April 19th, 2011

Hey now. It’s a really big sale!

Summer and I are very excited for our upcoming vintage pop-up shop hosted at Elephant with my old chum Bianca – so it’s a Modernhaus + BrickHouse + Terri Planty extravaganza! There will be furniture and art and terrariums and accessories galore to make your home a little more full of stuff.

Mark your calendars – Sunday, May 15 | 12 – 5pm.

For everyone outside the LA area feeling a wee bit left out, guess what?! We will have a special selection of larger presale items on eBay in the coming weeks that will have the option of local pick up, national shipping or delivery to the sale. I know! It’s a crazy amount of work! Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll post about it soon.

I’m selling off all my extra awesome vintage stuff to raise funds for landscaping – because plants ain’t cheap and I’m sick of weeds. Also, Jeremy may kill me if we don’t clear out the garage.

BTW: Is there anything I’ve featured here on the bloggity that you folks are interested in? Still sorting out my KEEP and SELL piles…

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  1. Ryan on 04/19/2011:

    Yay. I won’t be able to make it. But possibley could snag a few online things. Keep us posted.

  2. Jose from Chicago on 04/19/2011:

    Dude, I’ve been coveting this vase since a thrifty post of yore.

    The tall sexy one.


  3. Allison on 04/19/2011:

    Of course, I’m sure the Chesterfield will be the one sofa you actually hold on to, but if for some crazyinsane reason you decide to part with it, and are willing to deal with the hassle of making it available for shipment – I WANT IT TO BE MINE.

  4. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 04/19/2011:

    1. I WANT TO COMMMMEEEE. Ugh. Stupid big country.
    2. Yes, everything. More specifically, what’s the status of that brass and smoked lucite light fixture that was in your room before the bubble lamp? Or that kilim runner that used to be in your entry? Or… oh god, I should send you an email.

  5. Elisa @ What the Vita on 04/19/2011:

    That awesome petal pendant you just bought! Yay! Ah, if you’re smart, and you are, you’ll keep it forever.

  6. Coletta on 04/19/2011:

    I STILL crave the striped couch!!!! How much please?????

  7. Josh on 04/19/2011:

    Suddenly your blog is a catalog. Hurry up tax refund!

  8. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 04/19/2011:

    One more. (I can’t promise that’s true, but I’m saying it now.) Sputnik light?

  9. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 04/19/2011:

    All I really want is this, though.

    I’ll stop now.

  10. The brick house on 04/19/2011:

    Dan, did you know that she’s my dog door? We’ve been using her for puppy training!

    Otherwise, stop picking stuff I’m keeping. ; D

  11. mike on 04/19/2011:

    any of the hide rugs, shell chairs, dope ass firepit, butterfly chairs, shit…anything and everything.

  12. bianca of terri planty on 04/19/2011:

    totally looking forward to this! fun times!!

  13. Melissa on 04/19/2011:

    Sounds fun. Will try and make it but looking forward to the ebay sale too. Love your sales!

    If you have a list of plants you are looking for let me know and I can get you prices or we can make a secret deal or trade. 🙂
    (Nursery in Fallbrook)

  14. Beclu on 04/19/2011:

    Do you still have your Panton Flower pot light?

  15. Sarah on 04/19/2011:

    Um, yes please?

    1. Your original geometric quilt bedspread
    2. Red metal retractable lamp
    3. Original BTC England lamps.

    But mainly the bedspread. I love it so. And your blog.

  16. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/19/2011:

    Oh, I think I sold all those at the last sale.

  17. Robyn on 04/19/2011:

    Dude, that is so close to me its not even funny. I am THERE!

  18. Sarah on 04/19/2011:

    I’ll survive, I think…

    I dare not want, but how about the pendant shades hanging in the guest bedroom? The ones used as bedside lamps?

  19. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/19/2011:

    Oh those I’m keeping. I love em. You’re striking out!

    There is a TON of stuff that will be in the sale that has never appeared on the blog. Lots and lots and lots of stuff.

  20. Judith on 04/19/2011:

    The Navajo wall hanging that used to be in your bedroom?

  21. Judith on 04/19/2011:

    Correction: guest room!

  22. Freyja on 04/19/2011:

    Oh, just that gorgeous vintage petal pendant just I’m sure you won’t be parting with… it would have a lush home in the UK. Been scouring the internet ever since that post. Good luck with the sale!

  23. akemi on 04/19/2011:

    It’ll be awesome not to schlep out to Hemet this time 😉

  24. Lunaluna on 04/19/2011:

    OK… how to get to LA from Oslo, Norway… CHECK
    Ok… how to get back from LA to Oslo with half of your household goods… UNCHECK 🙁
    Good luck on the sale, don’t forget to put up reminders from time to time until the big day for those who ARE lucky enough to be in the area.

  25. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/19/2011:

    Oh I know. International is a pain.

    Trust – you guys are going to be incredibly annoyed with how much reminding I’ll do about the sale.

  26. Florian on 04/19/2011:

    I want that luxite brass pendant and I want it bad! But California is so far and American wiring is not made for European currents. So sad. So sad.

    But, YAY ebay! Are you gonna post the stuff on the modernhaus ebay page?

    And, YAY landscaping! Can’t wait for the sale and for the gardening to begin!

  27. Elissa on 04/19/2011:

    A third request for the brass lotus lamp to match the one I found – then I can have a matching pair for either side of my bed! 🙂

  28. big-dewey on 04/19/2011:

    how much for the dogs?

  29. Sue on 04/19/2011:

    Morgan, I would love to have the black chair that you had in your bedroom before you got your womb chair, please, pretty please. I also love the brass & lucite lamp you had in your bedroom, but it looks like so do some other people…oh, there is just so many things. How about the light fixture you now have in your kitchen, is that up for grabs, I totally want it. Wonder if I could talk my husband into a trip???

  30. L on 04/19/2011:

    All of it. Just, all of it.

    However **cough** can’t afford any of it, damn. But best of luck to raising plant funds, and I can’t wait to see how fantastical you will make TBH exterior!

  31. Bandita on 04/19/2011:

    sounds awesome, i’ll definitely keep a lookout for the ebay as I am in cold and boring Illinois. love the blog and often spy things that i could see in your home. weird? probably! haha

  32. brian on 04/19/2011:

    in new york (unfortunately) when are you holding your ebay sale?

  33. Kim & Joe San Diego on 04/19/2011:

    Cool! We’re looking for rugs (full size and runners) and southwest-y kind of stuff. Morgan, I’ve been meaning to tell you…couple weeks back I was thrifting in Chula-Juana and I overheard some young hipster girl say to her friend “Do you read the Brick House?” I had to chuckle…

  34. Husband on 04/19/2011:

    We are also in selling mode, but when we go thrifting we still buy shit. Does it ever get better?

  35. Ashley on 04/19/2011:

    I’m so terribly jealous this isn’t a cross-country tour. I’d like to call dibs on the Original BTC lamps I asked about last week…but I live in Philly. Poops.

  36. Samma on 04/19/2011:

    Hmmm …. would you consider consignment for 1 of the brass lotus pendants I found like yours? I kinda let my lust for them take over before realizing I don’t actually have a good place for 2 of them ….

  37. Tim Payne on 04/19/2011:

    Can I buy the whole house and everything in it? 🙂

    Private deal, not eBay. Can’t afford to give them a slice on all that:)

  38. Inez on 04/19/2011:

    noooo!! i live in TX, hope i can log into the ebay sale before you sell out of the wonderful things.

  39. Linda on 04/19/2011:

    What about the first burl wood coffee table? I’m in love with it? is that up for grabs?

  40. Charlotte on 04/19/2011:

    Can’t wait for the ebay sale bit as Germany is too far away for me to come over…though it’d totally be worth it. 🙁

  41. Caitlin on 04/19/2011:

    What’s the status on the brass antlers/horns/head sitting on top of the trunk in this post?:

    Dibs? 🙂

  42. susan on 04/19/2011:

    Jeez, I want the one thing you won’t be able to sell – your design style.

  43. Amanda on 04/19/2011:

    did my list come through? SHIT! I have to start over…

  44. Amanda on 04/19/2011:

    The little peach marble thing sitting on top of the upside down book-in in the den.

    The small wicker ottoman.

    The brass ram head in the living room.

    The small bubble lamps in the guest bedroom.

    The art above the stove- green arrows.

  45. julia wheeler on 04/19/2011:

    damn how i wish i could go. are you letting go of one of those albini stools?

  46. Lesley on 04/19/2011:

    Samma: I’ll buy it your extra lotus lamp!

  47. Brittany on 04/20/2011:

    Let me know if you plan to list your painting that looks like a hungry caterpillar on eBay. Or any of your creepy pastel portrats for that matter.

  48. kimberly ann on 04/20/2011:

    Oooh, burl, burl, burl! I’m in love with your current burl coffee table. But, I won’t turn down any of the burl.

  49. kimberly ann on 04/20/2011:

    As I’m lusting over your burled wood tables, I just realized that it’s a long driver from Louisville, Kentucky to California. Hmmm, pay shipping or time for a road trip? Either way I’ll have to sell a kidney to afford the gas or UPS, I’m sure.

  50. paige @modcapecod on 04/20/2011:

    I wish I hadn’t recently blown all my money now.

  51. ModFruGal on 04/20/2011:

    So happy for those in your area..and crazy jealous. Ad is spot on. Happy pop-up…previews here I hope?

  52. The brick house on 04/20/2011:

    I’m going to preview the crap out of everything!

  53. tallin on 04/21/2011:

    The black captain’s chair!

  54. VelocityJohn on 04/21/2011:

    The rectangular leather ottoman. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Want.
    The portrait of the blond lohan/marsha brady

  55. MiChelle on 04/22/2011:

    Tell your sister I’m coming and I’m bringing Cynthia. Maybe we’ll see her there?

  56. Brett Alderman on 04/26/2011:

    Will you post a link to the eBay auctions at a later date?

  57. Stephenny on 04/27/2011:

    Hi Morgan, we bought some stuff from you at your last sale and was hoping to find out if you have a dining table that you want to sell. I’ve been having a hard time finding any at a decent price. I live in Redlands and would easily come pick it up. Thanks

  58. VeronicaInLA on 04/27/2011:

    WHOAH! That is SUUUPER close to me. I’m gonna have to come nose around too now. 😀

  59. Rebecca on 04/28/2011:

    BRIGHT YELLOW STUFF!!!! Seriously. As you already know, I’m in Hemet, and I know where you live, so I’m sure I’d love to take it off your hands!

  60. Rocky B on 04/28/2011:

    You should make more of those insanely cool firepits and sell them! Otherwise I love anything walnut. I live in LA and am hoping to stop by 🙂

  61. Nick Klaus on 04/29/2011:

    Graduation AND the Brick House sale in one weekend? Yes I am excited. Will Iggy and Bowie make an appearance?

  62. Abbi on 04/30/2011:

    I am searching for a great chandelier preferably vintage, large, and fantastic.

  63. serenitynow on 05/04/2011:

    Any chance that one of the driftwood tables might be up for sale and shipping to the east coast?

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