August 19th, 2011

Well, kind of.

Just a bit of a forced blog break. I think we’ll all live through this.

Thank you for the emails, comments and vague threats regarding this little unexpected posting hiatus. It’s that same old blog idleness story involving work, travel, computers blowing up and the Apple store fake installing a new hard drive on said computer (which is apparently something that can happen).

The big show I was helping out with wrapped up it’s second season, the talented and oh so patient Laure got sick of me living at her house and then my hard drive exploded. Been working on getting my spanking new (and teeny tiny) MacBook Pro all set up to work it as well as lugging my old mac to the Apple Store yet again for “repairs”. By repairs, I mean, they’ll hold onto it for a day, then return it to me untouched whilst charging lots of cash dollars.

Oh Apple, you know I’ll keep coming back for more even though you treat me so bad. It’s love.

Ok, all that boring crap is out of the way. Let’s post something interesting and stop boring Iggy. It’s a DIY, well kind of, so I didn’t want all this stuff in there confusing everyone and making things overly complicated in the future…


Posts? House? Stuff? I’ve got lots of things needing to get up and clutter this here interweb.

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  1. John on 08/19/2011:

    Glad all the DRAMZ is out the way (at least partially). YEAH, to more posting! Your studio pottery hoard is alive, well and tewtally acceptable in my camp.

  2. Joy on 08/19/2011:

    Great to see you back!

  3. alex sunday on 08/19/2011:

    i was, only an hour ago, wondering why you hadn’t been turning up in my blog feed. and now i know. onward and upward!

  4. Kelly on 08/19/2011:

    Thank god! The mommy blogs were killing me!!!

  5. Deborah on 08/19/2011:

    Love my Mac, but don’t get me started on the ‘Genius’ bar. Not in love with that place myself.

    So glad to see you back!

  6. L on 08/19/2011:

    Hallelujia! Glad to see you’re up and returned to us. Yeah, the BF has had Apple issues aplenty — although they have been pretty fine at really fixing them at the Apple Store in JAX. Maybe you could move to Florida????

  7. Erica on 08/19/2011:

    Glad to see you back!

  8. Louis W on 08/19/2011:

    Yey, welcome back.

  9. eliza on 08/19/2011:

    ha! the last time i was at the mac store it was crowded. it took me approximately two minutes to find what i needed, and then like 15 to find someone to give my money to. ugh.

    welcome back, can’t wait for more!

  10. Mea on 08/19/2011:

    Thank the Lord! I will never ever forget the word “Noguchi” in my life!

  11. julia wheeler on 08/20/2011:

    ye-ya! that’s what i like to hear!

  12. Jackie on 08/21/2011:

    Oh you were missed, Miss.
    Great to see you back.

  13. Tracy on 08/21/2011:

    While you were busy, guess who else was busy? Restoration Hardware, that’s who. Now, I’d never be able to prove it, and I’m sure if asked they’ll say the resemblance is purely coincidence, but doesn’t this bench look a lot like your recycled fence bench?

  14. jeannette on 08/22/2011:

    missed you, love the fauxdenza.

  15. sarah on 08/23/2011:

    looks incredible. you really do a good job of making me feel like a lazy mofo. just kidding! your DIYs are outta this world, that faux teak touch is so sessy and styyyylish

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