March 2nd, 2012

Obviously late in mentioning this, seeing as the sale ends Saturday, but it appears I offered up some vintage wares in the current One Kings Lane | Design-Blogger Tag Sale. There’s still a few things left. Right?

It’s been a busy week.

Special thanks to Victoria for thinking me and my piles of vintage. Now I’ll have room for more! Hoarder for life!

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  1. Mike on 03/02/2012:


    It’s not easy being a Design Badass and blue collar Renaissance Woman. Pretty big shoes to fill.

    My votes with you. Don’t sweat the contest.and have a great weekend!

  2. modernhaus on 03/02/2012:

    Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. You’re everywhere I look. What’s next, a billboard? Your face on the side of a bus??
    I do a Google image search for “chair” and it’s 99% Brick House pictures! The internet thinks you invented furniture.
    You’ve been quietly taking over the world from your modest headquarters in Hemet. Who woulda thunk it?

  3. The brick house on 03/02/2012:


    Summer, I forget what I was searching for, something weird, but your bedroom and that giant credenza kept popping up like every third photo. Made me chuckle.

  4. Elizabeth on 03/02/2012:

    The Brick House with it’s minimalist California desert vibe is so totally ACE Hotel Palm Springs! Love the California desert feel. Beautiful!

  5. Keren V. on 03/02/2012:

    I would LOVE to curate a collection for One King’s Lane! What a dream! Congrats!

  6. Keren V. on 03/02/2012:

    I would LOVE to curate a collection for One King’s Lane! What a dream! Congrats!

  7. Christa on 03/02/2012:

    Some of those foofy blogs that are winning make me not want to visit AT any longer. LAME.

  8. Barbara on 03/03/2012:

    well, you weren’t in the final vote when i went to the site, but i voted for manhattan nest because a. her writing style reminds me of yours, and b. she mentions you! so, next best thing i guess. you don’t have a store or anything, do you? i’m road tripping in the next couple of weeks, and will, amazingly, be going through the inland empire at some point.

  9. Florian on 03/03/2012:

    Manhattan Nest? HER writing style??? Well I guess, Daniel will be grateful for your vote anyhow.

  10. modernhaus on 03/03/2012:

    Maybe you were Googling “Summer’s bedroom” because let’s face it, it’s a popular search.
    I’m having your face put on a mousepad and coffee mug now, so I can look at you more.

  11. congrats! this is HUGE!

  12. Annie on 03/29/2012:

    I love shopping at One Kings Lane! if you sign up you get $15 credit towards your purchase. if you don’t mind using my referral link, I hope to get a credit to use for myself as well.


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