January 17th, 2012

Two things.

ALT SUMMIT is going down this week.


PHOTO / CAMP is coming.


It’s all crazytown around here.

Did you notice how I tried to casually slip this by?

Hello, daybed.

This hunk of comfy recently arrived from Alex and I’ve been fiddling with the living room to accommodate it. Too bad I haven’t had time to make all the changes and or finish up the manic futzing that must be done. Hopefully soon, but just not quite yet.

*Try and ignore that badass brutalist wall sculpture, BTW.

And on another note.

Here’s a little preview announcement of something Laure and I have been working on that we’ve christened Photo / CAMP. The first workshop, FIELD GUIDE, shall go down on March 23 in Los Angeles. It will be incredible.

OK, so FIELD GUIDE is an introductory workshop that breaks down digital photo editing in a hands on, no BS way. Bring your photos, bring your computer and bring your questions – no matter what level of experience you bring to the table. We’ll walk you through the process of making any sad photo look amazing.

Full launch and more details to come.

Let’s take it slow and ease into things.

I thought to mention it before being all up in Alt. If folks are curious and also going to be there, I always enjoy a good nerding out on photo stuff.

Oh jeez, so I will shortly be heading out to Salt Lake to speak on the Interior Design Blogging panel with Emily Henderson, Jenny Komenda and Kirsten Grove. It should be a hoot? Yes! So, come and ask naughty questions.

Wait, are you guys going to Alt? This is my first time and I’m not sure what happens. Fight club, probably?

If so, please say hello or give me a high five or something. I’ll be the nervous one actively avoiding being in pictures while also avoiding wearing white whilst also saying wildly inappropriate things at all the most awkward moments.


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  1. Anna @ D16 on 01/17/2012:

    Check you out, doing stuff. You realize that by saying you’re actively avoiding being in photos that people will just try even harder to take pictures of you, right? I’ve made that mistake before.


  2. Lune on 01/17/2012:

    It is completely out of character for me, but since you’re there, I want to be there too. Also because it’s – a million degrees here and the only way I’d leave the house is to take a cab to the airport. Please post about it.

  3. i promise not to take any pictures of you, but i can’t take responsibility for any awkward gushing i might do about how great your style is.

  4. Stephen on 01/17/2012:

    Brutalist sneak attack! Wazzam!
    Whenever people try to take pictures of me I put my hand in front of my face or I dart away quickly. Good luck and have fun!

  5. Kara K on 01/17/2012:

    I’ve been waiting for that daybed to make an appearance. It’s the perfect color.

  6. The brick house on 01/17/2012:

    Anna, it’s like I’m a real grown up or something. I had not considered that side to the picture situation, though. Crap.

  7. Mike on 01/17/2012:

    I don’t think you’ll be able to make the daybed work in your space but I think it would be ideal in mine. I am happy to take it off your hands and relieve your stress.

  8. Mia on 01/17/2012:

    Hard to ignore! Its fabulous.

  9. Alex on 01/17/2012:

    I’m glad you like the daybed, I’m going to be ordering again in March, 10% off Barcelona daybeds to all brickhouse readers, email me for more info 🙂

  10. cathy on 01/17/2012:

    You? Coming to Happy Valley slc?
    Is it only for real, professional interior designers, or can regular folks show up, too? More details, please!

  11. John on 01/17/2012:

    Photo / CAMP! Count me the fuck in!

  12. julia wheeler on 01/17/2012:

    now i want to go to ALT even more… mostly just to hear you (hopefully) cuss and say inappropriate things while everyone else is talking about glitter. photo camp sounds rad… i might need to make a jaunt up north for that!

  13. John Hedge on 01/17/2012:

    That daybed is pretty sweet! You are one busy girl. Have fun with Emily, I love her show, tell her What’s Up for me 🙂 That looks like an awesome adventure, I want to go … maybe another year.

  14. modernhizzaus on 01/17/2012:

    Must one be summoned to Alt? Those not summoned may sign up to be Alt Sherpas and carry the equipment of legitimate attendees?
    One day I will be a Professional Lady and go there. One sweet day.

  15. modernhizzaus on 01/17/2012:

    Also, for the position of Professional Hander-Outer of Name Badges at CAMP, I expect to be your first choice 😉

  16. Jennifer on 01/17/2012:

    you need to market camp to realtors….seriously. i’ve never seen more poorly photographed/staged(less) images in my life.

  17. Holly on 01/18/2012:

    @ Jennifer: You are so right!!

    Recently discovered The Brick House and made me wonder where I’ve been that I missed this. Love it. Looking forward to more exploration of your site 😉 The daybed is awesome – I love these images – be still my beating heart, the colours!

    Your new follower.

  18. Curator on 01/18/2012:

    Glad to see you’ve joined the daybed club.
    Excellent choice of colour.

  19. Logan on 01/18/2012:

    Sign me up for photo camp

  20. Christian on 01/18/2012:

    That Barcelona Daybed looks brilliant in front of your fireplace. Colour and all. I want it.

    You have the best style I have seen in ages.

  21. s on 01/19/2012:

    that daybed is perfection!

  22. Christine on 01/19/2012:

    I really enjoyed your presentation at Alt this afternoon! After spending the day surrounded by creative people, I think I will become creative too:)

  23. seriously on 01/20/2012:

    @ The Brick House: Where did you get those fireplace tools? For the life of me I can’t find decent looking fireplace tools that don’t look like they are from pride & prejudice or star trek.

  24. Virge Piersol on 01/22/2012:

    I think your photos are fine. Did you learn anything really new & essential?

  25. Ames on 01/22/2012:

    Hi Alex (and Morgan) – do you not have your web site anymore?

  26. Sketch42 on 01/23/2012:

    Can photo camp come to NYC? I need it!

  27. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/23/2012:

    Sketch42 – hopefully someday. That would be incredible.

  28. Alex on 01/24/2012:

    Ya i posted from my phone and it didn’t link to my blog, click my name to go to the blog.

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