April 10th, 2012

I picked up this hunky bit of burl some time ago with plans to rip off those too tall and weirdly sad peg legs that had been slapped on it. This chunk of redwood burl is everything I’ve been dreaming of in a coffee table, so I wanted to do something spectacularly special and possibly brassy for the base?

So, of course I gave up after a few weeks of failed ideas and worse attempts at brassy greatness by throwing some basic hairpin legs on this puppy.

Come on.

Sometimes you’re on eBay and you’re fed up and you buy some 12″ hairpin legs and call it a goddamn day.

Three legs with three screws each and boom, done. No more stressing out about legs.

Now it sits at the right coffee table height (about 15″) and these new hairpin legs don’t actually offend me. I like the contrast in materials and maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to get some brassy ones on there. For now, this is working out great.

ADMIT IT. That’s some good wood.

So burly.

The living room is still going through some changes, so pretty please let’s all agree to just ignore the layout. Focus on that chunk of amazing wood. It’s growing on you. You like it.


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  1. victoria on 04/10/2012:

    i do like it! it looks awesome.

  2. Nicolette on 04/10/2012:

    Looks great. The hairpin legs make it so much lighter, almost floaty!

  3. Teresa on 04/10/2012:

    I was totally expecting wrapped / dipped legs? Damn ye, Instagram!

    I think the hairpins turned out great, though.
    Way to craftify and embetter the burl.

  4. shannon on 04/10/2012:

    I DO like it! could you spray the legs to get the brass look you’d like (until something better comes along…because it always does)? Seems like the range of sprays available has come a long way!

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/10/2012:

    Teresa, that is coming…just a different room / thing.

  6. Logan on 04/10/2012:

    Godamn you, you always find amazing slabs. I’m seriously planting seeds in the backyard now so I can grow my own forest. I’ll have the last laugh….

  7. Tandy on 04/10/2012:

    Don’t comment much, but thought I’d chime in here to second the suggestion of painting the legs. I actually sprayed an Eames H base with some really cheap paint from K-Mart of all places and the finish is indescernable from the many actual brass things that live in the same room. Really.

  8. Martha on 04/10/2012:

    Unrelated to the new table, I’m curious about the Albers print sneaking its way into the background. If there’s a story, I’d love to hear it!

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/10/2012:
  10. pam kueber on 04/10/2012:

    Perhaps something from World of Tile would thrill you (WOT is the time capsule store in NJ we discovered over on my retro-blogarama): http://retrorenovation.com/2011/07/14/mid-century-modern-table-legs-cones-and-hairpin-legs-both-from-world-of-tile/

  11. Sam on 04/10/2012:

    It looks effing great.

  12. john on 04/10/2012:

    … and should you tire of this configuration, you can always go this route…


  13. michandaro on 04/10/2012:
  14. Fe on 04/10/2012:

    It looks gorgeous with those new legs !!

  15. jane on 04/11/2012:

    LOVE it! Will you please post more frequently….love your style.

  16. Selina on 04/11/2012:

    It looks amazing! Where did you source the wood from btw? Ive been trying to find something similar for ages with absolutely no luck!

  17. Jess on 04/11/2012:

    I searched eBay for hairpin legs, saw a few but MAN ALIVE, ppl charge outrageous amounts to ship to Canada! I might just suck it up one day. Maybe I’ll check out some stores in town, if only I had a World of Tile. Booo!

    LOVE your burly table, I friggen love your other wood table with the glass top too. I’d looooooove to go thrift shop where you live!

    My next shopping trip is to my local REstore! Hopefully find something cool, probably not as awesome as your finds though!

    Beauty as always, especially the shot with your fauxdenza in the background!

  18. Ym on 04/11/2012:

    Mmmm, no, I’m sorry but I do like the wood but the new legs, no, I really don’t like them…

  19. Kara K on 04/11/2012:

    Love the legs. Last week I bought a slab of cedar on ebay and four hairpin legs on etsy to make a console table.

    I seem to always be about 3 years behind you, so this make me happy!

  20. Charlotte on 04/11/2012:

    I love burl. Annoyingly, burl wood furniture is really hard to find in Germany, at least in non-monstrous sizes such as that one. Beautiful!

  21. The brick house on 04/11/2012:

    The burl was found on Craigslist and i picked it up in LA.

  22. Love the look. I have a set of hairpin legs that are waiting to go somewhere…just don’t know where yet!

  23. Tippy Hung on 04/11/2012:

    Beautiful table (: Reminds me of chinese culture somehow

  24. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 04/11/2012:

    I’ll totally admit it, I’ll scream it from the mountain top- that is some fine-ass wood. I like the hairpin legs too. Really, you can do no wrong.

  25. Kevin on 04/11/2012:

    Why don’t you spray those bitches down with some gold rustoleum?

  26. Susan B. on 04/11/2012:


  27. Sabrina on 04/11/2012:

    I swear my grandparents had a table just like this. I wish I knew what happened to it, because this table looks awesome. I agree that copper legs would look amazing, but this looks great too.

  28. Bridgit on 04/12/2012:

    Where did you get those kilim pillows? I want want want them!!

  29. The brick house on 04/12/2012:

    Bridget, they are from eBay.

  30. Mary on 04/12/2012:

    Every time I see that chaise, I am so pea green with envy, lust, and longing, that I get heartburn. Love your blog, love your stuff…want your stuff!

  31. erin orea on 04/13/2012:

    I always see those burl tables with the tapered legs and think they look incongruous. Then I try to imagine what legs would better suit them and can never come up with anything I think I’d like. This however looks a million times better than I would have expected. Good job!

  32. Julia Gongaware on 04/13/2012:

    i am seriously jealous of you and your wood.

  33. Robyn on 04/13/2012:

    But Morgan, you didn’t like my slab of wood on hairpin legs! You only loved my turkish rug underneath it. It looks just like yours, I ‘m so sad and confused… my rug is awesome though…

  34. The brick house on 04/13/2012:

    Robyn, what do you mean? I don’t remember this! I love slab tables! This sounds out of character…

  35. Jamie Herzlinger on 04/15/2012:

    That is a beautiful table….so masculine yet elegant. Its the perfect balance.

  36. abbey on 07/02/2012:

    such beautiful wood! love all your posts and how you put your house together and share the putting together with us; it is harder to do than it looks. I also love your fire tarp headboard … yes I am multitasking comments here.

  37. Megan on 07/16/2012:

    Where in the world did you find this burl?? P.S. you are awesome.

  38. Greg Kahnert on 10/09/2012:

    We make hairpin legs in Canada now.

  39. Hairpin Legs Canada on 10/09/2012:

    If you are in Canada, simply visit our website at hairpinlegs.ca.

  40. Phil on 02/07/2014:

    Hairpin legs suck. Want to ruin a nice and unique piece of wood? — stick haipin legs underneath it.

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