August 24th, 2011

A few of my favorite ladies came out for a few days of Rancho Relaxo desert retreat style action and got the Brick House boutique hotel treatment – which apparently includes them cooking and cleaning my kitchen while I relax and drink diet cokes.

I’m a terrible hostess.

But, we did shove some thrifty shopping and Joshua Tree gallivanting into their busy housekeeping schedules. I even dragged them to a vintage auction (where only I was buying stuff – OF COURSE). Pretty much, if you come to the house, expect me to do exactly what I want while you cook for me (notice the complete lack of food around this blog. I’m not so into the cooking) and then deal with my dogs being complete crazy maniacs.

So, Airbnb is obviously the next step, right? Who wants to stay in beautiful Hemet at Casa de Brick House? Don’t miss our lovely Applebees or the JC Penny’s and just try to resist the two, COUNT THEM, two Walmarts.

Many thanks to the amazing Abby, Bianca and Laure for trying to make me a bit more domestic. I’m enjoying the shiny minimalist art statement above the fauxdenza, the rustic peach crumble and the newly calm dogs. Check up their blogs for great photos and other goodies, since we refuse to just live our lives without documenting the crap out of everything.

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  1. Erika on 08/24/2011:

    Can I just say how much I love the term ‘fauxdenza’?

  2. Tyson on 08/24/2011:

    LOL! You crack me up.

  3. Tonia on 08/24/2011:

    I’m with Erika love the word ‘fauxdenza’ and that cheesy mylar fringe above it looks cool as hell! You make it all look effortless. I will be borrowing it for a party or something

  4. Abby on 08/24/2011:

    Not true! You are an excellent hostess!

  5. Florian on 08/24/2011:

    Anyone, yes anyone, can be a great hostess!

    Well, not really. But you should read “Entertaining is fun” by 1940s socialite Dorothy Draper. Even if “entertaining” isn’t your cup of tea, the thing is totally retro while containing some timeless advice about giving a party and it’s just such fun to read (and it has pretty lipstick red polka dots on the cover).

    It is, as you probably know, her second book after the bestseller “Decorating is fun”.

  6. Kelly on 08/24/2011:

    If you go down the airbnb route, please please please let us know how it goes. We rent out our spare room through crashpadder, which is a similar sort of site, and it has been amazing. We’ve had great guests so far.. and I’m sure you will too, especially if you get a bunch of brick-house-loving-design-junkies!

  7. L on 08/24/2011:

    Please, show the rest of us how to relax and drink diet brown fizzy while someone else slaves in the kitchen! I SO do. not. know. how.

  8. Jordana @ White Cabana on 08/24/2011:

    This is one awesome fauxdenza + fringe art combo. Love it!

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/24/2011:

    L, it’s easy. Just be incompetent in the kitchen. Out of pity they take over. Also, don’t be a morning person.

  10. Tim Young on 08/24/2011:

    Hey, that looks like the Redlands antique auction. I stopped by to check out the preview the day before. Did you get anything?

  11. Helen on 08/24/2011:

    I assure you I’d be the first of many, many desiring guests if you were to open up The Brick House on airbnb.

  12. laure on 08/24/2011:

    the fringe MAKES the fauxdenza.

    also I miss the brick house. I would airbnb the shit out of it, if you didn’t already let me stay there for free.

  13. bianca of terri planty on 08/27/2011:

    you are the best hostess ever. you drove us to the end of the world and back. much appreciate and enjoyed. more visits very soon. next time bowie and sleep together the WHOLE night. 🙂

  14. Erik on 08/30/2011:

    That silvery thing is fucking awesome

  15. modernhaus on 09/08/2011:

    I wish the wish-you-were-here text message was as good as the real thing! You ladies make picking my nose seem like an artsy good time…

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