September 19th, 2011

Not that I’m one to get all frothy over Target collabos, but perhaps the Missoni for Target stuff turned out to be kind of a meh? It seemed to be a lot of plastic and polyester and poor construction, but the black and white stuff was the best? Fo’ sho.

Giant shocker, Hemet isn’t a bustling hub of fashionistas and design fans. I know?! How is that possible with such a large retirement population and two super WalMarts? So, when I stopped by Target at a leisurely 2pm on launch day to pick up food for the dogs and garbage bags, ’cause shizz be glamorous around here, I took a gander at the Missoni pieces.

Pretty much ended up with a case of the underwhelmed mehs.

I did like this blanket thing – even though it was only sold online and sold out immediately – and did end up grabbing a few of the small black and white travel bags, since my luggage arsenal desperately needs actual bags to hold all the many fancy lady creams and powders I require.

The end.

Otherwise, on launch day the UPS guy wandered into the backyard to drop off a vintage Minolta Maxxum 35-70mm macro lens I recently won on the ebay for $30. Such a crazy day! TWO things happening? How do I keep it all together? Really. It’s a miracle.

So, these are some meh pics wrought from quickly testing the new lens out. I think I’m feeling a bit of an underwhelmed meh over this lens as well.

My middle name is meh.

I don’t feel so meh about a couple recent Craigslist acquisitions. In fact, I’m feeling pretty YEAH.

Headed out to Palm Springs in the late afternoon to pick up a few vintage bits off the ‘ol CL and took advantage of the twilight lighting to push this new/old lens through a few more hoops.

And yup. Still meh.

But did I hear someone say Russel Wright for Conant Ball dining set? Mmmm-hmmmm. Grrrrrrl.

From the few pics shot around our dusty as all neglect house, I found that the macro function wasn’t thrilling me. Also, the low light capabilities at F4 weren’t fulfilling all those wild fantasies and unreasonable expectations I had built up inside my heart. Over this $30 lens? That would change my life? Madness.

It’s a fine lens – not mind blowing – but maybe I need to put this thing through it’s paces. Or maybe I’ll keep buying more and more and more vintage lenses until that deep black hole inside of me is filled up with glittering glass.

I bet the CL guy – who I got the Wright dining set from – didn’t think I was a creepy insane person when I pulled out the giant SLR and wandered around the street to shoot pictures of the darkening sky…you know…instead of pulling out of his driveway and going home.

Because it’s never terrifying when a stranger from CL wanders around in front of your house with a big camera snapping a bunch of pictures after that always awkward transaction had supposedly ended.

No one would be freaked out by that. Come on.

Oh. I’m a creep.


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  1. jennifer on 09/19/2011:

    hahahahaha, creep on!

  2. simone on 09/19/2011:

    I like the dog on the burly sidetable!

  3. Amanda on 09/19/2011:

    Seriously so pissed off right now- I want those chairs!!! That shit is it…I’m moving to Cali. To be with all you and your freakin freakishly and cheap, awesome furniture- meanwhile I am stuck in DC where stupid dealers steal all the furniture & charge triple the price they paid. I’m calling the uhaul people now…

  4. Karrey on 09/19/2011:

    I snagged a 50mm f2.8 prime lens off eBay for $30 for my Pentax, and it makes everything I shoot with it MAGIC. So maybe what you need is a faster lens.

  5. Sarah on 09/19/2011:

    You probably already know this but if you really want good low light performance you should be looking at lenses in the f/2.8 and below range. I haven’t perused the used lens market recently but in a zoom that’s likely to mean a bump in the price you’re paying. You’ll likely find better deals (and larger apertures) on prime (fixed focal length) lenses.

  6. Tara on 09/19/2011:

    I’m a tad embarrassed to ask this question because it’s probably common knowledge to the masses, but what/how are you putting this lens on a digital camera? My dad passed on a whole whack of vintage lenses to me from his 35mm days that are sitting in my closet gathering dust. Don’t I need to use the corresponding camera to use them?

  7. Jenya on 09/19/2011:

    We have the same duvet cover from Ikea. It took me forever to get used to how harsh it is but now I am kind of digging it.

  8. The brick house on 09/19/2011:

    Oh, yeah I have a 50mm fixed at 1.7, but I wanted to get a macro zoom with some room. I’m looking for a 28mm now or something even on the wider angle side of things…that gets pricey though.

    Tara, I have a digital sony slr body that is compatable mount-wise with vintage minolta lenses. So they just pop on. It depends on your lenses and your slr – lots are not compatable.

  9. dang, even with that little peek at those chairs…i’m already in love.

  10. Mr. Modtomic on 09/19/2011:

    Did you get a table to go with those chairs? I’ve got that set out in the garage. Had it set up in the dining room for a while with a Heywood Wakefield buffet and it looked nice. The buffet has moved on but I can’t seem to let go of the Russel Wright / Conant Ball.

  11. Jules on 09/19/2011:

    Of course you would find my dream table and chairs. I would hate you, but you’ve found good stuff for me, too.

  12. Joy on 09/19/2011:

    Are you kidding me? Russel Wright for Conant Ball?! WELL DONE.

  13. Scott on 09/19/2011:

    Nice find on those chairs! They’re not a Russel Wright design, though. They were designed by Leslie Diamond as part of Conant Ball’s “Modernmates” line, which came out in the mid 1940’s. I’ve spent several years documenting this line, and collect ir myself (we have over 20 pieces in our home). I’ve even interviewed two of Diamond’s granddaughters about their grandfather’s work. A few links you might find interesting:

    Leslie Diamond Bio:

    Leslie Diamond Remembered, Part 1:

    Leslie Diamond Remembered, Part 2:

  14. The brick house on 09/19/2011:

    I got the round table with a coue of extensions.

    Oh Jules, you got amazing stuff. Also there is only four chairs. Be prepared to hate me when I show off my new coffee table.

  15. Tonia (@ChicModern) on 09/19/2011:

    Man I love those chairs! Great find as normal for you.

  16. Christine on 09/19/2011:

    Nothing important to say besides you always bring the lolz.

  17. John on 09/20/2011:

    Lol, that’s creepy lingering like that. Too funny.

  18. Lisette on 09/20/2011:

    Even if you didn’t get the kind of photos you had hoped for with your new/old lens, there is nothing meh about your post! As always, you make me laugh. Hard.

  19. Natasha Williams on 09/20/2011:

    As far as the Missoni for Target line I didn’t even raise an eyebrow…too many if the masses chomping at the bit to get a piece of faux luxe 🙂

    I loves the pics and of course the dogs are always adorable!

  20. julia wheeler on 09/22/2011:

    hahaha! super creepy. target missoni was pretty meh for sure but that dining set is the bomb.

  21. modernhaus on 09/23/2011:

    Well, I like how it handles natural light even if inside pics are underwhelming.
    OMG you have balls, creeping around after you’ve raped unsuspecting Craigslist sellers. I mean, well you know, figuratively. I always run away like they’re going to try and take it back from me. You are documenting their neighborhood!

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