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October 7th, 2010

We bought our sofa in a pinch from Alex at Modern Furniture Rental in Orange County not so long ago. After having four (four!!! wtf) sofas in the den I have to say that this has been my favorite so far and the first I wasn’t imagining immediately removing from the space.

Alex recently emailed to let me know that he is doing a custom order on Oct. 15 for some clients and wanted to know if there was any classic piece my greedy little heart desired.

Yeah, of course. Womb Chair pretty please. And then he said sure, no problem – it’s yours.

AND then my brain exploded with joy!!!

I’ve always loved the Womb, but never thought I would have one (even a knock off). Now the big decision. What fabric?!?!

Alex sent the solid options:

And the tweeds:

I think the new addition would end up in the master bedroom (which I’m still working on…ugh…) which means that my thrifted rocker will have to go.

Looks like one astute reader called it.

jenn, “i don’t want to rain all over this parade, but you are gonna hate that chair in a month. bets? regardless, it’s a good find!”

to which I replied,

THE BRICK HOUSE, “I actually really love the chair, but if something better came along…well…yeah. I’m a bit of a whore, so I would probably switch.”

Apparently I called it as well, I’m a whore and I am switching – but I do still really like the black chair. So Jenn, I owe you half a coke. The scary thing is that I think it would make a perfect nursery chair. It rocks and swivels and is super comfy and would be good for some momma and her baby…just not this young lady with no babies.

Back to the Womb, not mine – but the chair. What do you guys think? I’m leaning towards a light gray tweed or maybe go crazy with navy? I can’t decide. I’m stumped.

If you guys are looking for a classic piece at a good price, let Alex know. He can order just about anything but needs to know before the 15th.

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  1. Dan on 10/07/2010:

    1. Um, I hate you! I need friends like your friends.
    2. I think I like the tweed in the middle on the bottom. Super classic nice piece that you’ll probably have fo-eva + a penchant for frequently changing up your space– I’d be too nervous to get risky with colors. And it would look awesome set against your white walls.

    Whatever you do, not H14453-10.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/07/2010:

    Oh yeah lime kills me. I’m leaning towards that same tweed as well. Again Dan, you’ve proved that you have excellent taste.

  3. Brismod on 10/07/2010:

    I agree with Dan. And don’t do H14453-19. x

  4. Juliab on 10/07/2010:

    I would never have considered it myself but I think navy might be a winner. You couldn’t go wrong with grey tweed though. You are so lucky.

  5. Tonia on 10/07/2010:

    I LOVE the “womb chair”, but ahhh I’m leaning for the grey, no no navy blue……decisions. Either color would be fabulous. Lucky you.

  6. RedOrangePink on 10/07/2010:

    Well, if it was ME (I can dream, can’t I?) I would go for a bright bright colour, as that is what I love. The orange or the orange tweed are calling my name, but I also love the reds.
    I think the charcoal up in the top row second from the end would look good with your stuff. I would definitely cast my vote against the light grey tweed. Its too boring. You’d wish you got something else by the next week.

  7. Sarah on 10/07/2010:

    If it weren’t for the fact that I reside in Copenhagen, I would have paid you solid gold for that rocker! My boyfriend and I have been on the lookout for a big leather chair JUST like that, and every time we find something remotely like it, we dismiss it on account of yours being so much more desirable:O)

  8. Fiona on 10/07/2010:

    I don’t know. I can’t look. I hate you. Oh alright, the grey tweed is a rock solid choice, the cream in the photo is very nice and only impractical for people who are not cool young women with no babies, but I was instantly smitten by the navy with tan caramel leather thing you had in mind for the bedroom so that gets my embittered vote.

  9. maya on 10/07/2010:

    1. i hate you too.
    2. grey tweed, the one you like, no doubt.
    3. u are getting the ottoman? tight?

  10. diana on 10/07/2010:

    green. green. green. not the lime one, the mossy one. green is soothing and colorful and you need some color woman.

  11. Fat Cat on 10/07/2010:

    How long are you planning on holding on to the womb chair ? If it’s a keeper, then a classic grey tweed is probably the best choice (I like the dark one in the middle 4692-41).
    If you still believe that something better could come along, knock yourself out on any colour. Even navy (if you absolutely must)…

  12. jenn on 10/07/2010:


    i had a knock off womb chair for a day and i returned it. it was so gross. but i also paid for it so that may have swayed my opinion. man all i do is shit all over everything, hey.

    but tweed, top row last square

  13. jennifer on 10/07/2010:

    i’m digging the mossy tweed. bottom row/last square. and i know right where i’d put it in my den 🙂

  14. Thevintagecabin on 10/07/2010:

    Hey!! Quit cyber bullying H14453-#10!! I happen to love lime green and all of it’s variations (but yes, not in chair form). Anyway I think you already know the answer to this – classic chair = classic color – black/grey/tweed. Now I’m going to go and give my lime green and chartreuse dishes some love.

  15. Coletta on 10/07/2010:

    on a whole other topic….the shelf in the main photo looks very WONKY! is the top shelf on it uneven as hell or is my computer just making it look that way?

    AND…you can ship the black chair to me in Missouri….THANKS!

  16. ModFruGal on 10/07/2010:

    Congrats! (seethed the green eyed monster….) If I were buying for myself, I would be practical and choose tweed, but since you live the fancy kid free life, I kinda like the solid winter white (S22235-24) I dream of light colored furniture I can never have. Also I really love the charcoal (S22235-2). The chenille-y ones on the left might get caught in Iggy’s claws?

  17. Melinda on 10/07/2010:

    I’m also digging the Tweed – but I agree with others that have said a little color wouldn’t do the house any harm. The olive tweed is still pretty neutral, but would inject a soothing color into the space.

  18. Suzy8track on 10/07/2010:

    I am so hating you right now! How lucky can one person be??? Ok..I’m done venting! If I were you I would stick with the tweeds. Just about any of those options would work well in your room. My favorite is the orange tweed…but I think you would prefer a more muted color. I think any of the gray tweeds would work well in your bedroom.

  19. Laura on 10/07/2010:

    What about moving the rocker that’s in the guest bedroom to that empty corner of the dining room, and moving the black rocker to the guest bedroom? I’d miss it if you got rid of it! Too bad there isn’t a better green—really dark and mossy. You lucky girl, you deserve it!

  20. Anna on 10/07/2010:

    congrats on the new baby! (chair).

  21. misa on 10/07/2010:

    grey tweed, even though i think the captain would be all over a navy blue chair womb chair.

  22. Martin on 10/07/2010:

    If you want “classic” go red.. The two pepper grey tweeds in the middle are nice as well.

    I like the lime green, but it needs to be put into a room that is much more subtle where it can be a focal point, and you have too many points of focus in your amazing house.

    Been looking for a fabric Knoll 2 seater knock off in fabric like your 3 seater.. problem is I can only find them in leather up here..

  23. susan on 10/07/2010:

    I don’t think you can go wrong with either. They’d both look great in your bedroom. If *I* were going crazy, I’d pick that lime green or bright turquoise!

    I still love the captains chair, so I’m glad you’re not getting rid of it.

  24. Liz on 10/07/2010:

    I would so so so go for H14453-19# the turquoise … I shouldn’t have read the other comments before posting because people are dogging that choice … but it would be beautiful … more of a show piece than a chair … can’t wait to see how it looks in the room …

  25. AE on 10/07/2010:

    For a killer piece like this, a pop of colour is what it needs to show off the gorgeous design. Red tweed. Gray, beige and cream is for fence-sitters!

  26. Sue on 10/07/2010:

    definitely gray, any shade would be fine, I just love gray. so just how does another of his clients ordering a custom piece get you a womb chair? did you refer them? I am so jealous but happy for you too!

  27. Ana on 10/07/2010:

    Is the very last row bottom left a tweed mustard? A mustard yellow would look SO good.

    If it’s not a mustard, I vote for the last tweed on the bottom right.

  28. Lauren @ chezerbey on 10/07/2010:

    Score! I too have coveted a womb chair but sadly it’s too big for our living room. I like the grayish tweeds, but could also see the lighter or darker solid grays too. I’ve got color commitment issues though and often veer towards something more neutral.

  29. Alex on 10/07/2010:

    Hey guys. Let me know if anyone is interested in ordering their fav. modern pieces, They are all listed on my blog as well as pricing. I would love it if someone got a Ox chair or Corona chair or something awesome like that.

    As far as the color, did anyone see the Season finale of Rescue me? They had a Womb chair in H14453-19# in Shela’s room and it looked Gorgeous!

  30. LibertyJBE on 10/07/2010:

    Tweed! Tweed! Please go with a tweed!

  31. Jean on 10/07/2010:

    The blood red solid. (#1)

  32. Lou on 10/07/2010:

    My girlfriend and I have the classic red tweed. It goes w/ everything but still stands out w/ that splash of color. I recommend going w/ the classics. They never go out of style… Are you getting the ottman as well?

  33. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/07/2010:

    I wish I was getting the ottoman. But nope, just the chair. The room is a little tight so I’m not sure an ottoman will fit.

  34. Axel on 10/07/2010:

    Is that a wall made of white fur, or wool? Wow!

  35. lyn on 10/07/2010:

    obviously the orange tweed.

  36. Kati on 10/07/2010:

    Your gut seems to always be right–so go with that! But since you asked…I like the reds and tweed 4692-23# unless it’s too beige. Next choices: the bottom row middle tweed–but I’d like it better if it were lighter–and the solid grays. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  37. MJ on 10/07/2010:

    Umm, so don’t hate me for asking, but what are you going to do with rocker? And how much do think shipping to Atlanta would be for that thing, cause this young lady just found out she’s having a baby…

  38. Julie on 10/07/2010:

    Alex–are you saying we can order Womb chairs too? How much? And do you ship?

  39. THE BRICK HOUSE on 10/07/2010:

    Julie – Yeah! You totally can. In fact, he can order pretty much any classic piece you want. You can email him with any questions at

  40. julie on 10/07/2010:

    Does that mean you are selling the thrift rocker? Can I buy it from you?????

  41. Julie on 10/07/2010:

    Hey–one more question. How is the quality of the stuff Morgan? I see there are plenty of knock-offs out there–some of which are cheaper. Just curious what you think since you obviously have good taste.

  42. julie on 10/07/2010:

    Also I am a differently Julie than the Julie that I am posting between…

  43. Alex on 10/07/2010:

    We do ship by freight, it’s not so cheap but it’s our only option

  44. The brick house on 10/07/2010:

    Alex, have you ever tried greyhound? It’s not as convienant but affordable.

  45. tallin on 10/07/2010:

    If you plan on selling the rocker, please contact me! I live in Los Angeles and am willing to drive down to pick it up!


  46. Cait @ Hernando House on 10/07/2010:

    I realize I am a dork, but I had a minor freak out when I saw that Barb at Design*Sponge used some of your pictures in her post today: (in case you hadn’t seen it, but I’m sure you have)

  47. Christian on 10/07/2010:

    loving navy blue! my second choice would be light gray, and i quite love the orange. very 70’s

  48. DelishMag Tamara on 10/07/2010:

    Okay, no-one get mad at me for asking or call me a snob or anything…but I am wondering how people generally feel about knock-offs? I am not even sure how I feel about knock-offs, but something inside me says, save up for the real deal. We have four molded plastic Eames chairs at our dining table and a Nelson bench in our entry, all authentic, but I am coveting an Eames lounger and footstool, and a whole schwack of other goodies. My husband said when my first book is published he’ll buy me the chair and footstool.

    I don’t think I’d want a knock-off before then. Seems…diluted to me. Less special. And certainly doesn’t do much to honour the men and women who designed the pieces and made them iconic in the first place.

    That said, the prices are way out of reach. So, what to do?

    I’d be interested to hear your perspective.

  49. Sarah Durnya Stevens on 10/07/2010:

    I’m SO jealous. The Womb Chair is my absolute most favorite piece of furniture ever and has been for years!! Always wanted one. I’d go with the light gray tweed. I feel like it flows with the other items in your house very well!

  50. Alex on 10/07/2010:

    There’s bad quality knock offs out there, then there’s really high quality knock off”s. I cant afford real pieces myself and love the designs, so it is a no brainier for me. My companies products are really nice and I know Morgan is going to love the chair.

  51. julie on 10/07/2010:

    I think that the greys would work well. But I would recommend going a light to mid grey so that you can still see all the beautiful details in the chair. With dark colours you can lose some of the details and shadows around the cushions etc. Know what I mean? The pic above is perfect to illustrate that – every little curve is really visible. You would have to be one brave woman to choose a white or cream as gorgeous as it is.
    My fave is the grey top right – I like the felt-y look.

  52. DelishMag Tamara on 10/07/2010:

    Alex, if I still lived in So Cal I’d be very tempted to order a Womb Chair myself, but I’d still wage a lengthy internal debate before making the decision. I have no doubt they’re really good quality reproductions, but I just struggle with the fundamental idea of fake vs authentic. Not a criticism waged at you!

    As always, interested in other perspectives!

  53. KimberlyAnn on 10/07/2010:

    I love the womb chair as well, it’s one of the things I dream about. I’d go with the cream or gray tweed; which means I really want the cream but would go with gray so I wouldn’t have to obsess about it getting dirty. I LOVE the side table in the pic with the cream womb. How would I get my hands on one of those?

  54. Jeen-Marie on 10/08/2010:

    Gotta chime in here. We have the real deal in the bright red-orange’ish wool boucle. We love, love, love it.
    I was originally drawn to the ‘safe’ colors until I realized- I love red. Always have had red somewhere in my home. It was a spontaneous purchase. Boyfriend at the time, now husband, we were trying on chairs after dinner one night. He didn’t like the Eames lounger but loved the Womb. We bought it that night. A kid & 5 years later- do not regret the purchase. At all.
    And if course everyone wants to sit in it.

  55. rick on 10/08/2010:

    a knock off done to original designer specks avoids estate/royalty fees but is likely to be just as sturdy and comfortable as licensed versions…though with less resale value.
    i guess it comes down to whether or not you feel a designer’s originality or inventiveness should have 30, 40… or more years of protection. (i tend to; so like you i buy vintage as licensed originals are not in my budget).

    love the womb chair which along with wegner’s papa bear and the borsani’s l77 are the peak or comfort and design.

    honestly i’d even take it in lime, but for the room you are planning navy, gray, white, or dare i say, golden tones seem best.

    congrats on the chair and the advertising/sponsorship. keep building your empire. looking forward to seeing you right next to oprah at the checkout.

  56. MelindaM on 10/08/2010:

    I’m loving the deeper reds for a nice pop of color.

  57. Fiona on 10/08/2010:

    Funny, I’ve got so used to only vintage shopping for house stuff (except Ikea obv) that if an actual CHOICE came along like this one I’d be completely stumped.

  58. Tamoto on 10/08/2010:

    I think an orange or red would really bring out the captians rosy full lips..

  59. Martin on 10/08/2010:

    DelishMag Tamara..

    Save for the real deal.

  60. Star on 10/08/2010:

    I love the tweed’s as an accent piece and orange would really add some warmth to the room but I do love the light grey.

    …and I wish I lived close enough to buy that amazing chair from you. I was out of my head with jealousy the day you posted it.

  61. Lynne on 10/08/2010:

    What’s wrong with everyone?!? Turquoise! Turquoise! Turquoise!

  62. alex on 10/10/2010:

    I have 2 blue 90″ knoll style sofas & chairs we are getting rid of to make some room, as well as 2 blue barcelona daybeds and 2 matching barcelona ottomans and 2 chairs… Contact me if you love blue stuff and live local…they are at clearance prices!

  63. julia wheeler on 10/10/2010:

    i am so effing mad at you/jealous of you/stoked for this amazing score. my dream chair is a grey womb chair — let me live vicariously through you and go grey!

  64. Amanda on 10/11/2010:

    1. Charcoal
    2. Navy

  65. pam on 10/11/2010:


  66. allie on 01/15/2011:

    Those pillows on the sofa. Get rid of them. Go for kilim pillows instead.

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