Coffee Table

February 7th, 2011

At this point I don’t even know how to say that I found another coffee table without feeling deep pangs of guilt and embarrassment. It’s turned into a bit of a sad joke, this whole switching coffee tables every month thing, but I just can’t stop myself when I spot something I really dig.

I’m addicted. I love coffee tables. Probably even more than I like sofas.

But, it could be worse, I could be addicted to eating a “household cleanser” or sofa cushions like those folks on My Strange Addiction.

Amazing what teak oil, Feed ‘n Wax and some elbow grease can do. Seriously, if you find a piece of wood furniture and it looks shabby and neglected but is structurally fine – GOOD. Ask for a discount and then get your oiling on! Trust me, it will look perfectly amazing with just a little bit of effort.

Curious about how to spruce up furniture? Check out this tutorial.

The Boy gets mad when I freshen up furniture on our patio since oil and debris get everywhere. Now I’m trying to do it out in our driveway to avoid the mess, which I’m imagining is such a great show for the neighbors. As if we weren’t weird enough already.

Come on. Give. It. Up.

This is a pretty incredible table.

I even vignetted it up like a proper stylist.

I can stack books! With things on top of them!

Are you guys coffee table vignetters?

I’m normally not. I don’t like a bunch of stuff cluttering up a table I use everyday since I like to put my feet up, have drinks and other things strewn about that are frankly, fairly ugly. I noticed that the first batch of pictures were looking kind of sad, so I thought “styling” would help liven this table up. Don’t expect my coffee tables to be like this if you come over.

I imagine there is this question of why the den’s furniture is laid out the way it is. It’s a weird little room. Difficult to photograph and harder to understand in pictures. It’s kind of like a big L with a built in desk on the other side and an entrance to the kitchen smack in the middle. Definitely challenging to space plan.

Oh, did you notice the old sofa is back. I know, I foretold it.

I also know that the portrait of what people like to refer of as “Lindsay Lohan” should be way lower. As a former gallery director and curator, I am ashamed that I’ve let this hang way above eye levelΒ  for years. Art hung too high or improperly is a giant pet peeve and I am a complete hypocrite for letting this happen.

Problem is, that if the painting hangs at the proper mid line it hits the wainscoting and hangs all wonky…then you hit your head on it when you sit on the sofa and it falls on you and hurts you and then people sue me. It’s one of those things I don’t think about in real life until I see it in a picture. Different art for above the sofa is a must, but I haven’t found anything appropriate so “Lindsay” stays super high. Tee hee.

Also, screw the wainscoting. It ruins my life.

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  1. Jamie on 02/07/2011:

    The old sofa destroys the stripe sofa atleast in that room. What camera lens do you use i also have an odd tv room and can never seem to get it to look right.

  2. Alice in Designland on 02/07/2011:

    I’m happy to see the old sofa! In my opinion it’s way better than the striped one. I like the new coffee table as well. The round shape softens things up a bit. My only rec for the room would be to center the painting over the couch.

  3. Andrea on 02/07/2011:

    I love your ‘cofee table vingette’. I don’t have a coffee table so don’t get the opportunity to play ‘vignette’. Oh god, the art hanging thing! I know exactly what you mean. I find it hard, but am also hyper critical of other peoples ‘hanging’ habits. As for Lindsay Lohan, fraction lower because of the length of the couch maybe? But that could all change if you ended up hanging a big painting next to her…

  4. bianca of terri planty on 02/07/2011:

    and makeover! again!
    love it. that table is maybe my favorite. and the sofa is looking sexy. but my favorite is the basket tray that the terrarium is sitting pretty in. also i see that blonde-y made a guest appearance. looks great!

    p.s. we hung up the rug! i officially feel like i live in a hippie den!

  5. Brismod on 02/07/2011:

    Love the coffee table. The drink of oil did it a world of good. And you should do a picture hanging tutorial…

  6. Fiona on 02/07/2011:

    Oh do you know what, I like that table. Den photographed from a new angle, ripple in the space time continuum.

  7. Mea on 02/07/2011:

    Good, the greatest sofa ever is back. I have to say that this table is the best so far. Well, second best. The shiny burl is still no. 1. Love the Ikea pillows. I have to make one of those terrariums.

  8. Mea on 02/07/2011:

    But where the hell is the chicken!?! I miss the chicken the Great.

  9. Annika on 02/07/2011:

    That table is a keeper, beautiful…

  10. Julian on 02/07/2011:

    While my own taste is probably a little more ‘earthy’ I’m loving the aesthetic evolving in The Brick House. Your blog is seriously addictive. I check it every other day. Don’t stop sharing!

    p.s. Agreed. That coffee table definitely is a keeper.

  11. heather on 02/07/2011:

    I understand the addiction!

  12. miriam on 02/07/2011:

    Hey, I have those Ikea pillows too…have you noticed that if you have the black side up they spell the word Jew? The J is in the bottom left. See it now? Why didn’t anyone at Ikea notice that?

  13. ruthanne on 02/07/2011:

    great coffee table but Where’s the CHICKEN?

  14. Dayna on 02/07/2011:

    I am happy to see the old sofa is back. Not that the striped one wasn’t good but I’m being selfish,…I want that grey one so at least I can look at it in your place! And that coffee table is a great find. Love the balance it brings to the room.

  15. Tania on 02/07/2011:

    why did i follow that strange addiction link? why?

  16. Reidunn on 02/07/2011:

    That’s the best version of your den I’ve seen so far. Love the new table. And the angle showing both the sofa and the credenza

  17. katek on 02/07/2011:

    that table works so perfectly in that room!…congrats on your find…and also…really like your tabletop styling….i have a 15 month old that ‘rearranges’…and i can’t leave anything at his level…i have arrangement envy right now!

  18. Kara on 02/07/2011:

    By far my favorite table and arrangement so far.

  19. Sarah on 02/07/2011:

    The way that portrait is hung is one of my favorite things about your house. Sometimes it will just pop into my mind for no reason and I’ll think, “Yeah, that’s great.”

  20. erin@designcrisis on 02/07/2011:

    I loved the striped sofa and the burl table (although maybe not together), but I have to say this looks pretty damn fabulous.

    Also, I have those Ike pillows so that makes us twinsies, and byt the power of transitive property a+b = b+c therefore a=c, I am also awesome.

    ps: please make me a terrarium. It will never live on my coffee table but I will love it and pet it and call it George.

  21. LOVE the new coffee table. Looks like a super substantial piece that you can love forever!!

  22. Julie on 02/07/2011:

    Love the new table!

    Hey question: I have a bunch of furniture that I need to oil (only used the feed n’ wax but now realize I should have used oil first) but I cannot get the pieces outside. (I live on the second floor and it’s winter here.) Is this really super messy and how do you recommend I do this? Drop cloths? Does it splatter? Should I cover the walls and ceiling?

  23. kate on 02/07/2011:

    love this one! it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for for months…

  24. MInga Mars on 02/07/2011:

    love the new coffee table. love lilo. maybe bring her down about 3″? split the diff between the wainscoting and where she hangs now?
    i do love the stripey sofa too, but yes, it was a bit much there. you couldn’t really appreciate all of its stripey glory. but it is a beautiful contradiction in itself. tailored yet slouchy. yum.

  25. carol on 02/07/2011:

    I love that the painting hangs too high.
    the visual discomfort it creates suits it’s bizarre appeal…

  26. Laguna Dirt on 02/07/2011:

    that does it! the simple, warm circle ties the whole room together and lets the other pieces speak. beautiful!

  27. MG Atwood on 02/07/2011:

    LOVE the coffee table!!

  28. Coletta (rhymes with Velveeta) on 02/07/2011:

    this is my fave coffee table so far. very impressive looking! i dig it!

  29. Suzy8track on 02/07/2011:

    This is my favorite set up so far! Much love for that awesome coffee table! Even though I totally dug that striped sofa, your old sofa looks much better with this setup.

  30. Summer on 02/07/2011:

    Your house is crazy beautiful. Weird L-shaped rooms or not.

  31. modernhaus on 02/07/2011:

    “I can stack books! With things on top of them!”

    You are dangerously close to becoming Kelly Wearstler.

  32. Beclu on 02/07/2011:

    That table is great! That stripey sofa is great! But they are right, the current one is better.

  33. Kathy on 02/07/2011:

    Aaagh! How can you find such amazing tables when I have been searching for a coffee table in our crap small town for a year!!! I want to shop with you.

  34. Tamoto on 02/07/2011:

    That table is so neat. The part that connects the legs underneath is great, it is UNIQUE and looks very well made. much as i love the burl, now that im seeing burl pop up everywhere it diminishes my love for it. why? I guess my affections are fickle. still love burl but not the way I used to.

  35. MB on 02/07/2011:

    LOVE the table and just in case you haven’t thought of it?????? Just stud out the top of that wall the same thickness of the bottom paneling and throw some drywall on it. Problem solved, you won’t even loose three quarters of in inch in space and your sanity will be restored.

  36. Jen on 02/07/2011:

    The new coffee table is a keeper! I liked the burly business, but it just wasn’t as right as the new coffee table is for that room! Now….BRING BACK THE STRIPES!

  37. Ashley Weber on 02/07/2011:

    love it- all of it! the coffee table kicks ass and i love the planty faux set up.

  38. the vintage cabin on 02/07/2011:

    Whoa! Back off man, I EAT CLEANSER and if that teak oil was in front of me, I’d chug that too. I can’t help it, okay?

    You already know how I feel about the newest table. *love*

  39. Arin on 02/07/2011:

    I love this rearrangement.

  40. Myles Henry on 02/07/2011:

    I love it! Its hard to find a good circular coffee table, this one is fire!

  41. kimberly ann on 02/07/2011:

    Looks great! But, where is the chicken? πŸ™‚

  42. Ashley on 02/07/2011:

    This table’s a keeper for sure.

  43. LaLaLand on 02/07/2011:

    I love this!
    I need to get teak oil for my old furniture. It looks fantastic.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. Lil on 02/07/2011:

    I think this may be may favourite of all your coffee tables…. we have no coffee table, as we are too indecisive and we disagree on what we should get. Instead we have to use these silly ikea stools which are too small and looking shabby. I am secretly jealous of your ability to just swap tables every week or so. Hmm.

  45. Jenn@theinteriorist on 02/07/2011:

    only 100000x better.
    but how do you feel about the wainscoting? like, reallllly feel, i mean?

  46. Candace on 02/07/2011:

    Love that table! I don’t blame you for grabbing it one bit. It’s awesome.

  47. MidCenturyHome on 02/07/2011:

    and what happened to the old-new sofa? πŸ™‚


  48. ethanollie on 02/07/2011:

    yes to the new old sofa, yes to the table. the roundness amongst all the straight lines is perfect. ( and yes to the wainscott in my opinion)

  49. ella on 02/07/2011:

    The new coffee table is beautiful!! I couldn’t tell it’s size until seeing it in the room.
    Ummm… so where’s the old one? Can I have it?

  50. Mike on 02/07/2011:

    Your not the only the person in the I.E. with a coffee table fetish. We’ve got five right now, even after selling a few off. Keep it up gal, it’s preservation of what we have — furgut about Made in China.

  51. Lindsay H on 02/07/2011:

    Isn’t it funny what we all have an obsession over? Me it is lamps and clocks. Probably anything that has a key or a door knob on it too. Love the piece that your TV is on too, I have been looking for a piece similar to go under our TV too.

  52. Anna on 02/07/2011:

    it could always be worse. that’s what I tell myself when I’m acting weird. Although I think you are acting pretty normal to me.

    yes to vignetting. yes to coffee table collections. and yes to that show My Strange Addiction.

    So is the den the first couch room you go to when you want to just chill out?

  53. angie on 02/07/2011:

    Oh I know about addictions, I’m an addict for design! I really like your ever changing room. Also, glad the old couch is back, and the hideous burl table is gone (

    As for vignette’s they are okay in moderation unlike design! I personally struggle with this since I purchase things weekly and then run out of room. I like calling myself a minimalist but it’s tough when I keep buying (but it’s good design I can’t just leave it).

    Stepping down from my soap box. Anyways, lady you keep changing it up because I love your blog!

  54. Staci on 02/07/2011:

    Lindsay Lohan…. Yeah, it does look like her! My first instinct was Marcia Brady.
    I have a 2-level coffee table so I “vignette” the lower half with books and baskets so I can leave the top empty, without the table looking abandoned and forlorn.

  55. Erin on 02/07/2011:

    Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!! I lurrrvvee this coffee table. Perfect with the couch. Two thumbs up

  56. rivka on 02/07/2011:

    Oh okay…now you’ve got it. The room looks fantastic. It really needed something round in there. That is a gorgeous table- I absolutely love it! Where do you store that burl monster when his revolving time is up in the den?

    Do you have industrial strength coasters for your sweating drinks? They are going to ruin the gorgeous table finish.

    I agree with someone above…you could take Lindsay down a couple of inches and not be in the way of your head I bet. Also I never noticed the wainscoting until you brought it up. I don’t see any problem with it at all.

  57. VelocityJohn on 02/07/2011:

    If you EVER decide to part with the “Lindsey” portrait, I would be very interested in purchasing her to hang proudly in my home. Don’t you need to rotate out that art too? Hmm? Hint hint? John

  58. Chelsea on 02/07/2011:

    gorgeous, gorgeous table. You are collecting tables like I have been collecting chairs…a Thonet and 2 heywoods I pulled off the street lurk in the garage currently. Although admittedly I have 2 extra coffee tables too. Oops. This is why I haven’t been thrifting in about a month. But nothing can stop me from pulling crap in off the street. Nothing I tell you!!

  59. Dayna on 02/07/2011:

    love this set up best!

    also wanted to say i just spiffied up a beautiful thrift store dresser with your instructions and one tiny modification per one of the comments. the piece had a finish, so i was afraid to use teak oil. used restore-a-finish in walnut + the feed-n-wax and it has the same lovely velvety finish as your piece does. thank you for your awesome tips!

  60. Helen on 02/08/2011:

    No comments about the terrariums?! They’re tying the whole room together, dudes.

    I agree with a number of the commenters about the wainscoting. It’s really not that bad.

    Gorgeous work, as usual.

  61. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/08/2011:

    Thanks dudes! I really like it.

    The chicken is on the bookshelf, if only the pics moved slightly to the left you could see it.

    Helen – I made that terrarium. I swear:
    Erin, you can make it too!

    If you put a drop cloth down that takes care of any wayward oil drippings – that’s about the extent of the splash factor.

  62. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/08/2011:

    bianca, i’ve been wondering what to do with that little basket thing. It was the perfect fit for the terrarium and now they will live together forever.

    send me some pics already. of the gray and the rug.

  63. bekah on 02/08/2011:

    very nice! I’m digging it, the striped sofa and burl wasn’t doing it for me πŸ™‚

  64. Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All on 02/08/2011:

    This is probably my favorite version of this room so far. I wouldn’t mind if you kept it this way for quite a while. πŸ™‚

  65. Dimi on 02/08/2011:

    I can’t vignette on my coffee table because my naughty little doggy will chew the stuff up when I go to work!
    but i love that mini firestick plant you have

  66. lacy on 02/08/2011:

    this blog is like decorating vacation everyday. i live for your thrifty finds and witty write-ups! the gray couch, the danish dresser, the rugged ottoman and the coffee table are truly perfection. not to mention lindsay lohan is fab and girlfriend always makes gatherings more fun anyhow. thank you for my daily five minute reprieve!

  67. anne on 02/08/2011:

    This one is my favorite so far. Still not digging that rectangular block of an ottoman. I think this coffee table is really making this room.

  68. LZ on 02/08/2011:

    as a lover of the burl I never thought that I would say it… but… the round is much better! like a breath of fresh air. so calming. love the pillows too they are fab.

  69. Tara on 02/08/2011:

    Great work on that table! I have to say, the most striking part of this entry, is that I finally see your TV/other techy bits. For the longest time, I’ve wondered if you even owned a TV and where you stored all that less than ideal stuff. I finally see it as a home, instead of the unattainable design mecca.

    Also, your Cactus/Succulent Terrarium is fantastic! I thought mine was the best I’d seen… Alas, Morgan comes along, with a cooler shaped bowl and shows how it’s done.

  70. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/08/2011:

    You should have seen me stuff my hand in there. It was a mess.

    We have plenty of ugly bits, but lots of cabinets and tons of storage. I still haven’t finished up the TV area and have a lot to do.

    Storage is the key! Also, only living with two people makes it easier.

  71. karen @ our slo house on 02/08/2011:

    You have impeccable style. I am in awe of what you’ve put together.

    LOL about the Lindsay Lohan picture. I totally thought that but didn’t want say anything in case I offended you! : )

  72. Kim @ HousetoHomestead on 02/08/2011:

    That table is beautiful, and it looks great in the room.

  73. Beowulf on 02/08/2011:

    I want your ottoman πŸ™ Spent years looking for the perfect one, and you got it!

  74. Bianca on 02/08/2011:

    I absolutely LOVE the coffee table. Oh you gotta keep that one !! If you ever decide to sell it though, would love to ship it to Australia ;o)

  75. Lesa on 02/08/2011:

    Favourite coffee table of them all…and fave sofa too. Together…unstoppable.

  76. Fat Cat on 02/08/2011:

    Hallelujah, does this mean you kicked your ‘strange addiction’ to burl ?!

    I think this set-up is the best one yet. Awesome vignetting skills, btw, very Living etc worthy πŸ™‚

  77. Lucy on 02/08/2011:

    Now this one I love. And I am also celebrating the return of the old sofa. It’s a winning combination….topped off by that delicious vignette! Bravo!

  78. my little apartment on 02/08/2011:

    yup, I think it’s my fave too. nice job, dude!

  79. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/08/2011:

    I still love burl – and I will never stop loving burl.

    I’ve got the big burl beast still chilling in the living room and then burl nightstands in both the bedrooms.

    Viva la Burl!

  80. Christina Diaz on 02/09/2011:

    Your BEST coffee table yet!!! Keep this one!!!

  81. Jen on 02/09/2011:

    This is my favorite coffee table yet! And, as for the wainscoting, we recently removed the wainscoting from the kitchen of our 1960 Houston, TX ranch. It has changed my life…for the better!!!!

  82. Tina on 02/09/2011:

    Bye Bye Burl!
    Your new teak coffee table is delish!
    Amazing difference after the teak oil also.
    Loving it.

  83. laurenjanelle on 02/09/2011:

    aww. I love this coffee table. you’re allowed to be addicted to furniture as long as you have good taste, and you definitely do. it’s seriously a great table (but you already know that) and I adore the presentation you made on it. It looks very good. Well done.

  84. Tonia on 02/09/2011:

    I love the coffee table, but wait no Iggy or Bowie in the picture?

  85. unabridged on 02/09/2011:

    Love it! It helps me like the ottoman more. Round and leggy plus square and earthy is where it’s at.

  86. janet on 02/09/2011:

    It is so funny to check in on your blog. You change your home around as much as my Mom used to. Every week I would come home from school and something had been moved, tweaked, etc. I enjoy watching your process so much! Thanks. And I always love it all. Even the burl.

  87. dana g. on 02/10/2011:

    I like the coffee table. Its nice to have something curved in a room full of straight lines. Also I don’t think the painting looks so wrong hanging up high. Its sort of quirky but in a good way.

  88. waterrose on 02/10/2011:

    what a great coffee table…and you just found it? Ok, I’m going out on a coffee table hunt!

  89. Rita on 02/10/2011:

    I always use tung oil and then paste wax. How is it different than your method? I’d like to try it on my next piece of midcentury modern walnut redo.

  90. Kate on 02/13/2011:

    Loving the new coffee table. Cue pangs of jealousy. Liking the old sofa w/ the new coffee table much better. You have good taste. Still laughing about the creepy chicken from your last posting… my husband and I hide a little creepy doll here and there that keeps us on our toes…

  91. defecta on 09/19/2011:

    the restoration link is broken. :'(

  92. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/19/2011:
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