January 13th, 2012

One of the big design type projects Laure and I have been working on so diligently is a very stylish (come on, obviously) salon in Laguna Beach that’s just recently opened up called Morrison Hair. Located in an older Spanish style bungalow, Rachel and James wanted the space to remain cozy, comfy and inviting like a great house, but still be stylish and modern for getting your hair did.

A particularly important and big need furniture-wise for the waiting area was a pair of chairs that were unusual, comfortable and made you desperately want to sit in them. So of course my first thought was these slingy bad bays that I have always wanted to reupholster.


THOSE slingy cantilever bad boys. Pictured above in the BEFORE situation of upholstery hell.

For sure these were living in Ugly Town, USA and must have seemed like a complete stretch, so trust that it took a lot of convincing and begging to get anyone to believe they could be comfortable and stylish and awesome and not just a hot mess of browntown disgusting.


Reupholstered and reimagined.

I always knew they had a kind of Max Gottschalk or Paulistano type vibe buried deep inside their tubular chrome frames.

For the new slings, I decided to go with a bit of an unusual material. Any guesses? Hmmmm?

Screw that nonsense since I can’t shut up about it and am way too impatient. So, these slings are actually made with vintage wildfire tarp! I know. What?!

These tarps are used by my local Park Rangers and Firefighters in the San Jacinto mountains – located just a few miles from this Brick House. When the forest catches on fire, these giant heavy duty waxed canvas tarps are used to move burning brush and burnt up timbers or whatever else is on fire and needing moving. Eventually they get beat up and decommissioned and end up in retirement with this local canvas fabricator type guy I found.

I loved that the material already had this amazing patina and color and was this super heavy duty weight that I couldn’t find with newer fabrics. Plus, who has wildfire tarp chairs? Who?! No one.

Well wait, I guess Morrison Hair does now, BUT come on, don’t you just want to sit in them?! They turned out super sexy and are shockingly comfy to boot. Like a big hug from a firefighter.

Oh man, I can’t wait to show off the rest of the salon. Sorry about these few quick snaps I tried to grab.

We have a few finishing touches and a photo shoot to do, but I’m desperate to post the rest of the space. It turned out pretty much spectacular with a few custom features that are killer and was an overall great project to work on with some truly outstanding folks.

MMMmmmmmmm. Slingy time. Sneaky sling peek. Sleaking.

Now I totally want some slings for my house again. That is not how this works, right? I can’t be jealous.


More soon.


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  1. Jennifer on 01/13/2012:

    Im just pissed you sold that TABLE! Damnet to hell I need it’s twin

  2. tracy on 01/13/2012:

    Love these. (Love firefighters too.) The space is gorgeous.

  3. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 01/13/2012:

    They turned out so great! The room look amazing, Morgan. Table, and that RUG. I covet that rug.

  4. kim on 01/13/2012:

    you are so darn talented and so innovative. the chairs and the room look incredible.

  5. ModFruGal on 01/13/2012:

    I can’t quite tell, but are there grommets underneath the arms of the tarp? Genius to use that stuff…I love the patina.

  6. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 01/13/2012:

    LOooVe! I’m local, so now I’m dying to go over and check it all out!

  7. KimberlyAnn on 01/13/2012:

    I would love to use the tarp fabric for my next upholstery project. Any chance you could send me their contact info so I could by your copy cat? 😉
    I would be forever in your debt.

  8. Anna - Canoe Design on 01/13/2012:

    Great chairs!
    Looks like a fantastic space and not the usual salon waiting room. So inspiring!

  9. Desi on 01/13/2012:

    those chairs are so great. i love waxed cotton. next to linen it’s my favorite material. i’ve even watch some youtube videos on how to wax your own cotton. i haven’t dared yet, but one day, one day i will do it.

  10. modernhizzaus on 01/13/2012:

    Oh sweet mother, now I want to have a custom Chesterfield sectional made out of that fabric. RIGHT?? Mess up that buttoned-up British aesthetic with some messy fireman modernism?
    What size does this stuff come in? Like giant tarp pieces, or yardage?

  11. modernhizzaus on 01/13/2012:

    Also, SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH. Knocked my knickers off.

  12. Curator on 01/13/2012:


    They’re just my thing !!

  13. Elisa @ The Self Life on 01/13/2012:

    Seriously. Delicious.

  14. jeannette on 01/13/2012:

    i’ve decided that upcycling is like resurrection. these are immortal. and also so beautiful. thanks.

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/13/2012:

    modfrugal – yes, that is how the sling connects, screws through the grommets.

  16. Joy on 01/13/2012:

    I’m with Jennifer–I can’t believe you sold that perfect coffee table! But the project looks fantastic–really inventive reupholstering on those sexy slings.

  17. v. cool

  18. Trude on 01/13/2012:

    Those are super sexy! Love their texture with that rug. So awesome, congrats!

  19. Jayme on 01/13/2012:

    Looks so amazing! I could live in that Salon!

    What kind of leafy plant is in the pottery planter?? So nice.

  20. Rohoney on 01/13/2012:

    ummm, don’t they have fiberglass in them?

  21. Melissa on 01/13/2012:

    I think I have the rectangular version of this coffee table. The only markings on it are a red “Made in Italy” stamp in red and some writing in wax pencil where I can only make out “… pacific design…”

    The space looks good!

  22. John on 01/13/2012:

    Nice! Digging the rug and I always love your use of plant life, I need to get me some succulents Pronto…

  23. Kate on 01/14/2012:

    oh come on…
    you’re joking right??
    You have a head full of awesomeness, but this is a major miss…

  24. Cynthia Wig on 01/14/2012:

    Nope, not my slingy thing. Love the rest of it though!

  25. Myles Henry on 01/15/2012:

    This room is perfect. I love that coffee table and those sling chairs are crack! I keep coming over to your site to get another look at them, they turned out perfect.

  26. carrie olshan on 01/15/2012:

    the chairs look GREAT! i’m drooling over the mante. and the rug. and the table. and the pottery…oy.

  27. carrie olshan on 01/15/2012:

    the chairs look GREAT! i’m drooling over the mantel. and the rug. and the table. and the pottery…oy.

  28. julia wheeler on 01/17/2012:

    those chairs look SO rad… can’t wait to see the rest!

  29. Eliza on 01/17/2012:

    sexy slings! love the patina/texture/all those things you already said!

  30. Martha on 01/20/2012:

    You have a great eye!!! All of your stuff on your website is amazing. I wish I could get a list of places to stop by when in Palm Springs or wherever you thrift. Amazing finds.

  31. robyn on 01/21/2012:

    I just dont have your vision. I would have never seen the potential in those chairs. I think the whole room looks amazing!

  32. jacquelyn | lark&linen on 01/24/2012:

    I would LOVE a hug from a fire fighter. Those seriously awesome chairs wouldn’t hurt either
    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  33. Kelly on 01/26/2012:

    Those chairs are seriously enviable! Love that they have such a rich history. Makes for much more special pieces that sort of worm their way into your heart. Love love your style, and your wit. Kudos!

  34. George on 01/27/2012:

    Who made that sweet terrarium on the coffee table? Can you tell me where to get one! My lady friend would love it.

  35. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/31/2012:

    George – my friend Bianca at TerriPlanty. She does custom and other terrariums!

  36. maryalice on 01/31/2012:

    WOW! amazing, gorgeous. wow. good job! love the whole space. love the rug. and of course the chairs. I could use that canvas for a different purpose. Really big pieces of it. Any way you could share that resource with me? 😉

  37. ZBranek and Holt Custom Homes on 03/01/2012:

    You have an entertaining way with words that keeps your readers’ eyes glued to the screens. What a nice way of up-cycling these tarps! Being in the custom homes Austin industry, it is indeed thrilling to encounter wonderful designs and interiors like what you’ve presented here. Thanks for making us envious!

  38. mooney on 03/06/2012:

    any chance you could share the ‘local canvas fabricator type guy’ info? love the tarp!

  39. Jeanne Crockett on 04/12/2013:

    Do you know who the original designer was on the chrome chairs?

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