November 24th, 2011

Hit up Palm Springs for a little thrifting action on what turned out to be an ‘extreme’ wind day. Unusually strong gusts mixed up the fine desert dust with low hanging clouds to create a strangely ominous apocalyptic wasteland. This was some crazy end of the world type wind.


Despite the wind, shopping happened.

Having a soft spot for broken down classics, I grabbed this vintage Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chair on my thrifting route. For more than a year I’ve watched this puppy gather dust at one of my favorite consignment spaces as the price was repeatedly knocked down until it just recently hit $50. No rational person wanted to touch this thing because of a few broken welds and lovely dusting of rust, but I guess I have time to repair it?

Of course. Throw another project on the pile.

Perhaps I’m a tad blind to its many faults, but ever since missing out on this Bertoia, the hunt has been on for a similar piece to fill the sad black hole left in my heart. With some welded love and the addition of a full cover, this wounded specimen will be all sorts of design gorgeous.

Otherwise, Palm Spring thrifting was fairly sparse with only the usual ceramic pieces and this awkward Tom Wesselman amateur style painting found and purchased despite the crazy wind and my waning enthusiasm.

I must stop buying thrift store art, but it was impossible to resist that furry little blond bush.

Oh, J.BEAN, you perv.

The wind apocalypse eventually cleared up early in the evening and the floating dust clouds made for an incredible sunset. Palm Springs is always pretty beautiful.

Enough of that nonsense.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! – or – Enjoy your normal weekend!

With pie and such!

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  1. Florian on 11/24/2011:

    Yay! First poster (at least I hope, when I’m done typing) and non-Amrican inclusive greatings. I love the picture! Especially the blonde pubes, or did she pee? You don’t like? Me have it, please!

  2. Jen on 11/24/2011:

    I never see pottery like that. Is all the good pottery in California or something? So jealous.

  3. Laura on 11/24/2011:

    My husband and I bought this same chair at a new to us junk store last weekend. Ours needs more repair but it is sitable -at least outside on the porch- have a couple of drinks and you won’t even notice.

  4. Logan on 11/24/2011:

    On my way! Welder in the truck! Fixers keepers though right?

  5. Van on 11/24/2011:

    I LOVE the art and pottery. Beautiful finds and pictures!

  6. Mr. Modtomic on 11/24/2011:

    Oh yeah, I’m totally digging the art. It took me a little minute to figure out what it was, but then it made me grin. Nice. I’d have it. I bought my pair of Bertoias on the front porch of a much weathered home in a rough part of East St. Louis (formerly the murder capitol of the USA). To the bold go the spoils of war…right?

  7. lauran on 11/25/2011:

    heading to palm springs for 1st time over xmas. any recommendations on your fave stores to hit up? i’ve heard beautiful rumors that the vintage is rockin there.

  8. onehsancare on 11/27/2011:

    When you find a place to buy a reasonably-priced cover for that lovely Bertoia, do let us know!

  9. onehsancare on 11/27/2011:

    The fruits of my research: looks like the best bet.

  10. Jenya on 11/28/2011:

    Furry little blond bush? Oh, that’s what it izzz… Haha.

  11. Allan on 11/28/2011:

    I love that piece of art you bought! Are you willing to sell it? Im in Riverside 🙂 Pretty please with a cherry on top? It would make a nice X-mas gift to myself! 🙂 I’ve love your blog and thank you for giving me continuous ideas!

  12. Carolyn on 11/29/2011:

    great photography. think i need inspiration.

  13. instagram online on 03/28/2017:

    Love your post. Thank you for sharing. The new ceramic looks so nice 🙂 I really like ceramic things.

  14. Jimmi on 09/21/2017:

    I have been searching out for this similar kind of post for past a week and hardly came across this. Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.

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