September 4th, 2012

Picked up this pair of chairs off Craigslist about…looks…like two months ago? So you know, breaking goddamn news. Wow. That is pitiful. Both the house and blog seem to be caught up in some sort of stagnate stalemate of clutter, disinterest and neglect.

I’ve been distracted? Busy? Hot? Preoccupied? Stuff is happening.

These photos are like really sad time travel to when we lived with order and cleanliness. Now? Chaos all up in the place. The living room has been solidly filled with boxes and random bits from overlapping projects for months. Of course once that started, the clutter rapidly spread and overtook most of the house and then it spread out over most of the property.

Things are unmanageable. Out of control. Officially hitting bottom. Ruins. To sum up, the house has spiraled into disorder as my attentions have been elsewhere.

UNSOLVABLE catastrophe, no wait, this is an easy to SOLVE thing.

All I need is extra storage space and a few men with strong load-bearing backs – possibly some sort of formal intervention – to organize and regain the use of, oh I don’t know, the dining room. If only that didn’t sound so horribly dull and currently inconvenient.

If only.

I’d totally be all up in it and organizing shiz for real.


This pretty rusty pair is still buried somewhere deep in the living room jumble, but before that mess I thought they added a nice bit of color and change to the space. If memory serves. Maybe someday I will see them again.

So. Yup. I got nothing. Blog quagmire.


Anybody want to play that hot new game called Identify That Chair?

Name the designer and manufacturer of this chair pair if you dare, you punks. Get it correct and you just might get a sassy tickle and pinch from me – but ONLY when you least expect it OR never at all. *Probably never


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  1. Sarah on 09/04/2012:

    Wow, they are great chairs. I have no idea who the designer is but they are an awesome find.

  2. Tristan B. on 09/04/2012:

    I am sure your ‘mess’ is not as bad as others. No guess on the chairs but they sure do look pretty:)

  3. planktonfishers on 09/04/2012:

    This means, you now have 2 butterfly chairs for international shipping?!

  4. Ryann Moore on 09/04/2012:

    While I can’t chime in on a possible source of those lovely, rusty chairs – I simply must say that I love the direction your living room is going (even if hidden under occasional clutter). It is very sophisticated, earthy seventies with some modern flair and is just delicious, I can’t get enough.

    No need to feel bad about choas and the need for more storage, I think it’s a fight we all have; and I fear at my new place I will never have the moment of clarity you at least had while taking these photos. I would say you should hold your head high knowing the potential of your living room – I am missing those killer chairs, scrumptious turkish pillows, the FIDDLE, the ottoman… basically would love for you to come make some similar, stylish and sexy clarity at my place.

    Question on the fireplace though – I just painted mine white as well and I find myself wanting it to be more clean and solid black on the inside (like yours) – did you paint the inside of the fireplace? If so, how did you go about doing this? I worry about using paint that can be exposed to flame, but know there is spray paint that can be used on BBQs, however I haven’t seen anything other than spray and trying to do things with the spray can makes me very nervous in this capacity. I’d love to know more on your process or any recommendations.

  5. Suzy8track on 09/04/2012:

    I’ll fathom a guess, but its probably wrong….but are they by Glostrup? Anyway, they look fantastic…hopefully you can clear out the chaos and enjoy them soon!

  6. Yvonne Cornell on 09/04/2012:

    Chairs by Arne Vodder?
    Chaos by Lovin’ Life Human

  7. Yvonne Cornell on 09/04/2012:

    OMG! Light bulb. They’re not Finn Juhl’s, are they!!??

  8. ali on 09/04/2012:

    risom. boom.

  9. kate on 09/04/2012:

    they’re Risom, yo!

  10. Yvonne Cornell on 09/04/2012:

    Dang yeh. Jens Risom for Knoll. Circa 1950s. Bravo Ali and Kate!! 🙂

  11. Alia on 09/04/2012:

    Blogging every day is HARD! I try to do it on my own blog but sometimes that leads to those “why did I actually write about that” posts, you know. I love you blog and your tumble and those chairs are awesome and I am jealous of like all of your furniture!!

  12. the brick house on 09/04/2012:

    Yvonne is a winner with the full and correct answer.

    Feel free to slap a stranger and angrily yell “I’m the winner. I. AM. THE. WINNER” to celebrate.

  13. rick on 09/04/2012:
  14. audrey on 09/04/2012:

    Still loving the white fireplace – and the new rusty chairs really pop against it.
    Notice the ignoring of junk piles and clutter?
    Don’t sweat the little stuff.

  15. Hannah on 09/04/2012:

    Those chairs look awesome and comfy. They really pop with your pillows! Good find.

  16. Lucy on 09/04/2012:

    Good golly, this is great stuff. I would read your posts even without pictures. Shamefully I don’t know the designer, but could you tell us what the plant is? Or do an ‘aesthetically pleasing house plants’ post?

  17. Yvonne Cornell on 09/04/2012:

    Delighted. Off to start slappin’ some folks around with joy. The real winner is you for scoring these beauties. Congrats

  18. onehsancare on 09/04/2012:

    LOVE the chairs! I never find anything half as lovely–even a quarter as lovely–on Craigslist! You are an inspiration: you can see the beauty, even when it’s only potential, and invision exactly the right place for a piece.

    Even inspirations have lulls.

  19. Mary S. on 09/05/2012:

    Love your chairs! They look fabulous in your living room. I hear ya about the lack of storage. I have 4 small closets to share in my tiny cape house. It’s frightening to wonder what will be falling on top of me each time I open one.

    Honestly, if you posted about all of your piles of stuff (with pictures) it would probably become a new design movement. We would all be relieved to say, “hey,don’t judge our piles- Morgan’s doing it at the Brick House- Hoarder Modern!”

  20. julia wheeler on 09/06/2012:

    I would be happy to help relieve you of some clutter… I’ll take that leather couch off your hands. No problem, happy to help.

  21. Jay on 09/08/2012:

    @ Lucy the plant is a split leaf philodendron.

  22. Bernadette @ B3HD on 09/09/2012:

    GORGEOUS chairs. So in love.

  23. Kim on 09/09/2012:

    It’s extremely unfair that you live in a part
    Of the US where cool stuff shows up I Craigslist at any price at all. I am simultaneously inspired and discouraged by your incredible finds.

  24. Brianna on 09/11/2012:

    I love that livingroom design. The chairs gave it just enough color to make it look warm and homey. I would have added a modern furniture replica ottoman for a more relaxed feel.

  25. Steve/Circa50 on 09/20/2012:

    Sad to see the leather butterfly chairs are gone. Oh well… they had a good run.

  26. We just love your blog! So stylish!!

  27. Jamie Herzlinger on 09/25/2012:

    I love the coffee table. My favorite thing is wood in its most natural state! Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  28. cindy on 10/02/2012:

    Just love your style and your blog. Is the new “pup” a papillion? Just adorable.

  29. aansystone on 10/08/2012:

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