April 23rd, 2012

The circus of color that was our old Hang-It-All? So 2009.

And now?

Welcome to the den, slightly different Hang-It-All, now featuring more walnut balls and black frame style of which can be procured from that classic modern design supplier: SimplyBenches.com


I mean, did I even have to say it? It really is the one site that can only be described as the single most important source for hip stuff. Like hip ass benches.

Frankly though, Simply Benches Dot Com flagrantly offers way more than simply benches for sale. Just look at that knock off Hang-It-All I bought from them. Filthy lies. LIES.

Also, I cannot recommend using this particular Hang-It-All as a bench.

Or maybe I could? Who knows. You should try everything once.

Anyone recall all that internet hubbub when Herman Miller released a licensed and limited edition walnut + black Hang-It-All? Not really? Whatever. Here’s a refresher from DWR’s site:

“In August 2010, Herman Miller, Inc. introduced a limited edition Hang-It-All in walnut with a black frame. This special item brings a sophisticated twist to the classic multi-colored version, and it will be in production for only a few months, ending in early 2011”.

I couldn’t afford the official limited edition back in 2010 which sold out and then subsequently missed every sale and FAB event thereafter, but hey, thanks to a hot tip from my friend Maya, this particular puppy has been working out for me just fine. I can actually hang all my stuff and be a ‘sophisticated’ lady with my dirty little knock off.

Win win.

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  1. Becky on 04/23/2012:

    Looks nice. What would you say to hanging that under a mirror? Too much? Also, how many inches above floor/ below ceiling did you “hang it all”. he he.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/23/2012:

    It’s pretty big – depends on the mirror and space, but my gut says no. A single row of hooks or hangers might work better under a mirror.

    I hung it about 5-1/2 feet above the floor, like at my eye level? Make sense?

  3. emily @ go haus go on 04/23/2012:

    So… what did you do with your old one??

  4. ModFruGal on 04/23/2012:

    Oh, this makes me happy.

  5. i thought you just made my freakin month. been looking for a walnut for eons.
    damn these bench companies who secretly sell other design crack and then won’t ship it to Oz.
    i’ll just have to print out your first image and stick it to my wall instead.

  6. The brick house on 04/23/2012:

    Emily, it’s sitting in my linen closet? I need to come up with a project for it.

    Jules, NOOOOOOOOO! That’s terrible!

  7. ashley on 04/23/2012:

    Love it! where is your bag from? I’ve been searching for one in that shape and color

  8. Nicole on 04/23/2012:

    aaah! I’ve been searching for the walnut one for over a year! Looks great, think I’ll have to pick one up too. Thanks for the post!

    Love the purse too…where is it from?

  9. John on 04/23/2012:

    I love it… I was going to make a knoff-off like that, I bought all the stuff, but I never got around to it. I made a color one already and it looks Great!

  10. Deb on 04/23/2012:

    Love this too!

    Just to let Jules and other Oz readers know, I think an Aussie company called Sokol stock the walnut version

  11. Emily on 04/23/2012:

    Yesss finally! I’ve been throwing coats in piles for two years because I couldn’t afford the frealz limited edition hang it all but wouldn’t settle for anything else. And now I don’t even feel bad about buying a knock-off because you did it first and it looks gooood.

  12. Anna on 04/23/2012:

    I understand you totally! I eagerly wanted the coat hanger in walnut, but couldn’t afford it too. Need to ask for the shipping costs to germany…

    Where did you get the scarf from? I’m searching for one like that for years!

  13. rachael on 04/24/2012:

    Anna- I live in Schaffhausen Switzerland and I was just in a shop yesterday that had these. But they were the colored ones. Maybe they could order them in walnut for you!

  14. Meghan on 04/24/2012:

    I’m thirding the request for a purse source – I’ve been searching for one like that!

  15. Trude on 04/24/2012:

    Now that is just sexy! And I love your scarf!

  16. deb – i think i love you.

  17. rachel on 04/24/2012:

    Fourth-ing the purse request – it’s gorgeous! (as is the hang it all)

  18. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/25/2012:

    So the purse I got at Marshall’s and it’s a no name, no designer simple leather purse which I have zero clue on who actually made it. No tags! Bummer, cause I love it and want a new one. I have beat this thing UP.

    The scarf is from a fancy placed called Forever21. Yup. That’s how I roll. Marshall’s and Forever21. Classy.

  19. Susan B. on 04/25/2012:

    You crack me up.

  20. Susan on 04/25/2012:

    Hob-Knobbery at it’s best.

  21. Jess on 04/26/2012:

    Thanks for blogging about that! I’ve been searching for a more affordable knock-off for ages. Only problem is they don’t ship to Canada…

  22. Clare Pirie on 04/27/2012:

    You always come up with the goods….love this love this love this. Nice.

  23. Thriftfind on 04/27/2012:

    This blog post nearly cost me $99. Then I noticed they don’t ship internationally. Oh well, the Visa Card is happy for time being.

  24. julia wheeler on 04/28/2012:

    i’m kind of bitter that i bought the real one knowing a cheaper knock-off exists. oh well… it’s freaking beautiful… i love it so much more than the circus one.

  25. Jess on 05/02/2012:

    …this knock off is made by a manufacturer named kirch & co http://www.kirch.com/houseware/hang-alls-coat-hanger-rack-walnut-balls.html
    their website says they will ship internationally!

  26. Jamie on 05/24/2012:

    Oooo! I want um. You took amazing photos of them too!

  27. Modikin on 08/15/2012:

    We offer the all black version, natural wood and white frame, and the oh so passe colored “circus” ball version through Amazon. It is not hard to get these anymore. We will have the walnut version soon. Also check out our Elephant =). Thanks and the house looks great. – Modikin.

  28. M. C. Gavin on 10/01/2013:

    How can one attach hairpin legs to a marble top??

  29. yessica on 10/15/2013:

    I’m having trouble finding this item..can you help?

  30. Josh on 01/22/2014:

    We have the black/walnut version now, as well as 6 other color options. http://amzn.com/B008RAT8Y4


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