue with version 1.0 was that the shredded foam settled and began bulging out the entire form into a rotund beanbag style lump. So, to resolve that kink, I decided to reduce the headboards depth from 12″ to 6″ and had a solid piece of upholstery foam cut to fit and then stuffed inside.

Version 2.0 is firm and proud. No more sad shapeless lump with that solid 5″ thick foam form stuffed up in there.

FYI, that thick custom cut foam was kind of pricey at $98, but I tried to consolidate costs by having my local auto upholstery guy order the material as well as resew the upholstery form so it would fit snugly around the foam.


(12″ deep and saggy Version 1.0)


(6″ deep and firm Version 2.0)

Version 2.0 is generally better and so much closer to the original design.

I’m just not sure if I’m loving it.

After living with it for a bit, some kinks have developed that need addressing. Simple changes like a softer fabric, smaller scale and wall mount would be a start. I’m just about fed up with the bed frames willy-nilly wandering and constant need for repositioning.

Version 3.0 might be heading in this general direction.

I spotted this skinny gray beauty at Anonymous Architects Eels Nest House during a photo shoot and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Oh, so no big deal, but conveniently enough my master bedroom still totally needs a headboard.

Looks like version 3.0 is a go.

Well, you know. Eventually.

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  1. jellyfishheart on 11/02/2012:

    I feel your pain! I was a part of the design team at the Ace. We had to make three versions before landing on the one that you know.

  2. K @ Shift Ctrl ART on 11/02/2012:

    The scale is great through – I like the chunky-ness of version 2.0 better than the possible 3.0. It is more unexpected. Love the fabric too and the color…

  3. tamoto on 11/02/2012:

    I respect your tenacity,and too bad that fabric is rough, its so cool. I still cant help but think it looks like an awesome fabric huge couch cushion you store behind your bed. Thanks for sharing your hits and misses, it makes me feel better for the my own..although my misses are generally much worse than yours, and my hits..oh wait.. I dont really have those. And the Eels Nest House is so neat it hurts.

  4. Amelia @ House Pretty on 11/02/2012:

    I’m in love with version 2.0, but I know how things can look great in photos and then not be quite as great when you’re using them on a daily basis.

  5. alexandra keller on 11/02/2012:

    i kinda agree with Tamoto, in that it looks like a big cushion you’re storing there… a crib sized mattress. i love the pillow, though.

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/02/2012:

    JELLYFISHHEART – oh nice. That makes me feel a bit better, but damn, I could still really use some tips if you have any.

  7. sarah on 11/02/2012:
  8. Yvonne Cornell on 11/03/2012:

    Um… THAT PILLOW!!!! LOVE. Kilim rug maybe — dId you make it or buy it where?? Pretty please, do tell. Thank you, Yvonne 🙂

  9. Hanna on 11/03/2012:

    I love the new one, but I think it would look good even skinnier, too.

  10. Lauren on 11/03/2012:

    That pillow is perfect! I can’t wait to see the updated-updated version. I love the seam on the 3.0 version, maybe it would add a little more structure?

    On a side note…HEMET! I just read your about me section, and I just moved away from the I.E. a couple years ago (more specifically Murrieta.) I had no idea such a stylish home existed in Hemet.

  11. the brick house on 11/03/2012:

    The pillow is vintage and Turkish and from eBay.

  12. mary s. on 11/03/2012:

    I so appreciate that you show us not only your greatest successes (3.0 versions) but also your “almosts” (1.0 and 2.0 versions). It makes me feel better about my trials and tribulations in home improvement.

    Love the kilim pillow, wood tables and those lamps..oh my those lamps! AND I think your version 2.0 looks great in that space. Are your dogs enjoying it?

  13. the brick house on 11/03/2012:

    Mary – thanks! the dogs love it.

  14. Lawrence on 11/03/2012:

    I made a headboard & frame similar to version 3.0 but designed it to eliminate expensive/difficult sewing work (inspired by Daniel at manhattannest). It consists of a wood substructure (plywood and 2x lumber) layered with batting and wool upholstery. The wool is simply stapled at the unseen sides of the substructure and corners are folded like a painter’s canvas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57591136@N08/7578602382/in/set-72157629649834432

  15. Mari on 11/03/2012:

    Stunning. I love this version and I’m lpoking forward to version 3. That pillow is so eye catching. Love the simplicity of this room. I could sleep a year away in there.

  16. Jamie Herzlinger on 11/04/2012:

    Great side table! I love that look. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  17. Myles Henry on 11/04/2012:

    i love it. since you think it’s average- how bout you sell it to me?
    email me if you part with it please myleshenryblog@gmail.com


  18. Christina on 11/05/2012:

    who made the white bed frame?? 🙂

  19. Christi on 11/05/2012:

    Have you thought about backing it with a piece of plywood? Placed inside the cushion, but behind the foam? It might help keep its shape.

  20. moon to moon on 11/07/2012:

    To be honest I think your version 2.0 is better than 3.0. I would love to do something like that with chunky corduroy.
    Loving your blog

  21. kris on 11/12/2012:

    I love love love the scale of version 2.0.

  22. Amanda on 11/17/2012:

    Wow, I am so in love with this! I have been struggling with headboard ideas for a while now. I want something that would be separate from my actual bed frame, but everything else I’ve been looking at just looks like a hack job. I am SO doing this.

  23. Kristi on 11/20/2012:

    Ummm……Number 1 urban scourge/bane of travellers – bedbugs.

    Number 1 place for bedbugs to live……headboards….just sayin’

  24. Paul on 12/06/2012:

    Yes … lumps of crap aside … tell us more about the pillow?

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  28. Maggie on 01/16/2014:

    Hi BrickHouse, where is that beautiful bed frame from?

    Also, your need for perfection is craft is endearing!

  29. sumbha on 06/09/2014:

    How about you attach the cushion to a bench underneath it? It could be upholsted to the bench even. So, it’s actually sitting on a wood platform of sorts. This wood bench could then be connected to your bed frame or boxspring somehow. Thoughts? This is what I’m thinking of doing with our king bed.

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