March 20th, 2012

Laure and I are excited to reveal that our first ever PHOTO | CAMP will be held this upcoming Saturday, March 24th, at the ever so shiny Ban.Do studio. It’s like we’re girls! Fancy sparkly girls or something!

Above are a few shots Laure snapped at Ban.Do, which happily has turned out to be the perfect space for this first workshop. Oh, and besides the tons of photo tips and step by step editing guides, we’re also going to have some sweet goodies from blurb books and At Your Leisure as well as an extra special treat waiting for campers. No big deal, but I’ve been looking over the great photos participants have already sent in and might be feeling incredibly impatient to meet everyone and start spilling all our go-to editing super duper top secret sweet-ass tricks.

There’s still a couple spots left, so if you would like to step up your photo-game and take better photos, please feel free to check out workshop details here or register over here.

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  1. Stef on 03/22/2012:

    Some seriously fancy stuff up there. Wish I could join you, alas, I’m in Detroit.

    Have you guys given any thought to publishing online tutorials? I’d even pay $$ for some.

  2. emily henderson on 03/23/2012:

    Dude, my inlaws are in town. BUT I SWEAR i will go to the next one and promote the shit out of it. I’m sorry i was MIA. It totally snuck up on me. Good luck. i’ll tweet right now about it.

  3. John on 03/23/2012:

    I’ve my No.2 pencil and a pad of paper all ready. Let the class begin!

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 03/23/2012:

    Can’t wait John! We have a notebook and pen with your name on it.

  5. Marti on 03/29/2012:

    I would also be really interested in paying for a distance learning situation – either via video or how-to documents.

  6. Brooke on 04/03/2012:

    I so wish we had something like this in Australia. I’d love to hear if you decided to do an online distance course.

  7. erica lawton interiors on 04/06/2012:

    so bummed i wasn’t able to sign up for this camp, i really need to have you guys teach me the magic. my photog skills are a bit lacking but my effort is unquestionable. that means something, right? : )

    also had to link to your husky ranch post on my blog cause i had to share the beauty. not sure of the proper etiquette but just wanted to let you know!

    hope to make it to the next la photo camp!

    ps – a desert weekend trip kinda sounds like the shit for a photo camp. i’d do it.

    – xo –

  8. Melissa on 04/09/2012:

    Dear Morgan, You blog really helps me problem solve decorating my little house. So I am going to need a new post soon. Maybe one about your fireplace makeover? Or just photos of your bathroom? ANYTHING. I am getting sad over here. xo!

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