June 6th, 2012

Iggy knows that today is indeed a terribly frightful horror show of a day. Why? Well, today’s my big D-Day B-Day.

*D for Decade, not to be confused with that unfortunate Normandy situation

This handsome beast threw around some sparkly stuff hoping to distract from the whole not staying 19 forever thing. No wait, that happened a decade ago. Looks like memory is the first thing to go with advanced age. Or is it eyesight? ‘Cause I don’t need glasses, dammit.

So, I blogged this and why? I don’t know! Shut up.

That dogs face describes it better than I can. Whiskery. No wait. Panicky.

OK. This decade will be the best one yet. Or worst. Or mediocre. It will be some things. Maybe if I close my eyes and wish real hard the landscape will get done before it ends! So what if the landscaping has already veered towards worst with that one small fire and one talentless jerk of a welder. Everything’s going to be fine.


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  1. Karin on 06/06/2012:

    YESSSS HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Amsterdam, Holland!! Don’t for a minute worry about turning 30; I speak from experience when I say that my thirties are WAY more cool & fun than my 20s! Life is more fun, you start to understand better who you are and what works for you and you learn to stop doing things that you’re not really happy with doing but usually end up doing just to stop being nagged at… we all know how that goes. So ENJOY and have a great decade!!!!

  2. alex sunday on 06/06/2012:

    HB, lady!! yeah, thirties are the new twenties. or the new black. or something. something really cool and chic. look, they’re just good, all right?! ENJOY!! and party like it’s 1980-something!! whoop! whoop!

  3. l on 06/06/2012:

    Many happy returns and all that — Iggy is wrong about panic for the 30s. Forty is the real bitch. So, enjoy this decade.

    You had a ‘small fire’ and didn’t blog about it?!?!?!?!? Oh, i get it. Candles. Duh.

  4. Christine on 06/06/2012:

    Duh, you blogged this because you want to get wished happy birthday by the millions of decor fanatics that read your site. Wish granted! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!! I think this is the best decade of all.

  5. Aww! Happy birthday! I’ve been living with the big 30 for about 6 months now and it’s not the bad. Or I’m also having the same memory problems and have forgotten the first half of this year. Either way, welcome to the club.

  6. ModFruGal on 06/06/2012:

    The big three-o! Enjoy! You’re still a youngster, for real, and I predict this decade will be pretty amazing. HBD!

  7. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 06/06/2012:

    HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xoxoxoxo

    (“one small fire”???? OMG.)

  8. Kara on 06/06/2012:

    30 is the new 29. Happy Birthday!

  9. frank on 06/06/2012:


  10. Robyn on 06/06/2012:

    If I could go back to any decade, I would pick my 30’s! Best time of my life, best shape of my life, best everything. (Nothing against my 40’s, but I had a serious illness and that’s what I think of for that decade!) I am approaching my 50’s decade very very soon. Don’t let it get you down. You will enjoy the respect given for your knowledge and experience. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  11. Rosie on 06/06/2012:

    Happy Birthday! My 30s were way more eventful (read: even drunker) than my 20s. You will have lots of fun.

    (New reader, big fan).

  12. Lisette on 06/06/2012:

    No need to panic! The decade of your 30’s will be much better than the decade of your 20’s – you’ll see. Happy happy birthday!!

  13. Teresa on 06/06/2012:

    I’m 29 and feel like I have been 30 this whole year already… in some sort of terrible preparation. But this year hasn’t been too bad at all, so maybe Real Thirty will be ok too? Or maybe even better than Fake Thirty? One can hope.
    So, happy birthday to you, gemini. Thanks for being born and bringing beautifulness to the internet.

  14. eliza on 06/06/2012:

    happy birthday, morgan! look at what you’ve accomplished in the last couple of years! i can’t wait to see what you do with the next decade! live it up, girl.

  15. modernhaus on 06/06/2012:

    See?? I TOLD you 30s are the best.

  16. The brick house on 06/06/2012:

    Jury is still out on that…we will see, missy.

    Also thanks guys, my anxiety is more manageable now.

  17. onehsancare on 06/06/2012:

    Happy Birthday! LOVED my thirties!

  18. Janna on 06/06/2012:

    Pretty picture!

  19. jeannette on 06/06/2012:

    happy birthday and thank you for all the pleasure that you’ve given us. skritches to the doggies, and eff the welder. take a class, you can do it. you are the wind beneath our wings.

  20. jeannette on 06/06/2012:

    kyle zerbey took a five hour beginner welder class and bought a machine off craigslist. surely the meth capital of california would offer kickass welding classes?

  21. The brick house on 06/06/2012:

    Oh, I know how to weld, I just don’t want to do it because I’m kind of a jerk (welding is horrible and I hate the process).

  22. Jackie on 06/06/2012:

    Oh, it gets better.
    Toast yourself.
    Thanks for all the love you show us.

  23. sarah sherman samuel on 06/06/2012:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! welcome to the thirties!

  24. hena tayeb on 06/06/2012:

    Happy Birthday.. I am just a couple years away from where you are and by I couple I mean two.. and by two I mean no five because I really can’t get over the fact that I’m not 25 anymore.. But then again my husband has crossed the big 30 and it really doesn’t seem all the bad on that side..a lot of confidence. so enjoy!

  25. misa on 06/06/2012:

    happy birthday! i just turned 30 in april and i was throwing a giant shit fit about it and then a friend of mine sent me an article about how research scientists (or probably someone way less official, like dr. drew–i didn’t read the whole article) have proven that 33 is the happiest age. so, consider this just part of the ramp-up to 33.

  26. carrie @ brick city love on 06/06/2012:

    Happy Birthday! I’m 29 and having the exact same anxiety so I really can’t help other than to say ‘good luck’. I’m dreading 30. Whop whop.

  27. Lila on 06/06/2012:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and year.

  28. amy h on 06/06/2012:

    I really think I’m enjoying the 30s more than the 20s. Don’t worry about it! Happy birthday.

  29. Fat Cat on 06/06/2012:

    Don’t panick ! 30s are the BEST decade (I’m assuming you’re turning 30, not 40, right ? 😉 – you’re still reasonably young but with the added benefit of knowing who you are, what you want and what you’re worth. So relax and enjoy.
    And anyway, Happy Birthday !!!!

  30. Fe on 06/06/2012:

    Happy Birthday !!!!!! Everyone else has said it and its true…..your 30’s are the best years so kick back and enjoy !

  31. Taylor on 06/07/2012:

    Ha! I remember being SO traumatized at turning 30. Trust me, sister, as someone who passed the 40 mark…just enjoy being young, even if you think you aren’t. Because you’ll realize soon that you are.

  32. Christa on 06/07/2012:

    Wow! Happy 30th Birthday. You are so young, you have no idea. Here is a list of things I wish I had done in my 30’s, which I hope will inspire you to think of your own possibilities:

    1. bought Apple stock.
    2. humped way more people (if you don’t like how you look now, wait another 10 years. you will retroactively comprehend your current hotness).
    3. seduced George W. Bush, and photographed it. I could have possibly prevented 2 wars that way.
    4. painted every day. I would be much better now.

    I adore your blog.

  33. Janet on 06/07/2012:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  34. Monique on 06/08/2012:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Things really do get better with age.

  35. Jessie P on 06/08/2012:

    Happy B’day! Do NOT stress your 30’s. You have it goin’ on, girl: super awesome pad, mad writing skillz you get to show off on a crazy popular blog, amazing design projects, funzo doggies, and what I can only assume is an equally rockin’ dude. Plus, let me report from the other side, being 40 is even better. In the words of Wanda Sykes: “I love getting older, because the older I get, the less I care. The words ‘I don’t give a fuck’ just fly out of my mouth. And if I’m not saying it, I’m thinking it.”

  36. John on 06/09/2012:

    30s are great! I’ve been 30 for a couple years now. I’m getting more done and learning more all the time. Nothing to panic about… keep doing what you’re doing. Landscape would be good though with summer just about here …

  37. pianoarthur on 06/11/2012:

    YAY! Happy 3rd Anniversary of your 10th Birthday!

  38. Suzy8track on 06/11/2012:

    Enjoy your 30s, they are awesome….so are your 40s….its the 50s that have me scared.

  39. MN on 06/12/2012:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  40. JebberA on 06/13/2012:

    Turning 30 is so much better than the alternative! (never turning 30). Happy belated!

  41. Paul on 06/14/2012:

    Not to worry, your thirties will be way better than your twenties, and your forties will be even better than your thirties. After that, it all depends…but that’s a long way off for you. Enjoy every minute right now, don’t look back. Congratulations!

  42. Sara on 06/15/2012:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  43. OMM on 06/19/2012:

    Closing in on that magic number myself. Such a scary thought…

  44. Jamie Herzlinger on 06/21/2012:

    Happy Summer! And Happy Birthday! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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