December 10th, 2010

Hey you!

How are you?

I’ve got a little post over at Emily Henderson’s cool pants blog about thrift store furniture getting a little f-to the-unky. Check it out! Slack off at work!

These weirdo things from The Salvation Army got together and made a room baby. A totally psycho embroidered Frank Stella room baby.



    1. christina slocum on 12/10/2010:

      Kill me quick with those wingbacks! Actually, i could fall for them to be honest~the love/hate thing. Oh the type of stitching is called “crewel” i remember all the mothers loving that stuff in the 60’s/early 70’s. everything was crewl and our Moms were “antiquing” the furniture with the ragged paint.
      Love the velvet sofa look.

    2. Suzy8track on 12/10/2010:

      Not crazy about the chairs…but that sofa is fab!

    3. Ashley on 12/10/2010:

      I kinda love it all…but you really pushed it over the edge into total love with the campaign dresser and the Frank Stella allusion.

    4. yhbhs on 12/10/2010:

      frank stella! yeah!!!

    5. modernhaus on 12/10/2010:

      Oh Morgie Morganstein, you are the best. A $60 thrift store couch and $10,000 in lighting, just the way it should be.
      I want to wedge myself into that dusty old thing and watch Please Give w/you.
      And congrats on being adored by famous people.

    6. modernhaus on 12/10/2010:


      Did I ever tell you I got an authentic bronze Platner coffee table off Craigslist for $65? 😉

    7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/10/2010:

      Yes, thats how I roll. Although I feel like I could make that stilnovo lamp, and I’ve got a capiz chandelier just wasting away in my garage. The laurel lamps, those may pose a problem, but its “inspirational” not aspirational maybe.

    8. monique on 12/10/2010:

      I know we’ve never met – but trust me when I say that we share the same brain. Please, PLeAsE, PLEASE give me your sources – there is no Salvation Army that I know of that would have scores that lovely.

      Respectfully, and slightly mad,

    9. Erik on 12/11/2010:

      You know there’s alot of Svenskt Tenn in this:

    10. GoVintage on 12/11/2010:

      ahah! 😀 I could have an heart attack in a room with all those stuff! 😀


    11. julia wheeler on 12/11/2010:

      room baby: so good. modernhaus… i could not be MORE jealous. craigslist platner is the effing ultimate.

    12. Kelly@TearingUpHouses on 12/12/2010:

      I love that dresser. And the gold-ish hanging light thing.


    13. jill on 12/13/2010:

      best. moodboard. on the internet. hand. down.

    14. Nona Mills on 12/22/2010:

      You know there’s alot of Svenskt Tenn in this:

    15. Kristen Atkinson on 12/23/2010:

      room baby: so good. modernhaus… i could not be MORE jealous. craigslist platner is the effing ultimate.

    16. Andrea on 01/01/2011:

      Aye Aye Aye. Now if i followed your advice and slacked off at work to look at the blog…they’d probably kick me out. …;)
      so on this fine new years day…I’m going to do it right now!

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