December 8th, 2010

Recently I picked up Desert Works by Rick Joy, since I’ve been doing a bit of research trying to figure out solutions for our exterior (plus, I love me some desert architecture). Apologies for the terrible scans, our scanner is not what I would call “nice”. It’s a pretty cheap-o all-in-one printer type unit that doesn’t deal well with pictures.

Anyway, this book makes me want to build a minimal desert monolith and perpetuates my need to use steel as a go-to exterior treatment. Plus, butterfly chairs. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve also been stalking Barbara Hill’s portfolio for my fix of minimal desert modern design. It’s been a spiral of design despair around here recently.

Doesn’t look like we will meet our 2010 Year of the Exterior deadline. We failed. Maybe it was a bit overly ambitious to think we could get EVERYTHING done when we don’t have big budgets or lots of extra labor. I do know that we have some pretty exciting ideas and projects as well as other things coming up soon. Decisions need to be made, shovels need to be dusted off and wallets need to be cracked.

Time to get landscaping. (Or at least thinking about it in earnest).

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  1. Jill on 12/08/2010:

    Love the outdoor fireplace and the steel benches in front of it! I think I can get someone around here to build them for me.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/08/2010:

    Ha! You better be able to. I’m loving those benches (or are they tables?) as well. Was totally trying to figure out how to make a dining table in that style.

  3. GoVintage on 12/08/2010:

    Don’t be in a hurry! Things done slowly are the ones you appreciate more in the end 😉


  4. Simone on 12/08/2010:

    I agree with Govintage. Love love love the rammed earth walls in one of the first pics. Also great buffers for heat.

  5. Nina on 12/08/2010:

    I would not talk about failure AT ALL when it comes to what you got done this year! I always admire HOW MANY amazing accomplishments you make on a tight budget!
    Maybe you could just extend that exterior theme into 2011 and call it 2011 – the year of exterior heaven (or something less corny…)

  6. Betty Roth on 12/08/2010:

    You get more done in a year than most folks do in a decade! I was wondering: since you have this blog, and you’ve been recognized by lots of design sites/publications, would it be possible for you to get some “interns” from design schools to help you? Experience for them on a recognized project, free labor for you-that’s a win-win, right? Just an idea…

  7. Jessie on 12/08/2010:

    Are those agaves in the last picture? They look fantastic against the square white backdrops. Too bad my climate is so decidedly non-desert.

  8. Kat @ Me Simplified on 12/08/2010:

    The first picture is fab. I would love to see the interior! I’m also digging the 9th picture with the orange benches. The cement squares set in rocks (like you have) is such a great look. I wish I could do that for a patio but alas I live in a condo with no outdoor space.

  9. Gaidig on 12/08/2010:

    It may not have been te only year of the exterior, but you really made a ton of progress. Maybe next year will be the year of the landscape.

  10. Tonia on 12/08/2010:

    I’m in love, it gets pretty hot here in Texas too, and I too have considered removing much of the shrubs around the house and replacing them w/ similar plants.

    Take your time, you guys are doing a lovely job with your place. I’m light years behind on a lot of my projects, so I don’t even worry about it. I let my pocketbook guide me.

  11. Fiona on 12/08/2010:

    You got tonnes of the boring expensive stuff done, the fence, the house painted, the door, screen, pool, sail shades, paving slabs. Well done to you and the boy 2011 will be just about styling it up – all the fun stuff.. I achieved one bedroom fully done, one half done and one started disasterously, all in January and nothing since.

  12. Rebecca on 12/08/2010:

    Nice pics! I’ll help with labor if you like. Just be advised it may be with a 16 month old running around (if my husband is working)! And yes, I’m serious!

  13. Tyler (plastolux) on 12/08/2010:

    LOVE all the concrete, I need to start messin with that stuff

  14. Mike on 12/08/2010:

    Morgan, you did a great job on the house this year, all things considered. Not to mention that our local weather has not been cooperative in getting things done outside the last few months. Keep at it you and the boy will get the place the way you want it soon. Oh, I forgot, in your, as well as our, ever changing moods and ideas it’s the show that never ends.

  15. Lauren @ chezerbey on 12/08/2010:

    We tried hard to work some corten steel into our exterior project but it just wasn’t working with our 1910 flavor. You could totally pull it off though! Maybe a few low-slung steel planter boxes?

  16. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/08/2010:

    The only way we do tings is slowly (at least thats how it feels to me). 2011 will definitely be the landscape push, as well as some interior changes.

    Lauren, you could do some steel planters. I’ve seen it worked into more modern bungalow remodels and I like it.

  17. Pam on 12/09/2010:

    You have done so much! Don’t feel a failure.

    And I agree, love Rick Joy’s work.

  18. kristina on 12/10/2010:

    uh, if you’ve FAILED, the rest of us should go die or something. i say, good job brick housers. excellent, commendable, enviable job. internet round of applause for y’all.

  19. Amanda on 12/12/2010:

    We stayed next door to the Barbara Hill Marfa house last new years; beautiful little house…we couldn’t stop gawking.

  20. laura on 12/12/2010:

    are these in marfa texas?

  21. Kelly@TearingUpHouses on 12/13/2010:

    2011 is landscape for us, too. But, uh, Florida landscape. So different. Love those pictures, though.


  22. AK on 12/14/2010:

    Butterfly chairs are NOT comfortable and NOT cool. They remind me of dorm rooms and are a pain to sit in/get out of. Banish them from home and abroad. Not trolling, I really do feel this way strongly.

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