November 30th, 2010

The holidays tend to put a bit of a damper on the old thrifting route – meaning, not as much is getting donated and the stores are filled to the brim with terrible holiday schlock. Ugh. I know its a terribly unpopular thing to say, but I can’t wait till the holiday season is over. I dread this time of year.

The rounds have produced little in the way of big finds, but I continue to grab small bits and pieces here and there. Small additions mean its time to vignette the crap the house and this weekend I focused on the pipe shelves, which frankly, have been needing a bit of a once over.

My favorite small find recently has been this tiny hand carved elephant. He’s super light and beat up, but I love the chunky ham fisted carving.

This couple of blue and brown ceramic vessels hail all the way from vintage Japan. They moved across both time and space to be discarded at two different thrift stores. Good thing they ran into my greedy claws and could be reunited. The big one has a great cork lid and the little bud vase is simple and swooshy.

It’s hard to tell, but the left is a hand turned walnut bowl that is super thick and gorgeous on the inside. Of course I included the blandest, least informative photo possible…because I’m a failure. What? Its a wood bowl. Its not that exciting. Otherwise, the bowl on the right elicited a pretty sardonic response from The Boy, “It’s ceramic and wicker? Great.”

Doggy mail holder and giant wooden paperclip to hold all my important office bizzness. The cashier at Salvation Army asked me what that dog is and I said it was a vintage pacifier and they don’t make them like they used to.

Full of lead.

Ba-dum-cha (thats a drum sound).

In other random thoughts, I’ve been considering selling off the shelving unit. I know! Madness! I just have these all these other nagging ideas I’d love to try out and I’ve been less and less enthused with the design. I know, I’m the wackness. Imagine living with me. Its wicker and ceramics and moving things around 24/7.

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  1. Karena on 11/30/2010:

    Love the story about your letter holder….too funny!! Great finds!

    Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  2. Nita@ModVintageLife on 11/30/2010:

    No! I can’t believe you want to sell that shelving unit. It is so brilliant. It’s fantastic…do not sell it.

  3. Carol on 11/30/2010:

    I have that striped ceramics jar’s babies in my shop!
    ; )

  4. Morgan…no! I still haven’t gotten over your giant garage sale where you practically started over with all your furniture. You can’t get rid of that shelf. Not yet…

  5. Jill on 11/30/2010:

    My husband came in, asked what I was reading, and instantly said one of your paintings looked like a poo man luchador mask – or a mr hankie balaclava. either way – I informed him you have the best taste ever and are super thrifty – so I even like your poo painting – which I’m sure is very important and stylish if you think so.

    😀 Jill

  6. Tamoto on 11/30/2010:

    Girl you are a mystery! That shelve was just pictured in Ready Made peoples! Its famous. So,how much? And really like that black white red vase,really pretty.

  7. genevieve on 11/30/2010:

    I have that giant wooden paperclip and I lurrrve it. And I am literally in the middle of building your shelves in my home (as in just dragged all the stinky spray painted parts in out of the rain and they are tripping everyone walking through the living room. Also, getting us high.) so you know how I might feel about you selling your shelves.

  8. jessica o'brien on 11/30/2010:

    that first image made me gasp outloud. i’m coming to steel your golden trunk + ibex thingy in the night. be warned.

    i’d say do not sell, but i know that’s just because i can’t buy it + seeing it go to anyone else would make me grumpy.

  9. Ashley Weber on 11/30/2010:

    to be 100% honest i love love everything you thrift… except that poo picture. It kills me every time. i think the shelving is really beautiful and it looks great how you have it staged… but i vote on flushing the poo not the shelving

  10. The brick house on 11/30/2010:

    Long live the poo! Viva la poo!

    I think I want some closed shelving with a bumping stereo system hidden away for the boy. I don’t really know, I’m just feeling restless because of the short days.

  11. GoVintage on 11/30/2010:

    Well…If you really want to sell the shelve unit, I know 2 or 300 people that would be very happy to buy it! 😀

    I love the mini elephant 🙂 cute!


  12. Tonia on 11/30/2010:

    Change is always good, but what do you have in mind? I’m still on the hunt for a brass-looking trunk too.

  13. Ana on 11/30/2010:

    Don’t do it Morgan, that thing is superfly.

    The trunk is dog shit though, let me get rid of it for you when I get down there next month.

  14. Charlotte on 11/30/2010:

    Great finds. I adore your shelf but can understand the desire for closed storage to tuck a stereo system away in. Is there any way you could modify the shelf to include some closed off bits?

  15. Cheryl on 11/30/2010:

    My dad used to have that dog letter holder on his desk. Maybe that was his. If it made it to you from Ohio, I’d be impressed.

  16. ModFruGal on 11/30/2010:

    Now that your Readymade feature is out…time to move on already? I bet the wood bowl is gorg…I can feel it.

  17. Ashley on 11/30/2010:

    Removing your pipe shelving unit would be a crime against humanity. Fight the urge. Don’t do it. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue on the internets if you opened it up to offers…it would not bring the best out in people. There would be hair pulling, eye gouging, and a lot of pinching.

  18. yoteach on 11/30/2010:

    Seriously, I’ve never been able to handle the poo picture, either. It’s the only thing I see whenever I look at the shelving. If I take the time to look closely, I see a bunch of interesting and wonderful vignettes, but that poo picture takes over everything. I’d can it, too, but maybe I just don’t like associating your neat home with diarrhea.

  19. Anne on 11/30/2010:

    I can see where you would like to close up some the open shelving, But instead of tearing down the whole thing and starting over, make a series of boxes (with doors) that will fit into some the open areas. You’re great at google sketch up, give it a try.

  20. Daniel on 11/30/2010:

    How about finding/making a low credenza to hide the stereo equipment? you know like those old 50/60s things that had the speakers built-in. Maybe by transforming an existing cabinet…I’m sure with your imagination you could come up with something creative.

    And that picture represents poo? I always thought it was a dead Glo-Worm carcass. (Yes I suppose they become brown once dead). Doesn’t bother me that much, anyhow.

  21. Daniel on 11/30/2010:
  22. Angie on 11/30/2010:

    I’ll never, ever see the “Poo man” painting the same again. EVER! Take him down I say, lol

  23. Jen@BloggersAbode on 11/30/2010:

    More puppy ass photos please. That dog is insanely adorable.

  24. annica on 11/30/2010:

    do not sell it! it is so fantastic!!

  25. Fiona on 11/30/2010:

    It’s the Equus poster I’m so jealous of.

  26. johanna on 11/30/2010:

    I’m loooooving it!

  27. thatgirlkk on 11/30/2010:

    yeah, morgan, where’d you get that equus poster?

  28. THE BRICK HOUSE on 11/30/2010:
  29. yoteach on 12/01/2010:

    Haha. Okay. Message received.

    But surely you’d love this Thomas Kinkade poster?

  30. Dan on 12/01/2010:

    I might be the only one, but I like Mr. What-everyone’s-call-the-poo-painting! And girl, it’s your house, you can do whatever the hell you want. And if what you want is not to have an amazing pipe + wood shelving unit you made a couple years ago in your living room, we’ll be okay. I too am wondering if you might do some modification to the design with a closed cabinet, Hindsvik-style? But if you have a better idea in mind, I, for one, would like to see!

  31. Corynne Escalante on 12/01/2010:

    wow, you’ve found such cool things! i’m a bit jealous and inspired at the same time. i LOVE the shelf, did you make it yourself?

  32. Caitlin on 12/01/2010:

    I love that poo painting and that brassy ram (impala?) head! I’m assuming it’s another amazing thrift store find but if not, mind sharing where you got it?

  33. yhbhs on 12/01/2010:

    sell, sell, sell.

    out with the old, and in with the older!

  34. Carpenter Craig on 12/01/2010:

    I’ll kill Ya!

  35. I totally understand the need to try out something different – so I say get rid of that shelf – if only because I won’t look that bad when I tear out something totally fine only because I’m bored with it! This is what we do!

  36. Amanda on 12/02/2010:

    just got my Ready Made magazine…I saw the shelf!!!

  37. Suzy8track on 12/02/2010:

    How can you get rid of that shelving? I just saw it in Ready Made magazine!

  38. PS. I have seen that painting I don’t know how many times on your blog, and now when I see it, it’s all I can focus on.

    Mr. Poo Painting.

    He looks angry. and painful.

  39. Sara on 12/04/2010:

    I want to buy the poo-ma n painting! I am so in love with it. Or commission a poo-twin painting?

  40. Kate on 12/23/2010:

    I’ll buy the shelving! I was going to order piping and make it myself but I love yours so much !!

  41. Lea on 03/24/2011:

    I’m late to the game on this, but where on earth is that glorious gold trunk from?

  42. Eric on 04/03/2011:

    What is the height of your ceilings?.. love the walnut.

  43. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/03/2011:

    8 feet.

  44. StaceyM on 01/20/2012:

    Kinda bummed you took this down. That is one (to me) sexy bookcase! The flagrant restraint! 🙂 Definitely in my DIY future projects, thanks to you. Been reading your blog all day today up in the rainy northern cal region today. Inspiring.

  45. chapek on 01/29/2013:

    where did you get the shelves? ive been looking and only found restoration hardware, and i can’t afford to shop there!

  46. Best d3 Items on 06/20/2013:

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  47. Danae on 09/26/2014:

    How did you make those pipe shelves? I love them and would like something like that in my house.

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