May 2nd, 2011

At this point I was hoping to be like, Hey! Check out all my stuff posted on eBay for pre-sale leading up to the big SALE! Look at all this previewed awesome furniture and other crap! Look at all that I have accomplished!

Well…that didn’t happen. Whoops.

But, I did build a little studio space (on my ghetto porch) so that I can take photos. Because why do something the easy way, when you can get all crazy and nit-picky and do it the super maniacal extreme way. I’ve been hunting for a cheap solution for this weird photo dilemma, which is that basically I need a designated area to take nice/clear/pretty photos.


+ The house is jam packed, hoarder style.
+ There are no free walls with a corner and good light inside.
+ It is SO hard to move big furniture in and out of the tiny exterior doors.
+ The garage? HA! Where do you think all this extra stuff lives?
+ I plan on needing a nice little photo space for some time – but I want the inside of the house to stay a house.

The solution was to build these super cheap temporary walls on the back porch. Trust when I say that they are so ‘effing ghetto. Four pieces of 1/4″ drywall, six 2×4’s and some electrical tape.

Yeah. That’s right – they are literally taped and clamped together – but still freestanding so that eventually they can be moved off the porch and into the garage (if they don’t crumble out of sheer embarrassment).

During “construction” I may have broken our poor Fado porch light. Maybe I also hurt myself. Maybe I also designed them to be so cheap that I created a bunch of stupid extra work. Next time, maybe I’ll fork over a few extra dollars to build some complete frames instead of the “budget” version I thought was so brilliant (it wasn’t).

But at least. At the very least. I don’t have to look at the ugly nailed shut door and weird ghetto porch pipes anymore. This sort of confirms an idea I’ve been kicking around about doing some sort of wood wall treatment out here…

Guess what. These sloppy faux walls totally work!

Not just work, but are A-to the-MAZING.

It’s so nice and so easy to move furniture in there and not screw up my floors or bang the door frame or have the dogs jumping into every photo. I love it. LOVE LOVE. The light is great and it’s this little fun fake room I can style up however I please.

I’ve also been sorting through piles of vintage stuff fixing it up and deciding what stays and what goes. Lots of these tasty pieces never really got mentioned on the old bloggity…

Like this gorgeous Danish surfboard style rosewood coffee table. It. Is. YUMMY. Mmmmhmmmm.

Now that I built my little photo area, I’m working on getting this sale thing up and running. It’s madness, though. Total madness around here. I mean, seriously, I’m one lady and there are piles of stuff. PILES.

More previews & info soon. Better be. May 15th is coming fast.

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  1. bianca of terri planty on 05/02/2011:

    i can just see you getting all frustrated at those walls, growling and so on. but girl! you did it! looks good. perhaps we can use it as a smile booth for your next hemet backyard rave! i am sooooo there.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/02/2011:

    it was a mess.

    I’m going to make you take nude pictures with cats next time you come out. Calendar idea!

  3. Lunaluna on 05/02/2011:

    I love you, I really do. That’s exactly what I would have done!!
    ”Because why do something the easy way, when you can get all crazy and nit-picky and do it the super maniacal extreme way.” is the ethos which guides my life. Perfect frame for your beautiful stuff (as a buyer I’m a complete sucker for a beautifuly photographed object ;-). Again, a job well done!

  4. J&J on 05/02/2011:

    Makes the picture look beautiful. I’m in love with that coffee table.

  5. libby on 05/02/2011:

    Looks fab! I feel you on the busy prep before a big event…mine is the day before yours. High fives! You can do it!

  6. Florian on 05/02/2011:

    Oooh, aaah – gorgeousness! The table looks like a million bucks. Power to the ghetto drywall!

    GASP – you are hiding things from us. Wow, your coffee table and sofa habit must be worse, than I thought.

    Again best of luck for the sale! But with pictures like these, who can resist the buy button?

  7. erin@designcrisis on 05/02/2011:

    I am totally going to steal this idea… my “dining room” is tired of never seeing a scrap of food.

  8. Becky on 05/02/2011:

    Wow, that looks awesome, even though it sucked to put up and make. The photos look so light and glowy! That coffee table is great, too. Awesome!

  9. Fat Cat on 05/02/2011:

    OMG ! Your own photo studio ! You really make us poor amateur bloggers out there appear even more amateurish…

    I’ve been meaning for some time to ask you about the amazing photos you always post. How do you manage to make them look so professional ? I’m asuming you’re NOT a professional photographer. Maybe I’m wrong ? Or maybe you’re ‘just’ a Photoshop wizard ?
    Anyway, any tips ?

  10. Kait on 05/02/2011:

    But I liked the pups jumping into the pictures! 🙂

  11. Jennifer on 05/02/2011:

    LOVE that coffee table! Would you be willing to ship to CO?

  12. Nicholas Post on 05/02/2011:

    This Danish surfboard style rosewood coffee table is really beautiful.
    It is always fun to own custom or refinished furniture in a house you remodeled like my wife and I do.

  13. JESSICA DEFINE on 05/02/2011:

    that’s a damn fine idea, and your photos look awesome agaist that ghetto wall! xx

  14. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/02/2011:

    Fat Cat: I actually studied photography in art school. I’m trying to be a little more pro! Tips? Natural light and photoshop.

    Jennifer: I am shipping a few things domestically, so yes!

  15. kc on 05/02/2011:

    Oh! Love the table. If you are willing to ship domestically, I am in the market for a coffee and end table. Will you be posting more sneak peaks?

  16. Jennifer on 05/02/2011:

    AWESOME! Let me know the details. legobird at gmail dot com

  17. onehsancare on 05/03/2011:

    I think you are brilliant!

  18. Tonia on 05/03/2011:

    WOW Morgan you come up with the coolest idea. I can’t say if I would have ever thought of that. Looks good.

  19. Rita on 05/05/2011:

    You might make more money selling on Etsy. Less fees than eBay and I’ve noticed things sell for a higher price there. Just an idea. Love you and your stuff!

  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/05/2011:

    I have sold on Etsy in the past. I wasn’t very happy with it and deleted my account.

  21. Hanna on 05/05/2011:

    Have been reading and loving your blog for a while now. I came across the site of a Helsinki second hand design store that you might like to oggle. Pretty much just Finnish design. Their facebook page seems to have the whole selection. I for one will be making a trip over… Keep up the wonderful blog!

  22. Hanna on 05/05/2011:

    An forgot to give the link… Daft me!

  23. Mr. Modtomic on 05/06/2011:

    Wow, I so feel ya. I too have a Garage Full Of Stuff To Sell! …though I don’t do the eBay thing, just craigslist. I use our foyer / entrance way for a backdrop but, like you, I need to find another way. I’m scratching up the floor too. Maybe I’ll build a faux room / studio in the garage one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Mr. Modtomic

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