November 17th, 2011

Big things to discuss in regards to little chairs.

Big important things.

I found and purchased a set of tiny chairs. They were mailed to my house.

$36 + free shipping.

That’s right. This is all happening.

I bought these chairs using the internet and I am great at it.

Different angle.

Same chairs.

There are eight chairs.

This is a different angle.

I’m really good at this.


Seriously considering doing other things that need to be done.

Seriously considering the crap out of it.


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  1. Grumble Girl on 11/17/2011:

    Holyshitballs. HOW did you get such an amazing deal?! Witchcraft, I say… (Good for you – that looks amazing, yo.)

  2. Keir on 11/17/2011:

    Well done. Take the rest of the day off.

  3. Christa on 11/17/2011:

    Wait, can we see what they look like from that back corner, looking towards the main room? Because I bet it’s the sh*t.

  4. williain't on 11/17/2011:

    when you say you’re considering doing other things that need to be done, I assume you mean weaving some jute together for a teeny tiny wall hanging.

  5. jeannie on 11/17/2011:

    FILED UNDER awesome! can you make a little eames house bird out of modeling clay?

  6. misa on 11/17/2011:

    i have never so badly wanted to be six inches tall.

  7. Kara K on 11/17/2011:

    How about a little tree house for your mini?

  8. Laura on 11/17/2011:

    Adorable! I want to live in this teeny tiny house. Still looking for furniture and when I find it I’ll send pics! I think I am buying the house I showed you for my own teeny house just cause it looks so fun.

  9. kristine on 11/17/2011:

    When you say you are seriously considering doing other things you do mean building/assembling a life-size version of that table and chairs, right? Awesome!

  10. modernhaus on 11/17/2011:

    Is there a saying, “If you live in a three-sided balsa house don’t throw stones”? Or, “tie ropes to the children”?
    I love this house. More than my own right now.

  11. max on 11/17/2011:

    GREAT table! chairs are ok too!

  12. jeannette on 11/17/2011:

    they’re heaven. heaven!

  13. Ahsan on 11/17/2011:

    I’m tired…

  14. Suzanna on 11/18/2011:

    so RIDICULOUS! Love it!!

  15. Carolyn on 11/18/2011:

    Love it! I’m working on a turkey for that gorgeous table for Thanksgiving.

  16. Alex on 11/18/2011:

    Those are sweet, I will give you guys your choice of the 7 mini chairs we have left. Were doing another custom order Nov. 30th and are giving them to clients who pay in check/cash =) I have a mini lc2 chair, same eames shell as above, eames plywood,green pod chair,blue panton S chair,white tulip chair, red panton heart chair left.
    Also your Barcelona daybed should be here December 14th!

  17. L on 11/19/2011:

    Where did I put that damn mushroom!? I want to live in this house!!!

  18. RachelD on 11/21/2011:

    I could certainly live there.
    Being an extremely tall person I worry about the seats under the sloped wall. Perhaps the children and my cat can sit there….
    I am sure we will make do.

  19. Liza: Chair To Spare on 11/22/2011:

    Adorable!! And much cheaper and cuter than Eames Mini’s!

  20. meghan on 11/23/2011:

    Can you decorate my life sized A frame?

  21. Tyson on 11/24/2011:

    Don’t know if these are to scale, but furniture-shaped ornaments could be used as furniture-shaped dollhouse furniture.

  22. Karen on 11/26/2011:

    I love your style. You are so talented. I am so excited to be meeting a world, new to me, of mid century modern miniature collectors and makers. Please stop by my new blog to see the dollhouse I’m working with. It was originally Georgian style and it’s begging to become Streamline Moderne. I’m going to try, but I wish I had your talent with the tools.

  23. Rebecca on 12/13/2011:

    This is the cutest thing I have read in the last aprox. two hours of procrastinating on furniture/DIY blogs. I think I might be losing my mind, but you are my new hero. So there is that…

  24. Leah Marie on 01/31/2012:

    Must see handmade doll houses by two mums who wish their boys were girls!

  25. Ginger on 12/09/2012:

    Wow, I absolutely love your work, I would love to see tutorials. I also make furniture but mostly using cardboard, paper mache, or popsicle sticks. You are sooooo talented. What kind of glue do you use, I use hot glue but is there better glue to use??

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