August 25th, 2011

These little feisty freeloaders spend hours lounging in the guest bedroom, soaking up all the delicious late afternoon sunshine their wee little chihuahua bodies can handle.

Lazy little jerks.

Make the bed at least.

Currently they are floating by, living the high life on pure adorable. Though, this can wear thin when they misbehave (Bowie, I’m looking at you, you crazy puppy monster).

Right now it’s all the dry food, discounted toys and tap water they can handle. A luxurious lifestyle to be sure.

Catching these beasts relaxing in the tranquil afternoon light reminded me that I haven’t posted about SO MANY of the minor updates around the pad. All sorts of updating has been going down, unspoken of and unrevealed.

For shame.

Every little change must be cataloged and written of! Every shift documented and described!

So, little dogs, you’ve once again earned your keep by reminding me of my own failings. The kibble will continue to flow.

For now.

*In here? I got some new linens and changed up the art. Whoa. Whoa. I know, it’s like I don’t even know where I am anymore. Oh, I got a new lamp you can’t see. So, there’s that.

Well, wait. Here is a really old version of this room. Yikes. Tour updates are definitely in order.

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  1. Florian on 08/25/2011:

    Ah – white (or light grey) bedding! The room looked great before and now even better. I so adore that ceiling pendant! So your bnb will be open soon and everyone will get to frolic with the dogs in that stunning room?

    That black wall is so stunning! I don’t know, if I’d ever dare to paint a wall black, but this is just so gorgeous.

    I’m very jealous and filled with glad anticipation about all the updates! European greetings and best wishes and stuff!

  2. Fat Cat on 08/25/2011:

    Your puppies are the cutest ! And those pendant light are the fabulous-est…

    Playing with the doggies, housekeeping at the awesome casa del Brick House… Where do I sign up ?

  3. Tim on 08/25/2011:

    Hi Morgan

    Thought you might like to see this 60’s place that was on the market recently -very cool I think:)


  4. Tonia on 08/25/2011:

    They are the cutest. Glad to see them again. Love that pendant light above the bed.

  5. Susan on 08/25/2011:

    Great room update. Just enough.

  6. Kit on 08/25/2011:

    LOVE the room. And the dogs are uber cute. 🙂

  7. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 08/25/2011:

    SQUEE! Puppies! They bring the cuteness.

    Room looks great! Bubbles are still so, so rad.

  8. Elizabeth on 08/25/2011:

    The room looks beautiful! Could you tell about the linens? Looks like a really nice subtle white on white pattern.

  9. Jen on 08/25/2011:

    adorable dogs, awesome room… question: is that duvet cover from Ikea? been in the market for one, looking for white/off-white pref organic cotton, but no luck yet. That one looks familiar… if it is indeed from Ikea, is it comfy?

  10. April on 08/25/2011:

    Any posts with those puppers are alright be me!!

  11. adam on 08/25/2011:

    i’m swooning over those drop lamps flanking your side tables…but i’m super confused. i remember seeing your potence lamp there not too long ago against a white wall, and then those mini arc lamps, but there’s also earlier posts with these same nelson pendant lamps against a black wall. do i have the timeline wrong, or do you paint/repaint your bedroom that often? regardless, absolutely love everything you do.

  12. Eliza on 08/25/2011:

    i love the guest bedroom! it’s one of my faves. plus i like the unseen lamp. you take the stuff i always disregard at thrift stores and put them in awesome surroundings. i need to work on that… glad you are getting your blogging mojo back!

  13. Suzy8track on 08/25/2011:

    Aahhh, the dog days of summer! Glad to see they are enjoying them! Guest bedroom looks great…its always been one of my favorite rooms in your home.

  14. The brick house on 08/25/2011:

    The duvet is from Ikea.

    Also, Adam – I have two bedrooms. The other one is our master.

  15. ali on 08/25/2011:

    i spy a chevron pillow case from west elm. enough already represent.

  16. Alanna on 08/25/2011:

    I am so glad you are back in action and posting about your place (and pups). Girl, you make living in Hemet look super classy and I love it!

  17. i’ve never met anyone who likes to redesign their home as much as you do! 🙂

  18. Kay on 08/25/2011:

    Your ‘freeloaders’ are adorable♥

  19. That is such a cute post! I love the way you described them.

  20. Amy on 08/26/2011:

    I love the new bedding. Not sure about the overhead light. The Sputnik? before didn’t seem quite right either. Anyway, great room. Those pups just can’t resist it.

  21. Meesh@idreamofchairs on 08/26/2011:

    Oh yeah! This room is kickin’ it! Very daring with the driftwood bedside tables. Awesome! The doggies have really made me smile. 🙂

  22. Melissa Arnold on 08/26/2011:

    You have the coolest shit! Love those driftwood tables and not just one but two!! You must show off, right?! Not one Franco Albini ottoman but two!!! And I double-love that pendant over the bed…omg.

  23. Melissa Arnold on 08/26/2011:

    You have the coolest shit! Love those driftwood tables and not just one but two!! You must show off, right?! Not one Franco Albini ottoman but two!!! And I double-love that pendant over the bed…omg. So very glad you are back!!!

  24. Camila Faria on 08/26/2011:

    Oh, so cute! They are too adorable! This bedroom is really awesome, super pretty!

  25. Susan B. on 08/26/2011:

    You are too funny!!

  26. LZ on 08/27/2011:

    Love the updates, the furry midgets aren’t too bad either!!
    Thanks for posting again and documenting the hell out of your life *smile*

  27. Alicia on 08/27/2011:

    thank sweet baby jesus you are back.

    the world had no meaning. the days were long and dark. my depressingly similar house was getting the best of me. i needed my fix.

    off to tackle my awkward/just as wobbly/smoke damage behind the glued on floor to ceiling mirror tiles (i kid you not) wall in my family room. FauxdenZING*

    (*tm Me 2011)

  28. PatC on 08/30/2011:

    I love the touches of nature and the new painting in this room. The new linens really enhance the natural feel of the room. Great job!

  29. Venus on 09/18/2011:

    Your brown Chihuahua looks a lot like my Penelope…

  30. Moriah on 09/21/2011:

    Just browsing around your site for the first time, and your place looks great – love the black wall in the b room. I think, though, that you need something a little unexpected thrown in somewhere, something that pops thrown in with your amazing mid century modern aesthetic. I love the pieces you’ve found – you’ve put the house together impeccably. Thanks for sharing.

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