October 30th, 2011

The only thing I picked up in Phoenix – ever so long ago – was this little kilim rug. I grabbed it at one of those antique-y/consignment/ugly jewelry/collectables type shops that always have Blossom style hats next to old fast food cups stacked on random grandma potpourri junk with a small sprinkling of vintage thrown in for kicks.

I actually love those kind of places, even though pricing can be a tad random kooky-town and impossible to grasp. Why is the broken Mr. Potato Head $80 and the Knoll table $10? Who knows! It’s a wacky pricing roller coaster of delight and horror.

I should maybe have spent more than a minute photographing this thing and definitely switched my 50MM lens to something a bit wider. But hey, that’s apathy for ya.

Sort of making it work, kind of.

The rug is just the right size for the main work area of sink – stove – fridge. Plus adding color? What? So much pink is happening around here lately, it’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

On a side thought – still need to do something about updating the kitchen. The “temporary” faucet and other “temporary” fixes aren’t feeling so “temporary” after four years.

Apathy begone!

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  1. victoria on 10/30/2011:

    love it – looks so great with the turquoise walls!

  2. Something Gorgeous on 10/30/2011:

    That rug adds just the right amount of colour. Good choice.x

  3. Jay on 10/30/2011:

    Awesome rug and a lucky find. Need to travel way out of NY to find something cheap.

  4. Josh on 10/30/2011:

    We have those cabinets. Can’t tell what your sink is, ours the original deep, double-sided steel sink (white). We put in a Dishmaster m76 and it looks (and works) awesome.

  5. johanna on 10/31/2011:

    Looks fantastic!

  6. Susan on 10/31/2011:

    That first pic is great – love the angle and color!

  7. Florian on 10/31/2011:

    It looks great, but a rug in the kitchen – won’t it get stained a lot?

  8. Jan on 10/31/2011:

    Great pix! I’m a big fan of shallow depth of field and those quirky flea markety random pricy places. I have a booth at a local flea market and can’t resist shopping the other booths.

    I’m wondering about the size of the rug… Around 4 x 6? And was it a bargain? Or did you love it so much you paid whatever?


  9. Lisette on 10/31/2011:

    What a great find, and it looks fabulous in your kitchen!

  10. Tonia on 10/31/2011:

    Looks great in your kitchen. I just found one recently. It needs cleaning. Any tips on cleaning kilim rugs?….and you’re right when I’m in shops like that I wonder about their pricing too.

  11. beth lemon on 10/31/2011:

    How weird. We have the same kitchen cabinets. We replaced the tops with the same laminate. We also replaced our faucet with the same faucet. I can’t tell but is that sink the double basin with the drains on both sides? If you ever get rid of those cabinets, let us know! (Although ours were stained “cream” by years of cigarette smoke from the former owners!).

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/31/2011:

    Jan, it was $40 and a little over 4 x 6′.

    Tonia, we beat ours the old fashioned way. Outside with a stick – then spot clean.

  13. Tami on 11/01/2011:

    KEEP the cabinets. And the aqua. A classic kitchen.

    BTW, I scrub my kilims with baby shampoo, scrub brush, and a hose. The trick is to squeegee the rinse water out fast so the colors don’t run. Then heave over the back of a lawn chair and let dry in the shade.

  14. Ger on 11/02/2011:

    I fitted the ikea numerar worktops in my last kitchen, (pic available if required).

    I would not use wood again as all pans and chinese-takeaways leave a right horrible mark! They say u can sand them back but in reality its a nightmare because of the silicon water sealed edges.

    Id use silestone next time, or even (shock horror) Ikea wood effect laminate.

  15. brandeye on 11/11/2011:

    i love that kitchen. god bless turquoise. how do you keep your countertops so clear? so jelaous…

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