December 13th, 2011

A few weeks ago I grabbed this handwoven vintage basket from a junky consignment shop that seemed more lunatic swap meet than viable retail store. Even though the basket was mostly hidden by a pile of fast food toys, the little visible bits of lumpy weaving and sweet triangle pattern had me sold as well as making plans to shove a large cactus inside it.

Well, eventually shove.

Neglect and certain death are about the only things a house plant can expect around here.

Despite that, I’m fairly committed to using a few chunky handwoven baskets as planters around the house and accept that many plants will be murdered in the process.

Otherwise, I’m very enthusiastic about Bowie and his bedroom eyes

Rawrrr. Gratuitous.

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  1. angela on 12/13/2011:

    May I inquire what kind of house plant are you planning to murder in that beaut of a basket, picked one up the other day thrifting and can’t figure out what to do with it?? BTW I would like to try to have a house plant just not sure what could possibly survive in my house.

  2. The brick house on 12/13/2011:

    Probably just a cactus of some sort. Hopefully one that can stand a bit of mistreatment.

  3. Charlie on 12/13/2011:

    What a dreamy basket! Love it. That is the best part about thrifting– digging through the dirt and junk to find the gems.

  4. Mel on 12/13/2011:

    Bowie is adorable, as is your inability to nurture anything without fur and paws. I suffer from the black thumb as well. I just use the excuse that my cat chews on anything green and immediately barfs, and hang mobiles instead.

  5. Jes on 12/13/2011:

    Morgan, your writing always slays me. So funny. Also your eye for design is bang on. I would love an eye like yours in my new house.

  6. Stephanie on 12/13/2011:

    Great basket! Love that pic of Bowie- somebody’s looking frisky!

  7. Melissa on 12/13/2011:

    this is a funny post and that basket is pretty sweet.

  8. Eliza on 12/13/2011:

    oh, droooool. i went thrifting for a huge basket (for my ridiculous pile of knitting in progress), and found one way way way less inspiring than that. i’ll trade you?

  9. Tonia on 12/14/2011:

    Never do I find basket that I like in shape enough for me to buy.Nice.

  10. jeannette on 12/14/2011:

    i have a plastic 13 inch barrel cactus in a tire urn by my front door, which is sunless and under a carport. the cactus is awesome. i can’t recommend them more highly. plus, the plastic one cost $13 and a real one, $100.

  11. Anna - Canoe Design on 12/15/2011:

    Another incredible find…I never seem to have as much luck as you!
    Congrats, it is amazing. Love the shape and scale.

  12. modernhaus on 12/15/2011:

    I thought you would use some of those vintage oil cans from the auction as planters…I mean, you were SO enthusiastic about your new hobby collecting them…

  13. Allison on 12/16/2011:

    Nice basket. More importantly, can you please start a companion blog filled entirely with photos of your dogs? Please become that person, thanks.

  14. Donna B. on 12/16/2011:

    LOVE your finds, always!
    I must mention though, because being the nerd that I am, the first thing I thought of said basket?
    Legend of Zelda. You’ve got a tri-force basket there ma’am. That’s badass.

  15. PaigeEvelyn on 12/18/2011:

    LOVE the basket. Also, glad I’m not the only one who thought Zelda when I saw it.

  16. cathy on 12/20/2011:

    Saw this post when it first went up and thought, “Great basket. I really love where the fibers are fraying.”
    Scrolling down after Ace Hotel funky color post, my kids looking over my shoulder. First thing boys say? “Tri-force!!!” So, ummmm, Zelda basket it is. Or more likely, Legend of Zelda appropriated the symbol from a Native American tribe.

  17. Heather Moore on 12/22/2011:

    It’s a Zulu basket, from South Africa, I’m sure of it! So great to see such positive comments about something that’s so ubiquitous here, it’s almost become invisible 🙂

  18. cornflakes on 12/30/2011:

    What breed are your dogs? I’m looking foreword to purchase a new puppy and name it Cheerio

  19. john howard on 01/02/2012:

    i like the basket where did you find it at?

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