July 6th, 2011

Stuck at home alone with temperatures hitting the 100’s over the long holiday weekend, I went super stir crazy and fussed with the more temperate areas inside the house that had been suffering from months of neglect. The living and dining room were functioning as wayward storage rooms for all the extra homeless bits and pieces of art and lighting and crappity crap that somehow accumulates when laziness wins. The living room has suffered the worst cluttering as my new “shipping zone”, since packing furniture outside is an exercise in bikram yoga and tears.

Things were a mess and still are. Deaccessioning more stuff is still a requirement. Hello Craigslist! Hello smaller stuff in the shop!

I did clean up everything, vignette, adjust and add a few pieces here and there, although, really, nothing major has changed.

This little Tapiovaara chair is a lonely floater from a recent acquisition of a few Finish chairs. I love the shape and construction and it’s simple shaker aesthetic.

Of course it’s also where I make guests sit if they’ve been naughty.

Still need a new wall hanging for above the fireplace. Please please please – world – throw me a brutalist bone.

Fresh and clean and adjusted.

Still need to come up with a solution for the big back wall to replace the old pipe shelving unit. Have a few ideas brewing, just about zero to no motivation. I am considering adding some sort of desk type thing with storage, because sharing one desk between two heavy desk users? Not so fun anymore.

Hey. I need a another small house just to decorate and work on. By the beach…or a lake…or a storm drain. Somewhere cooler. Those are supposed to be cheap – almost free, right?

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  1. Mid-Century Home on 07/06/2011:

    Well…it seems you tidy it up quite well in the end.

    I’ve a small summer house in a very fresh place -not far from the see- that should be re-decorated since ages actually, but it’s in Italy…can you manage it? 🙂

    Good luck with the heat, I’ve the opposite problem here 🙁


  2. Tyson on 07/06/2011:

    I’ve always been against white walls, but your blog has changed my mind somewhat. I’m planning on trying them out in my bedroom with some dark trim. I’m betting though that I’ll paint it all green after a couple month. 🙂

  3. Jessica Tremp on 07/06/2011:

    where do you hide your ugly things, like tv’s and such?

  4. Daniel on 07/06/2011:

    I’ve missed seeing your living room on here.

    As for the back wall, one forty three’s bench-to-desk concoction is pretty inspiring:

  5. Robin on 07/06/2011:

    You have a gorgeous home! I feel inspired to work on decluttering mine. I second the question on the ugly things. What is your solution to the electronics and mail/important papers not to be filed and forgotton?

  6. John Hedge on 07/06/2011:

    I can’t wait to see what sort of desk storage unit you devise. Your place cleans up well, looks really snazzy!

  7. The brick house on 07/06/2011:

    Oh, all that crap is in the den.

  8. Kelly on 07/06/2011:

    Who did that painting?

  9. bec on 07/06/2011:

    Your place looks AMAZING. I’m tre jealous 🙂

  10. jess on 07/06/2011:

    Is there any reason (structural, aesthetic) you’re replacing the pipe shelving? We’re about to build a unit, unless of course you tell me that there’s something horribly wrong with it!

  11. Tine on 07/06/2011:

    What a great place!

  12. Carrie Ann on 07/06/2011:

    I can help you eliminate some clutter by taking those Tackett cookie jars off your hands. They can hang out with ours. 🙂

  13. L on 07/06/2011:

    So serene. You did good!

    And yeah, my 3rd bedroom is actually the Junque repository, likely to remain so — everybody gotta have a place to stash the “I’m not sure I can part with it but no room elsewhere now” stuff.

  14. williain't on 07/06/2011:

    You have my favorite photography of any blog. Why is that? I looked up what camera you use and it’s crap. Is a crap camera the key to your success? Or is it all those white walls and hot sun.

    I bought a cheap weekend house outside NYC. It’s been my financial ruin. (Kidding. Kinda)

  15. jennifer on 07/06/2011:

    I know you know this but, your fireplace is perfection!

  16. Suzy8track on 07/06/2011:

    Nice to see how your other rooms are coming along! Very nice!

  17. Anne on 07/06/2011:

    I saw this and thought of you!

  18. Wilbur Wright on 07/06/2011:

    That dining area is still the best.

  19. Clare Pirie on 07/06/2011:

    Love how it’s all looking. Inspiring me to get on with giving the living room fresh coat of paint and finally replacing my horrible coffee table! Cheers…

  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/06/2011:


    it’s not a crap camera. Why do you have to be a dick about my Sony? It works great for what I need.

    I’m just super awesome at photography. Obviously.

  21. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/06/2011:

    Jess, I just got tired of it. I like to switch things up a lot.

    Kelly, one of my moms friends…its a portrait of my mom.

  22. Kris on 07/06/2011:

    It looks so lovely all of it.
    I was wondering, and you may very likely hate this idea, but seeing as you need more desk space/work area then I thought of two options.
    a) Sacrifice some area of the guest room and put in some sort of desk thingie.
    b) Make the den an office/studio area and move the t.v. into the living room…..?

  23. jeannette on 07/06/2011:

    i’d love to throw you a brutalist bone, if only i knew what one was. i must say i DOTE upon the leaves over the fireplace, and the whole place looks so ‘licious. your painting is approaching wayne thiebaud, let’s all buy some of that. yummy.

  24. williain't on 07/06/2011:

    I’m not being a dick. You act as if “crap” is an insult. Hello.

    You are a super awesome photographer, obv.

  25. Lena on 07/06/2011:

    @Willaint, obviously I missed when “crap” became a compliment. So, Willaint, if “crap” isn’t an insult, I can tell you that you are crap, right?

  26. williain't on 07/06/2011:

    Yes, of course!

    The only part of the blog world I’ve become tired of is this part. From now on I’ll do my best to only be UP and talk about how I heart every rad thing you do and how I’m super jealabout how easy peasey you make it seem.

    I swear it makes me want to use a curse word, dang it!

  27. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/06/2011:

    ugh. no one wants a blog where people are all happy and falsely positive – that’s boring, but random insults suck too. I make do with what I can afford, and right now my camera is what I can afford and I gotta say, it does a pretty awesome job.

    Dude, it just gets tiring. Of course I want a crazy full frame Canon 5d Mark III – but it ain’t gonna happen. Imagine if a stranger walked up to you and was like hey, your car is crap. Why would you have such a crappy car?

    Just sucks having it pointed it out that I’m broke and have limited options.

  28. The Vintage Cabin on 07/07/2011:

    Sometimes it’s the pieces of shit that do the best job. Anyway, your place is looking great and impeccably clean (which I love because I’m an uptight anal clean freak in ways). If you told me that Mr. Clean comes by once a day in his white outfit to tidy up I’d maybe even believe you. What I want to know is…what is in that vase on the shelf in the dining room on the top right corner? The pattered vase… it looks like toasted baguette slices! Haha! Yum.

  29. Logan on 07/07/2011:

    Lookin good! I like the idea of a dunce chair, it’s a good reason to have one more chair. I wish I knew how to “accessorize” like you do, I really do. It makes all the difference

  30. Susan on 07/07/2011:

    “crappity crap that somehow accumulates when laziness wins” — you’re reaching into the depths of my soul — if you ever do decide to take a break from your blog, you should work on silkscreened posters of your best phrases. Make a buck or two.

    I’d buy a signed one. (insert smiley face here)

  31. Tonia on 07/07/2011:

    Morgan come clean my house. I’ll fly you out. Even though it’s hot here too I have the AC set on 69. I can feed you and give you a few cool things I have …how ’bout it? I just thought I’d ask since you say you’re bored. Your making me want to paint all my walls white!

  32. Erika on 07/07/2011:

    I love the painting! Where did you find it?

  33. amy on 07/08/2011:

    Your house is rad (and that ain’t a lie!)

  34. Jenny on 07/08/2011:

    I love your blog…LOVE it. We just (like 2 weeks ago) moved into our first house and then I found your blog and was like…I can totally do stuff like this for MY house…yay! Your house is so beautiful, I’m very jealous.

  35. Michele Holt on 07/08/2011:

    Insanely cool portrait. YOUR MOM? omg that is so cool.

  36. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/09/2011:

    I grew up with that painting and always loved it. It was the “angry” portrait. My mom recently let me have it since she is not a fan.

  37. Nicole on 07/10/2011:

    love the hutch…need one just like it as a liquor cabinet! where did you find it?

  38. peggy on 07/11/2011:

    I love your bright white walls. I want to paint all the walls white in my place, but it’s a rental and I think I’m moving next month.

    I also reeeealllly adore your pottery collection.

  39. Fresh, clean to the eyes and simply beautiful interior designing. This is simply amazing, eh!

  40. Ashley on 07/11/2011:

    I love the naughty chair.

  41. Helen on 07/12/2011:

    Gorgeous. So lucky you get to work from home and spend so much time there. And I agree with the above commenter about the white walls. So fresh and clean.

    Q: How often (if ever) do you water your succulents? I have a knack for drowning mine to death, and yours have looked great forever.

  42. Jenny Daniels on 07/12/2011:

    Looks good! Love that large portrait painting 🙂

  43. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/12/2011:

    Helen – I neglect and forget to water them for weeks and weeks and then drown them – so it’s like I abuse abuse abuse and then try to buy them ice cream to say I’m sorry.

  44. tawn on 07/12/2011:

    I showed my husband this entry and he said ‘why do they have a picture of you on their wall?’
    Can’t lie, she looks like me.

  45. Isabelle on 07/13/2011:

    Love your front room, it’s looking pretty much perfect! Definitely some inspiration for me to have a clearout/clean/craft.

    Oh and the pics look fine to me, ignore the trolls.

  46. Kevin on 07/13/2011:

    Can you provide a resource for the leather butterfly chair covers? Besides making my own, I can only locate ugly covers with seams online…


  47. Tim Payne on 07/14/2011:

    Hi Morgan, I’m getting withdrawl:) Suffering bad:) checking your site every day for updates and new stuff to look at. Please keep posting otherwise I won’t be able to cope:) Great site and awesome style!

  48. Becca on 07/15/2011:

    Love it! Can I ask if you painted all the walls/trim/doors/ceiling all the same color and finish? We just bought a similar midcentury ranch and love the look of all white(like yours!) but are clueless when it comes to what shade/finish goes where. Ideally we would love to just buy one giant bucket of one color to save money! I’m excited to cover up all of the previous owner’s “designer paint” colors that are different in every room!

  49. Amanda on 07/17/2011:

    Tim, I feel so much better knowing that I’m not alone. I need to come to terms with the fact that no matter how many times I hit the refresh button in 30 secs- it prob won’t change. haha!

  50. Audrey on 07/29/2011:

    Everything is fantastic, the painting reminds me of a Jeff Hein, who is the artist?

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