August 17th, 2012

Things have been quiet around the house due to some traveling and a few projects I’ve been focused on. Funny how preoccupation combined with 106 degree temperatures will suck all the fun and focus out of home improvement.


Laure and I recently headed out to Crested Butte to photograph Keith and Alissaโ€™s wedding. While secluded in the mountains, I shot more photos, ate more ice cream and hollered at more cows than should be reasonably allowed. So yup, great mountain wedding times were had all around.

Really though, the biggest focus-sucking development has been the unexpected addition of this little fur puff of a dog to the house.

To clarify.

We weren’t looking for another dog. We didn’t want another dog. We were happy with our current small dog quota…and then this little feather footed vagabond of a pup needed help and a home and deployed her manipulative powers of adorableness to squeeze into my goddamn heart.

Details wise.

She is seven months old and weighs a whopping 3 pounds. She has no name, zero house training, zero vet care and is extremely shy. Oh, and she is in heat. Big time.

Things have been interesting.

So, yes, we are all adjusting to a new routine in which she is a tiny clueless menace, Iggy is either ambivalent or terrified of her and Bowie is desperately obsessed. Mostly though, she’s a hilarious puff of a weirdo who really needs a name already.

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  1. Hannah on 08/17/2012:

    Seems like you already have a name for her, why not “Puff”? I think she’s cute

  2. Heather on 08/17/2012:

    Yes, I was about to say the same thing – and Puff suits her, too. For more formal occasions, Puffy McWeirdopants could work. Either way, she’s adorable! I hope the boys adjust well to the new addition. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Beth on 08/17/2012:

    She is adorable! Good luck choosing a name!

  4. gayle pickering on 08/17/2012:

    she’s adorable! for some reason the name Guppy popped into my head. feel free to tell me i’m nuts.

  5. Isabelle on 08/17/2012:

    Guinevere. I think she deserve a funky classy name. Next to Iggy and Bowie.. She might turn into an elegant warrior!

  6. Jennifer on 08/17/2012:


  7. Mikia on 08/17/2012:

    To go with your current theme, I like Harry, Nico, Bette, Ione. Ok, they don’t all exactly go. Didn’t you ask for pet name suggestions?

  8. Martha on 08/17/2012:

    She looks like a Chloe or a Zoe or something adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. O Tantimedh on 08/17/2012:

    Two names popped into my head: Nico, but she didi not live very well (please see the documentary) and Grace, because it”s what I see in her portrait. Congratulations! Lovely, cute addition to your brood!

  10. Amy G on 08/17/2012:

    I like Joan.. Or Jette

  11. Heather on 08/17/2012:


  12. Amanda on 08/17/2012:

    I think my dog and the new addition are long lost relatives

  13. Rosie on 08/17/2012:

    Puffy McWeirdopants is pure genius.

  14. ella on 08/17/2012:

    I like Puff too! She’s precious!

  15. Lisa on 08/17/2012:

    She looks like a “Mimi”!!!! She’s so adorable.

  16. David on 08/17/2012:

    Perhaps Isabella.

  17. misa on 08/17/2012:

    i love her face so effing much! seriously, it’s like her adorable little face is stabbing me in the heart.

    i think you should name her blanche devereaux, a la the golden girls. i have a dog named after bea arthur. i’m really into the golden girls.

  18. the brick house on 08/17/2012:

    Omg Misa.

    We have been test running Bea Arthur…but I’m just not totally sold on it.

  19. Klinker at home on 08/17/2012:

    Im with david! Isabella is awesome cause you could shorten it to isa, or b. And it sounds good with Iggy and Bowie.

  20. Kaila on 08/17/2012:

    she looks like Bapsy from the movie Christiane F. So I think BAPSY!

  21. Mary S. on 08/17/2012:

    Oh my goodness! She is beautiful. All I see when I look at her is Penelope Cruz! I can even imagine her speaking with Penelope’s voice!

  22. Joan on 08/17/2012:

    She looks like a Petunia to me.

  23. Invisible Rabbit on 08/17/2012:

    Her name is Stardust!

  24. Hayley on 08/17/2012:


  25. modernhaus on 08/17/2012:

    re: Mary S.
    We did have a six-toed cat named Penelope Pitstop. I like it!

  26. Adriana on 08/17/2012:


  27. Jessica on 08/17/2012:

    I would name her Lou after Lou Reed, in the same vein with Iggy and Bowie as far as rock icons go.

  28. Taylor on 08/17/2012:

    Leandra or Rachinda.

  29. Holly on 08/17/2012:


  30. Min on 08/17/2012:

    Baby Horse JR.

  31. J. Coffin on 08/17/2012:

    She is a beautiful pup! Louie. I like naming girls boy type names.

  32. beci on 08/17/2012:

    patti after patti smith!

  33. erin on 08/17/2012:

    Please name her Suzi Quatro, she’s totally channeling her. I mean, look at this photo – http://www.last.fm/music/Suzi+Quatro/+images/4510299

  34. Jessie on 08/17/2012:

    I love following your blog, but haven’t commented before. I felt compelled to come out of stalker mode because clearly her name should be Georgia and someone had to tell you. I can totally see her owning a rock or golden girls inspired name, but i still vote for a little Georgie in the mix. Congrats on such a cute addition!

  35. Rebecca on 08/17/2012:

    She is the most adorable little one, no wonder you couldn’t say no!
    How about Beatrix or Polly?

  36. Stef on 08/17/2012:

    We considered naming our new puppy Etta, but eventually ruled it out. Maybe it’ll suit her?

  37. Juli on 08/18/2012:


  38. Laura on 08/18/2012:

    China, short for China Girl
    Congrats, she’s lovely!

  39. Lisa on 08/18/2012:

    Bowie is desperately obsessed? Well then, Iman, of course…

  40. jackie on 08/18/2012:

    How about Fanny?

  41. furpants on 08/18/2012:

    Edie. She is amazing.

  42. amj on 08/18/2012:

    i love many of the names suggested so far…she’s such a sweetie pie too!

    but how about Cyndi (for Cyndi Lauper)?? i vote to keep the 80s rock hipsters theme going…love it, yeah!!

  43. jeannette on 08/18/2012:

    intelligent, shy, and repose-ful…. i do like grace. also amey.

  44. Drew on 08/19/2012:

    Puffy McWeirdopants is a sure bet winner!

  45. Shaina on 08/19/2012:

    In keeping with the glammy rock n’ roller theme, Cyndi?

  46. Ann on 08/20/2012:

    not sure if you’re a Ramones fan.. how about Ramona?

  47. Andrea on 08/20/2012:

    Ha ๐Ÿ˜€ she’s totally a Suzi Q.

  48. Angie on 08/20/2012:


  49. Curator on 08/20/2012:

    She has ‘Whitney Woofer’ written all over her.

  50. maureen on 08/20/2012:

    In keeping with you “e” names …they end in e sounds..I vote for Fifi…or Fifee.

  51. Gillianne on 08/20/2012:

    You and Daniel (Manhattan Nest) with the unexpected additional dogs, well, you must be psychically linked on more than duvet covers. Lots of good suggestions here for names. Have fun, and hope she’s house trained soon!

  52. CreatureofHabit on 08/20/2012:

    She’s clearly an elegant lady. But she also has a little twinkle in her eye…. I’ve always loved the name Momo (Japanese for Little Peach) if I’d acquired another small dog. Alas, I have not. So, I hereby give the name to you.

  53. Susan on 08/20/2012:

    Farah. As in Fawcett. As in feathered hair.

  54. Jay on 08/21/2012:

    Freddie! Short form of Frederica or Winifred. And he did have a shag cut at one time. Totally fits with Bowie and Iggy.

  55. Suzy8track on 08/22/2012:

    Oh good grief…I can’t take the cuteness! She is adorable! I think the name Puff suits her.

  56. lisa mertins on 08/22/2012:

    oh boy! i look forward to your updates on the puff. we too have a 7 month old small that has been challenging to housebreak. and he barks a blue streak.

    but dogs in need are irresistible, no? best of wishes regarding your new friend.

  57. nicky on 08/23/2012:

    when I read Zero, I thought that was her name. Pretty cool name if you ask me ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. nicky on 08/23/2012:

    hehe Talula would suit her too. She is so friggin cute!!

  59. Rebekah Young on 08/23/2012:

    Puff Doggy

  60. peggy on 08/23/2012:

    I’m with Invisible Rabbit – as soon as I looked at her I thought Stardust. Don’t know why. But she sure is damn cute. BTW maybe you should have a de facto name the dog contest since you have a bunch of suggestions.

  61. Fuffa on 08/26/2012:

    Sooo precious!!! Can’t stop staring at that pic… Next to Iggy and Bowie, I’d name her Siouxsie ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. cussot on 08/28/2012:

    Stardust, Farrah, Guinevere (“Gwinny”), Puff Doggy, Siouxsie – love them all! This bitch got some serious GLITTER.

  63. Jamie Herzlinger on 08/28/2012:

    What amazing images! I need to be standing alone in that first image now! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  64. chloe on 08/28/2012:

    name idea: millicent

  65. Absolute Condos on 08/29/2012:

    She is adorable! Good luck choosing a name!

  66. Jenny on 08/30/2012:

    Hmmm. Alexandria, after David Bowie’s daughter?

    We had two dogs and suddenly a 5 month old yorkie came into our life. She’s the best thing that ever happened (besides the birth of my children of course, although there are some days when I love the yorkie more :))

  67. justlemmon on 08/31/2012:


  68. Kimberley on 08/31/2012:

    How about Berlin?

  69. Tami on 08/31/2012:


  70. amanda on 09/01/2012:

    Aw, how very sweet of you to take her in!

    She looks like a Lucy to me.

  71. juliet on 09/01/2012:

    hi, love the color of the black wall behind that cute pup! do you mind telling what color/brand it is? thanks!

  72. tolmsted on 09/03/2012:

    Why not Blondie – in homage to Debbie Harry? Seems like she’d then fit in a band with Iggie and Bowie.

  73. Tonia on 09/03/2012:

    WOW another dog….I’m not sure I would be able to do that, but can’t wait to hear what you name her.

  74. belinda on 09/13/2012:

    I have one of those! She’s gray and white, 4 pounds and her name is Pippi. You will love this little thing so muuuuuuch.

  75. Virge Piersol on 09/17/2012:

    Go No Wave; Lydia Lunch. Or China (Burg) or Nancy (Arlen), for the women in the No Wave band Mars.

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