November 20th, 2011

I recently day tripped to Los Angeles to lend a hand at Laure’s photo shoot of the new West Elm. Even though I was a bit busy being amazing at holding tripods and such, I did try to grab a few quick pics using my favorite 50mm lens. This new super huge store has a nice mix of industrial details and rustic wood with a big ‘ol vertical green wall to top it off. Totally photogenic.

Seeing that LA has two West Elms now, maybe some of these modern home style stores could begin branching out into the desert? Maybe just to expand the local options beyond Living Spaces and Sears? Yeah, that’d be nice.


*Special thanks to Alison and her expert foot modeling.


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  1. Jules on 11/20/2011:

    There’s a WE in Rancho–or is that too far for you? It takes me about 20 minutes.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/20/2011:

    It’s takes about an hour and a half for me to get to any WE.

  3. Ana@Rearranged Design on 11/20/2011:

    Whoa…whoa. LA doesn’t have two West Elm’s. One is in Santa Monica.

    You have all these magical thrift stores so it’s a fair trade.

  4. Mike on 11/21/2011:

    Would be great to see some modern stores venture into the IE or desert. But, alas, previous attempts at doing so have been short lived. WE had a store in Rancho that closed a couple of years ago. Also, Ikea opened a store in Fontana in the late 80’s that only lasted 2 or 3yrs. Same with Dansk, they had a store in Palm Springs in the late 80’s or early 90’s that didn’t work out. While there are serious modern people out here, even today there are not enough to support a large business.

  5. Morgan,

    Your images just keep getting better and better. Gorgeous composition, light, shadow… love love it…. makes me want to get in my car and go to west elm right now, but i know it will not look as magical as your photos…..

  6. Lisette on 11/21/2011:

    We could do with some of that gorgeousness here, in Barcelona! (although we do have some pretty cool, other stuff)

  7. Alison on 11/21/2011:

    my feet are so famous.

  8. modernhaus on 11/21/2011:

    Wow, those are some jaunty feet. Expressive and filled with personality. What’s that pile of wood things? Spanking paddles?

  9. Jules on 11/25/2011:

    Scratch my Rancho recommendation. I was just at Victoria Gardens this week and the store is closed. Crazy economy.

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