January 23rd, 2012

Just got back from Alt Summit, where weather and snow are apparently allowed to happen. Not cool, Utah. Not cool.

I’ll spare you any girly bloggy wrap-ups for now, but just you wait. If I had taken more pictures besides a slew of ‘hold on, wait? is this fucking snow? Is it SNOWING? What?! Why don’t I have a scarf’ shots, there would be so much more blogging happening.

But it snowed.

I was offended.

How dare you, weather.

Nothing was so brutal in Utah as this bit of brutalist wall sculpture waiting for me back home in the desert.

Not even frozen rain.

Even Bowie was offended when I relayed the sudden brutal conditions that I suffered through by relaxing in a hot tub and drinking a glass of whiskey. Life is brutal. Well, brutal in Utah where girls must wander to the state run liquor store and cleverly disguise whiskey at the hotel pool.

Fooled you, Salt Lake.

And yes, I still need to address fixing up the fireplace with a wood mantel and new coat of white paint and plant life and so on, but I am exhausted. There was a lot of meeting of folks and great roommates and talking on panels and parties and other amazing things that went down that now my little introverted heart needs sleep.

Glad to come home to this one thing solved. Feels good to finally find something like art for above the mantel.



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  1. Lunaluna on 01/24/2012:

    AAARRRggghhhh that sculpure is so….. I WANT IT. I look and look but I never find… one day -sigh-

  2. Suzy8track on 01/24/2012:

    Holey Moley…that sculpture is so friggin’ awesome!

  3. Anna @ D16 on 01/24/2012:

    I was all excited about that sculpture, but then I saw Bowie and his widdle arm all lifted up. AWWWWWW!!

  4. Erin on 01/24/2012:

    That sculpture is awesome!!

    It was so great meeting you at Alt. You were one of the most helpful speakers I saw in terms of tips I will use again sometime. Hope you got out ok!

  5. modernhizzaus on 01/24/2012:

    Jayzus, you know some of didn’t GO to Alt and want to see pics of you kanoodling with other ladies and representing Hemet! That’s ok, I found pics of you on other peoples’ blogs…ahahahahahaha!

  6. Shannon(8foot6) on 01/24/2012:

    it is snowing out my window right now…i’m not going to lie, I went outside earlier today, and i kinda liked it!

    it looks like fire ABOVE the mantel..

  7. bigBANG studio on 01/24/2012:

    Welcome home, desertpantz. Also, ALSO! That pic of the dude luxuriating in the grain silo pool on your tumblr? That’s Glen and Steve’s place in JT- the same ol’ one I posted about all way back when.

    Where’s that image from? Pray tell! Apt Therapy did a profile of their place a while back and their photog really dropped the ball- the pics were so meh and didn’t do justice to their magical spread.

  8. cathy on 01/24/2012:

    You came to slc in January and didn’t expect…SNOW?!? Well, to be fair, it had been a really dry winter up ’til last weekend (just for you). But you suffering? Not so much. I just finished shoveling all that wet white wonderfulness off my driveway. For the third time since Saturday.
    I do like your fiery, brutalist sculpture. Would love to see pix of Alt. Hope you were drinking Utah’s High West Distillery whiskey in the hot tub. Yup, we not only drink here, but there are locally-crafted beverages too!

  9. Creede on 01/24/2012:

    SNOW!!! How dare you bring it with you, I was just getting used to my dry winter. Now I have no choice but to disappear into a haze of hot toddies and hot buttered rum. I hope you’re happy.

    Nice running into you finally.



  10. The brick house on 01/24/2012:

    I know, just kidding about the snow. It just caught us at an awkward moment.

    I’ll post more on Alt, but I need to steal Laures photos since I only took about 5 maybe? What happened? I totally slacked.

    It was great and I had a ton of fun.

    Oh, I got the wall sculpture from another dealer in some sort of strange trade / sales bonanza.

  11. Susan B. on 01/24/2012:

    You are a very funny person.

  12. jeannette on 01/25/2012:

    i know you’ve been looking for a long time for the perfect piece to go above the fireplace. and that your specs were 70s brutalist? i hope after you’ve had some more hot baths and whiskey that you will write a little bit more about the specs and your search and the piece. you have such a clarity of vision and art historical knowledge i hope you will let it all hang out.

  13. going brutal is really the only way….:)

  14. Charlotte on 01/25/2012:

    Ooooh, that is a fantastic wall sculpture. I’m jealous. I have been looking for one over here (Germany) for ages, but aside from wall sconces, these things don’t seem to pop up at fleamarkets around here. Great find! It looks perfect in your home.

  15. Roya Sadeghian on 01/25/2012:

    I love your blog. Even when it’s about a disgusting charred ‘wall art’ piece above your fireplace. I look forward to your posts.

    & thanks for brightening my day.

  16. Terhi on 01/27/2012:

    Wau, what a sculture. I love your place, made a post of your blog the other day. Take care, Terhi.

  17. Trude on 01/27/2012:

    Wow that piece is amazing! And I’m cracking up over here because Bowie really does look offended! 🙂 I’m pretty sure anyone who isn’t exhausted from Alt failed as an attendee.

  18. Tonia on 01/28/2012:

    Bowie looked like “What happened?!” I love the new piece above the fireplace though, and wondering what you have planned for the fireplace…staying tuned.

  19. Tyson on 01/28/2012:

    Haha, I wish I’d known you were in town. Then I could have gone all geeky fan-boy at you. Maybe you noticed all the turn of the century houses around town (the previous turn of the century, not the 12 years ago one). I live in one of those just a mile or so from where you took that pic above. Not modern, but I like to incorporate modern ideas from blogs like yours. I like the contrast. Aside from the shitty snow, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

  20. Tami on 01/29/2012:

    Ah, Zion’s liquor stores . . . good times, good times. Was it the one @ 4th & 4th? Best one in the state.

    I’ve gotta admit, tho, I miss that snow. Best part of winter.

  21. sean blume on 01/31/2012:

    love that area of town when i visted

  22. George on 02/03/2012:

    Your blog is different- I wouldn’t call you “trashy”- just raw and real. Love the wall sculpture- is it signed “Gere”? Keep keeping it light and fun and I’ll keep reading.

  23. Matty on 03/04/2014:

    That’s an inunoiegs way of thinking about it.

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