February 9th, 2011

Thrifting has been a tad sparse around here which always puts me in a grumptastic mood. It get’s fairly depressing to make the effort to go out looking through tons of rubbish and then come home empty handed. That’s the thrifting dealio, not everyday can be like THIS.

A few recent small finds included this awesomely large ‘Lambert Conformal Conic Projection’ map of California. I guess all that jargon just means mountains.

It’s installed in the kitchen for now, right by the crazy bright window. That’s why my terrariums are enjoying hanging out there – that area gets tons of direct light those suckers slurp up.

I also grabbed this big ol’ ceramic studio pottery lamp. It’s one of those types of lamps I keep dragging home (even though I am lamp overloaded) because they’re amazing. Maybe I’m just in love with ceramic shizz.

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  1. Michelle on 02/09/2011:

    Love the CA map. I just love maps in general and that one rocks. Good find!!

  2. Ryan on 02/09/2011:

    That map is friggin sick! I’d buy it. Lamp is okay but still cool.

  3. meemsnyc on 02/09/2011:

    I love the map. Nice!

  4. Jules on 02/09/2011:

    Maps, rocks, and plants are the three items I can’t get enough of. I think that makes my style high school science teacher, circa ’78.

  5. Jessica W on 02/09/2011:

    Actually, the Lambert Conformal Conic is a way the map is projected to best represent the way it looks in real life. Basically, it has to do with the distortions that occur when you transfer a spherical surface onto a flat surface.

    If you are curious:

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/09/2011:

    Someone loved cartography class.

    I have always wanted to run into a room and scream NERDS!!!

    OK. So, still kind of about mountains? Right? I think it looks pretty.

  7. Zach on 02/09/2011:

    As a result of your influence, I now scour for vintage ceramic like Snooki searches for bronzer.


  8. Elizabeth on 02/09/2011:

    the map is from Raven maps – they are *amazing* (I just got the same one for my bedroom….)

  9. linda dacey on 02/09/2011:

    rare to laugh aloud at someone’s blog and get a serious style shot at the same time. Love chez toi and will be back soon…

  10. Sarah on 02/09/2011:

    Watch out for UV fading ruining this baby with that hot, direct sun. Doesn’t take long for the effects to kick in!
    (a concerned photo conservation student.)

  11. The brick house on 02/09/2011:

    Elizabeth! It is! It’s the large California one.

    How funny. Thanks for the link.

  12. MidCenturyHome on 02/09/2011:

    Every house should have at least an old pic of the city where it is or a map of the country; I think they give a sense of ‘localization’ 😉

    I love the lamp and, welcome to the lamps addicted club. 😀


  13. wendy on 02/09/2011:

    i’d know a raven map anywhere and i see elizabeth does too. i have the one of the entire U.S. and just love it! hmmm… i haven’t been to their site in a long time; i should see what they’ve been up to.

    it’s nice to have it framed…. mine’s not.

  14. Lucy on 02/09/2011:


  15. Ashley on 02/09/2011:

    Oooh, I love lamp. Do you ever pay to have them rewired?

  16. I love, love, love the map!!! Looks fantastic.

  17. Libby on 02/09/2011:

    LOVE the new map!!

  18. avimom on 02/09/2011:

    OMG..those Raven maps are awesome! I know what I’m asking for for my bday…

  19. Cheryl on 02/09/2011:

    I have lamp envy.

  20. melanie c on 02/09/2011:

    i see someone else posted a link for the map! funny, right when i saw this i started googling cuz i love maps almost as much as i love california, and found this site:

  21. Possibly the nicest map I have ever seen. Good score!

  22. Laguna Dirt on 02/09/2011:

    i have the same raven map of california in my son’s room. if you can’t score an old one, best prices were on ebay. they have all the state maps and some countries.

  23. Anna on 02/09/2011:

    Did you go to Pomona? (I’m guessing not..) but I saw the exact same poster there on Antique Row. Was thisclose to getting, but alas, didn’t.

    I love it.

  24. The brick house on 02/09/2011:

    Actually no, found it at Salvation Army in temecula.

    I need to go to Pomona – it’s been forever.

  25. rivka on 02/09/2011:

    That lamp is gorgeous and looks great in that room.

    3 questions- Will the map fade being by that bright window?
    How did you frame that? Was it expensive?

    Commenter Elizabeth, thank you so much for the map source!

  26. Tamoto on 02/09/2011:

    Uh yeah, that map is the hugest awesomest find.fickle thrift gods smiled on you. Im sure its somewhere in your blog but what is the name of your kitchen chairs? not like Charlie and Nancy, you know what I mean.They have such a nice shape I lust over them everytime I see em.

  27. Gloria Graham, AKBD on 02/09/2011:

    Love how the wood tones of the chairs are picked up by those conical mountains!

  28. modernhaus on 02/09/2011:

    Psht, Dan’s got nothin on me! I found a perfect-condition Mid Century sputnik chandelier IN THE TRASH on my way home from picking up a large vintage Nelson Bubble for $40. Boo. Yah.

  29. ella on 02/09/2011:

    Love the map and the lamp! You score all the good stuff.
    I never seem to find anything truly amazing. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places? When I do it’s outrageously priced!!
    Still, the thrill is in the chase, so to speak.

  30. Kim @ HousetoHomestead on 02/09/2011:

    Well, I thought I had that map, but mine’s from the USGS, so I guess not! I like it.

  31. sue maples on 02/09/2011:

    I have the Raven map of Oregon and love it. They have maps of every state and the US and world maps, too. Gave my neice Countries of the World for her graduation last year. If anyone needs maps at a good price, check the Educator’s Special.

  32. sue maples on 02/09/2011:

    I have the Raven map of Oregon and love it. They have maps of every state and the US and world maps, too. Gave my neice Countries of the World for her graduation last year. If anyone needs maps at a good price, check the Educator’s Special.

  33. The brick house on 02/09/2011:

    Rivka, after a some time, yes. It’ll probably migrate somewhere else. It came framed and mounted.

  34. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 02/10/2011:

    @Modernhaus- WHAT THE WHAT?!! Fine. That’s some damn respectable thrifting/scavenging.

    Love the map! When you tweeted it, I had no idea how HUGE it was! It looks swell in the kitchen, and the brass frame is awesome. Well done, well done.

  35. J on 02/10/2011:

    Where do you snag most of your shades? I have these two awesome cork lamps awaiting equally awesome shades, but everything I seem to find is blechh.

  36. sudha on 02/10/2011:

    love love love the map…and hey info on the credenza please 🙂

  37. Martin on 02/10/2011:

    At first I thought that was a map of what California is projected to look like after severe earthquakes..

  38. modernhaus on 02/10/2011:

    Dan if it’s any consolation someone promptly lost control of a drumstick (not the ice cream) and impaled the Nelson.

    And I have to say that in Manhattan dollars, you paid like 5 cents for your finds and that’s crazy awesome!

  39. Logan on 02/11/2011:

    I love maps too, I think they remind me of elementary school or something. Cool find

  40. Clare Pirie on 02/11/2011:

    I love love love the map….I am a sucker for vintage maps and that one is totally fantastic…..inspired to go thrift shopping immediately!

  41. Meredeth O on 02/11/2011:

    That map is effing amazing!

  42. Natalie on 02/11/2011:

    Hate you (not really). I COVET that Cali map so bad it hurts. And you probably scored it for a $1 or something obscene.

  43. Curtis on 02/13/2011:

    i love those chairs in front of the windows. Beautiful. Do they have a name?

  44. Lily from Birch + Bird on 02/24/2011:

    Wow. That map is one seriously amazing thrift score! We love vintage maps and tuck Atlas pages into packages for our Etsy shop customers…they seem to love getting maps of their state, province or country! Love seeing your latest finds…

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