May 24th, 2011

Even though we just had a ginormous sale to move out all the crazy furniture accumulation (which happened “somehow” through no fault of my own – how dare you think that) I might have picked up a few new pieces recently.

Maybe. Probably. Assuredly.

It’s a sickness? Or an incredible talent? Let’s not put labels on it.

So, in a round about way of getting to the point – I found another coffee table for the den. This one makes number three million of the den coffee table options or something. It’s round, it’s from Craigslist, it’s Italian, it’s travertine and it adds just a touch more brown and taupe to my colorless den. Glass coffee table tops? They just don’t seem to last in this high traffic, high mess area.

Chihuahua for scale.

Beautiful flawless travertine top, which weighs eight thousand pounds give or take.

I spent all Sunday caressing, sanding, oiling, buffing and restoring the walnut base to it’s original glory. Cleaned up pretty nice, if I do say so. Very nice.

The cowhide still won’t relax  (it needs a steam). No painting, no reupholstering, no replacement for the shelving unit, no lighting and no art installation has happened. Obviously. Chesterfield? Looks like it’s staying for the long haul. Haven’t had a single urge to replace it – which is unbelievable – but that thing is a good comfy beast.

Everything is of course all brown and dreary and waiting patiently for the rest of the room to be addressed. One day brown town will be conquered. But, like everyone else in the entire world, we’ve been super busy with less than blogworthy boring stuff eating up our time and meager resources. Trying to slowly get motivated to work on the house and restore it back to it’s presale condition, even though everything has turned to anarchy and weeds and madness. Better to live in a little bit of denial and take a small breather, methinks.

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  1. Given Campbell on 05/24/2011:

    You could put up a fab leaf green wallpaper with a large scale pattern to break up the brown. Also think silver, magenta, aqua or gold metallic..

  2. Darren on 05/24/2011:

    I agree….give into color on the walls and the brown and gorgeous cream will glow. The coffee table is magnificent. Just the item you needed to pull it all together.

  3. LAUREN on 05/24/2011:

    Hammer that cowhide!

  4. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/24/2011:

    I know, I know. Color. Soon, I swear.

    I’m creating the “base” for the room I guess, but have been to “lazy” to finish it. Some day…

  5. CLdesigns on 05/24/2011:

    Love. Love love love. You’ve finally hit on the perfect combo with the chester. I’m dying a bit – my 3 boys would have already spilled on the cow hide and cracked a tooth on the trav, but I can live vicariously thru you. But can you please do something about those pillows? I love the pattern, but the scale is wrong and they are too sloppy for the slickness you have going on here. How about yellow? Its only a slight step from cream. Or maybe a citron mongolian lamb, ala west elm.

  6. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 05/24/2011:

    Good god. That table. It is a sexy gorgeous monster.

    Well done. Well, well done.

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/24/2011:

    Those are my TV snuggling Marimekko pillows. Yes, they are too big and not right, but they are so comfy and so very low on my decorating priority list.

    One day there will be some brightly colored kelim pillows…or these weird Aztec ones that Summer gave me at the sale, but I need inserts.

  8. Ana@Rearranged Design on 05/24/2011:

    It’s gorgeous, I hate you.

  9. Lara on 05/24/2011:

    Drool! That’s the exact table I’ve looking for! It’s stunning!!!

  10. LZ on 05/24/2011:

    LOVE how the room is coming together. The changes are great! I also love the Marimekko.

  11. tracy on 05/24/2011:

    perfect table.

  12. bri@me you and a wiener on 05/24/2011:

    I like the wallpaper idea. And if you don’t like it just rip that shit off. Simple solution.

    Table is dope.

  13. dabney on 05/24/2011:

    also, is that a new sling chair i spy, one that we haven’t been introduced to? or did i miss a post? it looks lovely and shagalicious with the sheepskin on it.

  14. bianca of terri planty on 05/24/2011:

    you sneaky lady. this is a beauty.

  15. Karen on 05/24/2011:

    Morgan, That’s exactly the table I sold in Santa Rosa on Saturday. Did you hire some Plummer dude to buy it for you on the dl?

  16. Karen on 05/24/2011:

    Wanna tell me what you paid for yours? I’ll probably cry.

  17. The brick house on 05/24/2011:

    I know! I told you I knew what that table was. I bought it on the SoCal coast on Saturday. So, nope, I’m not that organized.

  18. niceday4asulk on 05/24/2011:

    What a beauty!! Love the table/Chesterfield combo. Maybe a bit of turquoise could detract from the brown situation. You can’t go wrong with brown though, the den looks fab anyway!

  19. Charlotte on 05/24/2011:

    Love the table, love the Chesterfield. And to be honest I don’t share the brown aversion, I got sick of the mostly white interiors trend about five minutes after it started. But gold accents, blue accents…sounds good.

  20. Kate on 05/24/2011:

    To relax our cowhide we sprayed lightly with water and placed some books on the folds/curled up ends (I think the tip came from apartment therapy). Even though the thought of making a cowhide slightly damp gives me the creeps – It completely worked.

  21. Anna on 05/24/2011:

    That there is the coffee table of my dreams. Eff you for finding it first.

  22. lesley on 05/24/2011:

    you’re funny. that table is stunning and i love that couch. the whole room is gorgeous.

  23. mm on 05/24/2011:

    Incredible talent? Uh, yea… I’m blown away by all your thrifted shit.

  24. susan on 05/24/2011:

    That is one table I seriously hope you keep for the long haul. I’m glad to see the sofa is going nowhere as I just love it. I pretty much love everything you’ve got going on now!

    Nothing wrong with having brown as your base color. You can easily inject some wild color in there if you so choose but the main pieces are perfection.

  25. Laura on 05/24/2011:

    Put the cowhide in the drier. Don’t leave it alone. Keep checking it. Worked for mine. To tell you the truth I washed mine in the washer. Hey, cows stand in the rain all the time.

  26. Gorgeous table! Just love it!! Definitely worth it, even if you are developing a hoarding talent.

  27. Florian on 05/24/2011:

    FAB-U-LOUS! I love all the italian dolce vita sexyness vibe. Look at the legs on that baby (the table, not the dog)! Do you know Gio Ponti? Silly question, of course you do. But have you looked at his stuff lately? Great inspiration for walls, ceilings, lights and all over sexy italian gorgeousness.

  28. L on 05/24/2011:

    Tasty table, for sure! I’m wondering about some kind of Kilim or Navajo rug and pillows for color. Cowhide is nice, but blah. That sexy hunk of travertine would really pop against some woven brightness.

    Just sayin’

  29. Love it. Reminds me of this lamp I saw online

  30. Joy on 05/24/2011:

    Of all the coffee tables we’ve seen on your blog, this is one is definitely my favorite. Well done!

  31. Tamara like camera on 05/24/2011:

    Ughhhhhhhhhhh i love that coffee table. My craigslist search begins.

  32. cvjn on 05/24/2011:

    You are killing me. I saw that table… it was in Upland, right? for like $50. I was LUSTING after it, but I was afraid my kids would ruin it. I have girls, so they don’t do a lot of structural damage, but l have purple glitter nail poilish on almost everything.

  33. Hi Morgan,

    Not to hijack your post today but I thought the timing was particularly amusing/ interesting. I wrote a post today on brown and my theory of neutrals.
    I won’t rewrite it here but it talks about brown rooms like yours.
    Cheers – Bob

  34. molly on 05/24/2011:

    Helloooooooooooooo Nurse!

  35. Lisa on 05/24/2011:

    Not sure what you feel the leather footstool/pouf needs, but have you tried Lexol leather conditioner? The browns you have are classic. And the new table is great, great, great.

  36. CLdesigns on 05/24/2011:

    I’m always partial to Merimekko – perhaps you could cut those suckers in half so they are shorter than the back of Chester. Everyone needs TV pillows – its such fun to see the room change all the time that I forget that people actually live there! sorry to bag on your pillows…

  37. Tamoto on 05/25/2011:

    If you got that table for $50 Im gonna,well, I dont know what. Sheeeeeeesh. Its kind of bumming me out you dont divulge prices anymore but Im sure you have your reasons.Kilims are kinda played out,use your imagination…

  38. fine little home on 05/25/2011:

    sexy for sure! i think this is a wonderful addition to the room, your addiction is doing more good than harm ; )
    can’t wait to see the pop of color you end up introducing to the room.

  39. minga mars on 05/25/2011:

    i love each piece individually, but when they are all together, it’s just not working for me. maybe a few colors would be a good way to add some cohesiveness. i’m sure you’ll figure it out.

  40. Fat Cat on 05/25/2011:

    I think you’ve elevated thrifting to an art form… or at least to olympic level.

    Best coffee table yet !

  41. Angie on 05/25/2011:

    Good lawd, that is a sexy table! Great find as usual, I bet someone is drinking the Hateraide right about now.

  42. Tonia on 05/26/2011:

    It’s a sickness and incredible talent. All at the same time. You’re right no need to put label on it 🙂 I love the new table it’s gorgeous.

  43. Macy Dawn on 05/26/2011:

    AAAAhh! I am drooling all over this coffee table! It’s magnificent! My jealousy for your craigslist finds has peaked- you can’t out-do this one!

  44. jymelyne on 05/26/2011:

    I LOVE that table! I already loved the couch and the rug, and that table just ups the whole thing.

  45. Nicole on 05/27/2011:

    I want that coffee table. If/when you sell it, think it would be impossible to get it to Chicago?

  46. Erik on 05/29/2011:

    The coffeetable is awesome, probalby you’re second best-looking coffeetable, after the old round one you used to have in the living room. But what happened to that cool grey wool four-seater sofa? Very taseful it was.

  47. CreatureofHabit on 05/30/2011:

    Everything about that table is utterly perfect!!!!! What a find! In fact, the only non-perfect thing about it is it’s sitting thousands of miles away in your living room and not mine. That is a travesty!

  48. Vanessa on 06/09/2011:

    Please let me know if you decide to sell the table! I’ve been looking for the same for some time. Totally cat and hubby proof surface.

  49. Sue on 09/22/2011:

    I’m in need of a round coffee table for my new home and yours looks perfect. Be nice and spread some of your good fortune to those of us who are less fortunate at finding all the good stuff. Put it on ebay!

  50. Elizabeth on 09/20/2012:

    interesting, I won that table. It belonged to my parents before I was born. Purchased in SF CA ca. 1950. I love it and it is in my living room.

  51. Elizabeth on 09/20/2012:

    I meant own, not won.

  52. patrick on 06/18/2013:

    Hello, I found this page by doing a search on “low travertine coffee table teak”.. I have the exact same table. I got it at an office furniture sale in about 1992 for $15! I’m curious if you know the maker/designer or have any further info on it. Thanks, great pics!

  53. Victoria on 10/08/2013:

    Oh that coffee table… I have been searching high and low for that travertine coffee table and your blog always pops up when I peruse the web for it. It seems that only Californians have had luck in finding it seeing as it’s no where to be found in NC. If you ever grow tired of it I would pay BIG BUCKS!!

  54. cindy on 03/14/2014:

    love everything..especially the coffee table. i have the exact one only with white italian marble. yours is the only other one i have seen so congrats!!

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