December 22nd, 2011

Blah blah…been super busy. Blah blah awesome projects…blah blah…I can’t wait to share. Blah blah…been neglecting the house. Blah blah…traveling and stuff. Blah blah…hey look, some more dog photos. Blah.

I’m a bit of a brooding black cloud of awful during this, the merriest of all seasons, so these two fur beasts playing with some sparkly stuff is about as festive as things can get.

Bring on the spring!
Bring on the sun!
Burn the holiday music compilations!

Can we meet back here next year? I need to go and moodily sulk around nice people filled with joyous cheer and wonder.


Happy holidays or whatever!


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  1. Monica on 12/22/2011:

    These pictures are just full of Holiday awesomeness. The fourth and fifth picture – love. Moody sulk, whatever. Happy Holidays with antlers on top!

  2. L on 12/22/2011:

    Joining you wholeheartedly in Holiday Fuckits. I’ve heard that eating more reindeer can help.

    (cute pups-in-tinsel, though)

  3. Florian on 12/22/2011:

    7°C and pouring with rain in Germany. Holiday compilations blaring nonstop everywhere. City clogged with Weihnachtsmarkt – people flogging cheap shit, bad food and Glühwein. Lots of Glühwein. You can’t fucking move for fucking Besinnlichkeit.

  4. Lisette on 12/22/2011:

    Looks like Bowie and Iggy are having a blast with that tinsel, and it made me laugh. Hard. In your sulk (which I fully understand) you brought cheer – yay!

    Have a great time a Christmas, and see you in the new year…

  5. Laura on 12/22/2011:

    Someone just brought me a mini Chocolate Grand Marnier bottle which i am about to consume despite being on government time. I’m spreading my own cheer. Sue me. Happy Holidays!

  6. Megan on 12/22/2011:

    best photo shoot ever.

  7. Suzy8track on 12/22/2011:

    Bah Humbug!!

  8. misa on 12/22/2011:

    i am also in a really crappy mood. i’m in such a crappy mood i wish i weren’t on vacation and i could just take my bad mood out on my poor employees.

  9. The brick house on 12/22/2011:

    I knew it! Bosses are really evil.

  10. eliza on 12/22/2011:

    ha! may your holidays fly by quickly and without pain, you lovely scrooge, you!

    (i am always happy to look at pictures of tiny dogs with shiny props)

  11. Jaimie on 12/22/2011:

    I’m right there with you regarding the holiday music compilations. Thankfully I’ve managed to get through the season so far this year hardly hearing any of it, probably because I’ve done no holiday shopping.

  12. Liz on 12/22/2011:

    That’s a lot of tinsel.
    At least someone is having fun with it. 🙂

  13. Laura on 12/22/2011:

    Even in your Holiday Sulk, at least YOU post. All my other bloggities have apparently been on hiatus since about Thanksgiving. And this puts ME in a sulk. We live vicariously through you (and recently only you). So thanks for sharing, all year long. You brighten our days, even with your sulk! Happy Humbug!

  14. Anna - Canoe Design on 12/22/2011:

    Great photos! Cute little ones!
    Happy holidays 🙂

  15. pianoarthur on 12/22/2011:

    Thank you for the pix of your cute pups! I thought of you when I saw this post on Boing Boing
    A cigar box guitar with your name on it!

  16. Hahaha! You totally captured my mood… well withouth the dogs covered in glittery stuff. Perhaps my Great Dane needs a dousing this evening… good plan…

  17. modernhaus on 12/22/2011:

    For a second I thought those were the Rue girls at a Bando party. Look how totally at home they are with streamers. Next make them roll in money!!!

  18. Christa on 12/22/2011:

    Those puppy pics made me feel cheery! I guess when you are constantly surrounded by that level of adorable you build up some immunity.

  19. jeannette on 12/22/2011:

    they are the cutest. merry christmas, and thank you for all the sunshine on a cloudy day.

  20. Mamaholt on 12/22/2011:

    These pictures are very, very, very adorable. you really hit up the season well for being a scrooge!

  21. Fe on 12/22/2011:

    Love, Love, Love your cute mutts !

  22. Cindi on 12/22/2011:

    Yeah, I’m a Bah Humbug too.
    I love your blog, someone directed me here months ago after seeing my new-to-me sofa posted on my blog. She said it reminded her of your taste in decor and I would have to say I really like almost everything you’ve posted AND I have a Chihuahua too. But this Holiday season has left me tired and grumpy. Here’s some more info to make you hate the season more: “When ingested by a dog (or cat), tinsel may cause obstruction of the intestines, and the tinsel’s sharp edges can even cut the intestines. Symptoms may include: decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, listlessless and weight loss. Treatment usually requires surgery.”
    Yep, another reason NOT to decorate.

  23. adalgisa campos on 12/23/2011:

    best christmas post ever. have a nice hollyday!

  24. Lunaluna on 12/25/2011:

    bah humbug from Oslo 🙂

  25. Drew on 12/25/2011:

    Next year, spend Christmas with us in Australia! We have room even for the pups! It was hot and sunny here on Christmas day!

  26. Lin on 12/26/2011:

    “Happy holidays or whatever!” Can I steal that line for next year’s Christmas card?

  27. By Word of Mouth Musings on 12/27/2011:

    Hey, I was full of Holiday cheer, hosted parties, wrapped a bazillion gifts …and now bronchitis, wet lungs and enough meds to start a store … ack.
    Love the pups!

  28. sean blume on 12/30/2011:

    love the pics of the dog’s

  29. Maryam in Marrakech on 01/01/2012:

    Aw man, hope you are feeling better. And can I just say that I am loving your camera/lens. Really gorgeous photos.

  30. Trish on 01/06/2012:

    You’re awesome. Love your writing style.

  31. Open house blog, NOrway on 01/07/2012:

    I’ve browsed some more and have concluded: I love your blog!
    You are hereby in my blogroll 🙂

    do you know the name of those yellow bally flowers you have? they are really beautiful and would fit in perfectly at my house, too.

    have a great weekend
    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

  32. Single Story House Plans on 01/16/2012:

    You’re a very good photographer.
    Thanks for sharing.

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