February 15th, 2012

I’m late to the game seeing as Laure and Apartment Therapy already posted about this project, but hey, who can stop me? No one.

The ever talented and fun’tastic Laure recently shot this bright and modern model house in Echo Park built by Sunia Homes, a new company focused on building sustainable and affordable residencies in California. Per usual, I had a super lovely time working with Laure and got to style the house (with Ali’s awesome help) for the photoshoot. We focused on keeping the interior decor inline with Jerome’s desire for the space to feel lived in, relaxed and as similarly unfussy as the materials and finishes used throughout the home.

Above are a few outtakes from the shoot. You can also check out more images on Sunia’s site.


*Anyone spot the stuff from my house? And no, you silly goose, it’s not the Hermes boxes.


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  1. Lunaluna on 02/16/2012:

    The rug! The one NEXT to the Hermès boxes 🙂

  2. Florian on 02/16/2012:

    I say it’s the occasional tables, the teak sofa, the bedspread, the basket underneath the tv, the butterfly chair, the kelim cushions and maybe the chrome and hopsack chair. I don’t think the light grey sofa and the tulip table are yours, but with you and your garage full of really nice shit one can never be sure. The ikeaesque chairs are definitely not yours. The pipe clothes rail is Ace Hotel/The Brick House inspired, I say.

    On the mark or totally off?

    Lovely house, though. Reminds me of case study house #25, though that had a stunning interiour courtyard with a reflecting pool.

  3. L on 02/16/2012:

    Completely lovely; sign me up! Probably will need to visit the Sunia website but I’m curious: what is considered “affordable”

  4. Curator on 02/16/2012:

    A bijoux home.
    Perfect if you don’t have much to put in it.

  5. Simone on 02/16/2012:

    My guess is the throw-pillows made of kelims and the blanket?

  6. modernhaus on 02/16/2012:

    Yes, everything made from yarn. Am I right?? Yes, I am.
    Did that blue and red kilim come home with you? Bc I would like to do tradesies for it….

  7. modernhaus on 02/16/2012:

    BC I’m running low with only 25 rugs over here.

  8. Kyle on 02/16/2012:

    That sofa! I love it.

  9. Hm… bedside rug, table next to the bench, and maybe the butterfly chair?
    The exterior of the house is fantastic. Why cant my house’s exterior look like that, sigh

  10. Bailey Nielson on 02/16/2012:

    I love this house! Everything is so fresh looking. I think this was a great post! xoxo

  11. cathy on 02/16/2012:

    Of course, the kilim rug–pink/red/black–the one you’re so on the fence about. And the neutral/brown striped bed blanket?

  12. Susanne on 02/16/2012:

    I should have known it was your magic when I first saw it: the bed spread, the butterfly chair, the kilim cushions, the overall beauty.

  13. carey on 02/16/2012:

    the soup fixin’s in the kitchen? haha, just kidding!

  14. Suzy8track on 02/17/2012:

    Definitely that rug by the bedside and perhaps the bedspread. Honestly, when I first saw the photos…before reading anything, I had thought you moved! Really is such a lovely home.

  15. emily @ go haus go on 02/17/2012:

    I absolutely love this style of photography – lots of contrast and clean bright whites. I see “the brick house” all over this room! Thanks for posting again – It’s awesome so I don’t mind looking twice 🙂

  16. Jill on 02/17/2012:

    Love the window seat and the clothes racks. Did you make those?

  17. Jess Davis on 02/17/2012:

    Morgan – love the house. I always like finding new budget minded builders in the LA area. one day when I build my dream house….

  18. eliza on 02/17/2012:

    gorgeous, awesome, totally cool.
    my guesses are the kilim rug and the wool blanket?

  19. xx80xx on 02/18/2012:

    This is unbelievable, so pretty. Makes me wanna sell my house here in Belgium and make the big move to the US!!

  20. xx80xx on 02/18/2012:

    Oh my!! This so pretty, makes me wanna sell our house in Belgium and make the big move to the US

  21. Becky on 02/18/2012:

    Rumply clothes, fo shizz. I don’t know about all the other bloggy sluts out there but I did not see this alreay on Apt. therapy or from Laure, I only have eyes for you Brick House!

  22. Janette on 02/19/2012:

    Great. Now I want to take a sledgehammer to my kitchen cabinets and and replace them with a couple shelves. As if I didn’t already have remodel ADD.

  23. Kevin - DiyDork on 02/20/2012:

    What an awesome place. The front of the house! The simple kitchen! The black pipe clothes racks! I’m in heaven.

  24. cathy on 02/20/2012:

    Just saw the tri-force basket in the LR in a photo posted on AT (but it’s not here on your post!).

  25. bigBANG studio on 02/21/2012:

    If that kilim (or is a wool dhurrie?) rug bedside is your then I will trade you a painting for it. SERIOUS. Gorgeous, perfectly-understated-but-still-KAPOW styling, M. PER USUAL.

    Also, cabin porn alert: just posted some pics of a one-room board-and-batten NH cabin built in the 1950s by P’s granddaddy’s friends. Juuuuust saying. xo.

  26. Natalie (Fashion Intel) on 02/21/2012:

    Your styling is impeccable & this space is glorious!

  27. Sara @ Zahara Dessert on 02/21/2012:

    Lovely! It is so stylish. But I love it because it looks lived in and not just a ‘show’ home. Not many shoots do this

  28. jennifer on 02/21/2012:

    strong work

  29. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/22/2012:

    Thanks all! It was super fun.

  30. julia wheeler on 02/24/2012:

    i am obsessed with this one too. these design projects of yours makes me want to throw my whole house away and start over with you in charge.

  31. kyle on 02/24/2012:

    where did you get the short stools? need a few cool stools for island 🙂 LMK! thanks

  32. Courtney on 06/04/2012:

    Beautiful job! What can you tell me about the wooden sofa in the bottom left photo? I’m on the hunt for a wooden couch and now I have a crush on that one.

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