October 5th, 2011

Are you sensing a theme?

A Barcelona style theme?

Keen insight. Gold stars all around.

Ever since Maya texted me a pic of her fancy craigslist Barcelona find, I’ve been a tad bit covetous. It’s a fine piece of furniture for getting your lazy on. Oh and maybe, I didn’t actually ask to post this pic, so “someones” anonymity is being protected very poorly. Someone whose name starts with a W and ends with a S (SORRY).

Look how cute Mika pup is hanging out under that Barcelona. Design doggy.

Well, while most of the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona line sort of makes me think of American Psycho, I’ve always had a soft spot and deep need to posses the couch in a sassy caramel leather. You know, just to casually go in front of the fireplace or casually sit by a window. No big deal, just complete casual Barcelona style.

Apparently though, according to all those images above, it appears that only the sexiest folks effortlessly work daybed style living into their homes.

Modern. Sexy. Time.

This is going to happen. In Hemet. Sexy time.

Remember when we bought our sofa in a pinch from Alex at Modern Furniture Rental? I know, it was so long ago. But, then we got that awesome womb chair?

Well, good ‘ol Alex emailed me about his quickly approaching 10th custom order that is going down on Oct. 14th and wanted to extend a special offer for fancy Brick House folks.

Here’s one of Alex’s recent custom orders residing at a happy owners home.

I’m dreaming of something more like this…yes…ocher verging on poop.

This is just right.

Here are some of the other fabric options.

Along with the Barcelona daybed/couch, most of the lounge chairs and sofas come in a pretty wide assortment of custom leather and fabric options. I know Maya wants a hot pink womb chair. ADMIT IT.

That bottom right leather sample is calling out to me. Brown town all the way.

Here be the deets (as I’ve overheard the hip kids say)

Alex is taking custom orders for Oct. 14th.
Lead time is 7-8 weeks.
Pick up at no charge or have things delivered to your house for $75.00.
Alex is also able to ship out of state – so non-SoCal peeps make sure to ask for a quote.



**Well, when you order a lounge chair, loveseat or sofa. I kind of wanted to pull a bit of an Oprah there. Not really the same with just capitals and the internet.


Go ahead and contact Alex with any questions or if you want to stop by and view stuff in person. He’s around and happy to show you samples of what they got whenever you like.

Alex Chisholm
(714) 595-2445


Modern Chair Rental
1301 S. Beach Blvd unit C
La Habra CA, 90631
(562) 943-2500


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  1. simone on 10/05/2011:

    Well, it looks fantastic and sets a great tone, My mom loved this thing, and coveted it for years but I can’t see how it can be comfortable (except with a blanket and a pillow thrown in like in the unauthorised picture, but you have to store that stuff when not in use). Also I think it needs a lot of space to look this good… The brown leather is great though.

  2. Call of the Small on 10/05/2011:

    You know this comes in miniature, right? 🙂

  3. big-dewey on 10/05/2011:

    love me some barcelona but who’s the constipated dude wearing the sunglasses inside his house and what’s his problem with shoes and socks? I have a job that requires footwear during the daylight hours.

  4. Desi on 10/05/2011:

    love the warmth in the second photo. kind of need a gold ceiling now.

  5. eliza on 10/05/2011:

    drooooooool. i already love your barcelona daybed and it doesn’t even exist yet.

  6. Alex on 10/05/2011:

    Hey Guys, The Daybeds also can be done with your choice of Walnut – Black – Natural (very light beechwood color) frame.

    Please someone order a Green cone chair! I love that guy chillin in the corner on his green chair – Good man 😉

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/05/2011:

    Call of the small – I NEED one of those!

  8. Sue on 10/05/2011:

    darn, I already have 2 barcelona chairs

  9. John on 10/05/2011:

    That would look dreamy in front of your fireplace! Love it…

  10. anna on 10/05/2011:

    So if you just happened on a situation where you could score an old Barcelona chair in that very same ocher verging on poop shade of worn out leather, are you saying you’d pass it up because it’s so ubiquitously Christian Bale?

  11. modernhumpityhumphaus on 10/05/2011:

    For a second I thought you were IN Barcelona. Then I thought you FOUND a Barcelona in an alley for free or something. Like maybe you tripped on it while carrying your goddamn tulip table to the car and thought, hmmm I GUESS I can take this sad piece of crap original Barcelona thingy home too…there’s room in my heart for lots of homeless furniture!

    Is Alex ordering tulips BTW? I need an oval dining. Will pay cash dollars.

  12. seriously on 10/06/2011:

    random, but I love the first pic. if I didn’t live in a mid-century house already my next favorite would be a pre-war apartment building with white walls, parquay (sp?) floors and mid-century furniture. sweet!

  13. Alex on 10/06/2011:

    ModernHumpityhump: Yes we can they are $1,150.00 and can be done in Black or white with marble top.

  14. Juli on 10/06/2011:

    first I thought I was viewing design style in homes in Barcelona, Spain, then after reading the witty text, I realized it was the bed thing which is a Barcelona, then I couldn’t imagine how it could be comfy except for an overnight guest with the floor as the other option, then I brillantly thought, NAPTIME on a Barcy would be lovely.

  15. Michelle on 10/07/2011:

    I LOVE the Barcelona, always have and so want one. I am glad you posted the contact!! I also love your site and keep trying to find goodies on CL but don’t seem to have the knack you do! one day… Keep posting such awesome inspirational stuff!

  16. Alex on 10/07/2011:

    Just for Brickhouse Readers I will lower the price on our Barcelona Daybed to $800.00 Leather and $700.00 Fabric/Vinyl. Email me if you want to order one

  17. margaret on 11/02/2013:

    Hey there. Just wondering if, after a few years of staring and using, you’re still happy with your (knockoff) womb chair and barcelona daybed? Thinking of placing an order with modern furniture rental for a couple pieces… Email me if you rather. Thanks!

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