October 25th, 2012

I recently had a great time designing a couple nurseries for The Animal Print Shop Nursery Project, which were all photographed by the awesome Laure Joliet. This first space was deemed the Fun Lux room, you know, for that baby who loves a little bit of bling and glam without sacrificing comfort. Babies enjoy comfort, or so I hear.

Anyways, the exciting news is that The Animal Print Shop is launching this first nursery with a big giveaway to help one lucky winner create a stylish room for their new kiddo. But what can you win, you say? These three items featured in my nursery design:


$1,000 Gift Card to The Animal Print Shop

Rove Concepts Womb Chair

Oeuf Sparrow Crib

Those are some nice things, yo! And I know, because I picked them out for the room. So, if you need a bit of help pulling together a pretty space for your new little wee one on the way, make sure to click over and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE!

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Amber on 10/25/2012:

    damn girl. impressive. beautiful + simple.

  2. Alia on 10/25/2012:

    I love the raccoon from the animal print shop. I really like how some of the animals have stories on their page!! Great Giveaway!

  3. brianne sheppard on 10/25/2012:

    My hormonal pregnant self is crying over the fact I cant enter this contest.. darn you Canada. I love everything about this nursery. Everything. Its the best.

  4. K @ Shift Ctrl ART on 10/25/2012:

    It looks really beautiful!!!

  5. Kathleen on 10/25/2012:

    What a pretty room! I’m not digging the Dorothy Draper Espana chest painted coral. Love the idea of a coral dresser, just not on that iconic piece.

  6. Leslie on 10/25/2012:

    I love the blue wall – is that wallpaper or did you paint with tape? I also love the rug! Would you be open to providing sources for either of those? Great job! Everything looks beautiful.

  7. sarah on 10/25/2012:

    I love the chair in the third picture!!

  8. cathy on 10/25/2012:

    Can I enter for the womb chair even though I don’t need to decorate a nursery? My baby-havin’ days are in the past!
    OK, if I can’t do that, will you sponsor a giveaway of the gorgeous brass lotus lamp? I’ve been waiting to see where it will pop up.

  9. cathy on 10/25/2012:

    I wanted to add that this is really a beautiful room. Just proving you’ve got the knack to decorate any type of space.

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/25/2012:

    Kathleen, its not the Heritage one – its a vintage knock off and was stripped to bare wood and beat up when I bought the pair.

  11. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/25/2012:

    Leslie – it was taped and painted. The rug is a cowhide – they are available at Ikea and on ebay pretty readily.

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/25/2012:

    Cathy – I guess? I mean, you don’t have to tell anyone…

  13. Sara on 10/25/2012:

    Oh, how I love what you’ve done!! So great. I am so excited for this contest. We’re expecting in March. And, oh, what I wouldn’t give for a womb chair.
    I really like the chest too. I couldn’t stop staring at the image of it.

  14. mary s. on 10/26/2012:

    Stunning. The painted wall makes my heart skip a beat. LOVE the animal portraits. Coolest nursery ever!

  15. Brooke on 10/26/2012:

    Fantastic! I wish I lived int he states to take advantage of the awesome give away. I do love the painted wall (I have a wall done the same way with light and dark grey). I really like the colour combination as well coral + navy. Nice job!

  16. Jackie on 10/26/2012:

    Who makes that shelf unit? Want!

  17. Absolutely love the blue wall treatment, brass lamp, chair, and cute camel artwork. Great design!

  18. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/26/2012:
  19. Katherine on 10/26/2012:

    I am also beyond the nursery needing years but that woven stool has been on my radar for even longer. Would you mind revealing your source? The rest of the room is wonderful, too! Thank you.

  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/26/2012:

    Katherine – I got it on eBay almost completely on accident. I was looking for something else, but it popped up and was just one of those weird things I’m always looking for and happened to be the only bidder on.

  21. Serenity on 10/26/2012:

    Morgan, you have crazy skills!

    It would be interesting to hear about designing this room, was it challenging? This room looks so soft and cute and cuddly in way that you don’t normally show on your blog (but def still has your sophisticated style), so I for one would like to hear about the process…

    I’ve been on a coral/navy/brass kick myself but I am stuck with dark barn board walls in my house so this combo with fresh white paint is killing me.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  22. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/26/2012:

    Serenity – you know, I didn’t even think to talk about the process behind the room design even though I thought, yes, this is a bit out of my norm.

    This room design was built to be as different from the other nursery as possible, so it turned out to be a little more girly and glam since my style tends towards minimal and masculine. I guess I just tried to make choices I would normally shy away from?

    I think the weirdest part was figuring out what babies actually have in their room. I mean, I have zero experience which meant I did a lot of research. All the research meant that I got a lot of emails asking if I was prego with all the baby stuff I put on pinterest.

    It was all very fun to do and felt good to be forced to try something different out.

  23. Mari on 10/26/2012:

    This is the most beautiful and generous giveaway I have seen!! My husband and I are attempting IVF in January after trying to get pregnant the past three years. This would seriously be a good luck omen! I love the styling of the bookshelf too. Everything is placed perfectly.

  24. pve on 10/27/2012:

    I entered the contest even though my babies are full grown. If I won, I would find it just the right home. I miss those early morning feedings and reading nursery rhymes.
    That room is so special.

  25. Emily on 10/27/2012:

    I want that gorgeous brass flower lamp!!!

  26. Annio on 10/28/2012:

    I am a devotee of the Womb chair but I wouldn’t use it in a nursery. Rocking chairs (and there are some very chic ones) really work with fussy babies. A thing much to be appreciated during the middle of the night. Since I don’t have a little bundle I’ll take one of those chairs in a heartbeat, thank you.

  27. Ladybug on 10/28/2012:

    I also thought you might be preggo from Pinterest. The room looks amazo, I had just pinned one of those prints, they would be perfect for my daughter’s animal gallery wall!

  28. Nicole on 10/28/2012:

    Love it! I’m expecting a little girl in February and am in love with this room. Can I ask where the pillows or pillow fabrathens from? Was the navy wall super hard to do?

    Amazing job!

  29. Nicole on 10/28/2012:

    Fabric, that is, sorry

  30. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/28/2012:

    Nicole – the brown and coral pillow are vintage and the tab with the gray pattern was something I made. The walls not hard, just tape and paint.

  31. Isabel on 10/29/2012:

    I can’t stop looking at these photos. This room is amazing. You have incredible skill!!!

  32. Jennica on 10/29/2012:

    Perfection…and inspiring, yet again!! What color did you use to paint the dresser? Love it! Also, what is that hanging from the ceiling?

  33. Rosie on 11/01/2012:

    It’s gorgeous, Morgan. Annio: I have a (knockoff) womb chair that I bought specifically for the nursery. It didn’t work out when my daughter was first born, but now that she’s six months, we use it a lot more.

  34. Faith on 11/01/2012:

    This is so beautiful! And I’m curious (because I am in that obsessive search for just the right white paint…) – what white paint did you use on the walls?

  35. Nicole on 11/02/2012:

    I would love to know the dresser paint colors as well, it’s a great peachy/pink!

  36. CJ Dellatore on 11/05/2012:

    I second the thumbs up for the coral color on the vintage dresser… whose paint and what color if you don’t mind sharing!

  37. Rose Wood on 11/05/2012:

    Morgan, I love this nursery! If my little girl was still a baby, I would so like you to do her nursery. But what I love most is how this room can easily transition to room when a baby becomes older. Awesome job.

  38. Misty on 11/09/2012:

    love the blue wall and room in general. Could you tell me the paint colour???

  39. Amanda on 11/15/2012:

    Hi! Can you share what paint colors you used on the blue wall and the plain walls?

  40. Brick house on 11/17/2012:

    Sorry guys, I can’t find the swatch for that coral paint and totally can’t remember what it was…Martha Stewart something. The blue is MS Wrought Iron though.

  41. heela on 11/23/2012:

    Is that pink Moroccan Pouf the “papaya whip” color? I’ve been eyeballing that one on ebay for a while, but it looks way different (and BETTER!) if your picture than the picture shown on ebay.

  42. alissa on 11/25/2012:

    Did you make those pom poms or find them somewhere? WANT.

  43. WeHeartHome on 11/28/2012:

    Great job! Nurseries usually kind of freak me out. But this one! …Makes me want to have a baby, ha!

    Love your blog and your work 🙂

  44. kate718 on 02/17/2013:

    So beautiful. Could you tell us more about the brass pendant? It’s gorgeous.

  45. Jali on 04/03/2013:

    A great post, the room looks beautiful. One great idea for nurseries is to get custom made furniture, this can help you make the most of the space.

  46. Jali on 04/03/2013:

    A great post, the room looks beautiful. One great idea for nurseries is to get custom made furniture, this can help you make the most of the space.

  47. Jali on 04/03/2013:

    A great post, the room looks beautiful. One great idea for nurseries is to get custom made furniture, this can help you make the most of the space. The prints really do make the room look wonderful, they give it a nice simple touch.

  48. Lauren Hardy on 04/08/2013:

    I love the room! It has all the colors I’ve been looking for to decorate my daughters room. One big question- Is that Navy wall painted directly on the wall? It has the look like those are panels of some sort (like MDF board?) Maybe its just the photo.

  49. cathedral on 07/05/2013:

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  50. Marcela on 09/03/2013:

    Loved the room!
    Where is the shelving unit from?
    Thank you!

  51. Kelsey on 09/23/2013:

    I love this room! Amazing job! Can I ask what colour the white walls are?

  52. Amber on 06/09/2015:

    Do you know how the garland was hung from the ceiling?

  53. Suzanne on 11/22/2017:

    Hello. I’m looking to purchase a womb chair from Rove Concepts for a nursery, and stumbled on your lovely design. Can you tell me what colour fabric you selected for the chair? would be so helpful, as your photos are clearer than their website.

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