October 7th, 2011

We recently spent what felt like the last weekend of the summer at a little mountain a-frame cabin celebrating a pair of birthdays with some friends we don’t often see. There were kids and cake and many drinks and more BBQ than a human should shove into themselves.

Hopefully some real a-frame magic will rub off on my miniature.

I still can’t accept that summer is over. Soak it up folks.

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  1. Something Gorgeous on 10/07/2011:

    Beautiful photos. Our Summer here in Australia is just about to begin and already we are overeating and drinking….a little worried about fitting in the summer wardrobe!!

  2. Lydia on 10/07/2011:

    Do you have any more photos of the A-Frame house? I’m an architect and I want to design an A-Frame house for myself thus extremely interested in how people live in such houses / how they adapted the layout etc etc! Thanks!

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/07/2011:

    this wouldn’t be the one to copy…it was pretty poorly laid out.

    there are tons of vintage aframe designs and floor plans online – old kit house stuff that is amazing.

  4. Jules on 10/07/2011:

    Gorgeous pictures, Morgan.

  5. Lunaluna on 10/09/2011:

    Not over… just put on hold ’til next time 🙂

  6. you are inspiring me to pick up a good camera:)

  7. Kelly McDonnell on 10/12/2011:

    I too would like to see more pictures of the A-frame. The hubs and I were gifted his parents’ summer lake house. It is a 1960s A-frame with the original Brady Bunch green shag carpet. Good bones and a million dollar view but in desperate need of an update.

  8. bigBANG studio on 10/16/2011:

    big bear? big bear!

  9. Batangas City real estate on 10/24/2011:

    Nice one! Haha. Your photos are amazing. And now i would like to take some photography lessons. And your blog is outstanding as well. Hope summer to come back soon now.

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