September 26th, 2012

Being distracted by projects and traveling and other such nonsense like losing my camera battery charger, I’ve generally been MIA from the interwebs for much longer than I’d expected as well as so clutter-minded that this post has somehow floated around forgotten in draft limbo for an unreasonably long while.

How long, you ask? One month? Nope. Many multiple months? Yup.


Anyway, many many moons ago, I pulled together my props and helped style up some interiors Laure was shooting for a campaign launching the new BIG Jambox by Jawbone. Like the original smaller scale Jambox wireless speaker, this bigger version is just as portable and designed by Yves Behar and also makes the sounds go BOOM. This photo shoot was actually my first experience with any sort of Jambox and I have to admit that it sounded pretty impressive just streaming music from our phones while we worked. Oh, and that wireless thing is so very nice seeing that I despise nothing more in the world than seeing wire clutter. Plus it recharges up like any other mobile thing.

I totally want one, dammit.

Ok, get it together lady.

BAM. Some of my favorite photos from the shoot:

Mmmmmmmm. Yum.

Of course all these gorgeous photos were shot by my favorite photographer Laure Joliet, who is as always fantastic to work with  as is the ever awesome Heather. We three shot the campaign really quickly by hitting up 3 locations a day for 4 days in a row and pulled together a large stylish collection of images featuring the BIG Jambox – all of which can be seen here on pinterest.

We did it! Yeah!

Thanks again to Tracy, Gregory, Simon, Laura, Elsie, Abby, Erin and Jerome for sharing all of your beautiful homes and being so generously accommodating to us and thank you forever Laure and Heather for being the best.


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  1. sara on 09/26/2012:

    Wow, all these photos and styled places are beautiful, warm and cozy in their own way, just right for fall. I especially love the mustard wool blanket on the bed with the gray striped pillow case (which I have, I’m so getting a mustard wool blanket now); the first photo & that huge chunky dining table with the industrial legs. yeah, I need a jambox too.

  2. Kara on 09/26/2012:

    Damn, that’s a great-looking speaker. (Incredible photos AND styling, of course!)

  3. Trude on 09/26/2012:

    Wow, it’s so future-y! You’d never know what it actually does. Love all the settings, especially those navy blue and white patterned pillows. 🙂

  4. Ashley on 09/26/2012:

    Uh, if I didn’t already own a Jambox (which I do, in black), I’d buy one just because of the styling of these images. I’ll be honest, I’m totally a sucker for products with a well-styled ad campaign.

  5. Ryan on 09/26/2012:

    That marble side table (with brass legs) in the 6th row left photo…anyone know where it is from???!!! I have been looking for a table like that forever!! Thx : )

  6. MadlyClumsily on 09/26/2012:

    Your styling is immaculate. I want to move into all of the spaces.

  7. tearinguphouses on 09/26/2012:

    very nice.

    any chance you’d share where those daybeds are from?

  8. Jennifer on 09/26/2012:

    Yowza, that chair (is it leather?) at the dining table (which is also all kinds of ridiculousness). Source please! And the black swing arm lamp next to the bed…sigh. Thanks for the eye candy.

  9. Jennifer on 09/26/2012:

    Yowza, that chair (is it leather?) at the dining table (which is also all kinds of ridiculousness). Source please! And the black swing arm lamp next to the bed…sigh. Thanks for the eye candy.

  10. eliza on 09/26/2012:

    ugh, i really want one…. $300, though?

    also, what i’m taking away from this post is that by spending $300 on a beautiful piece of sleek electrical equipment, my home will automatically become very clean and extra stylish. this is correct, yes?

  11. Josh on 09/27/2012:

    Great Pics!

    I tried to find the dining room table in the other’s sites…any info would be greatly appreciated!!

  12. neighbors creative on 09/27/2012:

    i actually made this dining table. i would love to make you one, everyone needs on of these. contact me at mark@neighborscreative.com

  13. Mary S. on 09/28/2012:

    Good grief-those homes are amazing! I feel like such a slob now..guess my weekend will be spent cleaning. Thanks for the motivation.

    Beautiful photographs-what talent you all have!

  14. Erin on 09/28/2012:

    Jennifer ,the chairs – which are a super soft suede – were a score from my days as an editor at Apparel News. They were in our offices since the 1960’s and when we got new furniture, no one wanted them (!!! ???) I just checked the label. It says: Made by Rima Rimaldi Mario. Hope that helps!

  15. Suzy8track on 10/01/2012:

    OMG…those photos are gorgeous! You guys do amazing work!

  16. aansystone on 10/08/2012:

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  17. Victoria Smith on 10/08/2012:

    what an awesome campaign. now i want one!! bravo!

  18. Adrienne on 10/09/2012:

    Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous!

    In the second picture, where do the navy and white pillows and that leather bag come from?

  19. Kate on 12/09/2012:

    I am in love with the daybed in the first photo! Any idea where it’s from or where to find a similar one? Thanks!

  20. georgia on 12/13/2012:

    first, i must express you have the most amazing home and gorgeous spaces. so inspiring. we are about to move into our mid-century modern home, and i will for sure be looking to this site for inspiration. just beautiful!!

    i wanted to ask where the dishes in the second to last photo are from… the ones with the diamond motif. love them and would love to have some. if they are vintage, then obviously i can’t get my hands on some of my own unless i get lucky and find them in some fabulous antique store. but if not, and can be purchase currently, i would love to know where i could find them. thanks!!

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/14/2012:

    Georgia – those are vintage enamel bowls. Try looking up Catherine Holm on eBay or etsy for similar motifs.

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